08 Most Popular Business Review Websites on the Internet.

Customers now-a-days are aware and informed more than ever before. They know what they want to buy and they make an informed buying decision. 

To gather the information they skim through the valuable business review websites for reviews and ratings by the former buyers of the product that they are looking for. 

This has made brands very attentive about how the customers are responding to their products and services. This has also impacted in a positive manner that the products or service providers are now paying a lot of attention to the customer grievances and support. 

To the extent that even they are directly responding to each and every customer not just through their dedicated customer support numbers but also almost all social media networks.

Best Review Sites
Best Review Sites for Product, Services or Business Reviews

Why Online Business Reviews?

Acquiring online business reviews for your business has become crucial for running it smoothly. Customer's needs, demands, taste and preferences keeps on changing after every short span of time. 

Reviews play a huge role in removing the gap between business and consumers. It brings the two closer and allows exchange of opinions. 

It is through the business reviews that businesses are able to upgrade according to the demands of the customers. Not only reviews and ratings are crucial for businesses, more than that they are helpful for the customers. It helps them to make correct purchase decision after going through the reviews and ratings of a certain product.

We are well aware that there are numerous brands available for almost all kinds of products and services. Each one of them praising about their uniqueness, quality and what not. With this kind of thing existing, it gets difficult for a customer to make a choice and take proper decision as to which product to go for. 

Often a time they face trouble and end up with dissatisfaction out of the product/service. To minimize this, it is important that customers must consider checking out reviews and ratings on websites.

Reading the reviews of customers that have already used the product will help them get an idea about the positive and negative aspects of the product and they can give a second thought before the finally decide to make a purchase.

Also it is through these reviews and ratings that they can discover a new brand or product, which they otherwise would not have considered.

Having said that all, herein this article we are bringing to you the popular 8 product review and rating sites. 

Although there exist many but some of the best which I found are listed below. 

Check these out:

List of Top 8 Review Sites on the Internet:

1. Trip Advisor

Visit Websitewww.tripadvisor.com

Best Review Sites

This website provides reviews on travel related content. Being the largest travel site in the world you get to come across about 225 million reviews including amazing pictures too, which the travelers would have taken. 

When it comes to traveling, hoteling, airfares, air service, dinning, entertainment etc. this is one site that helps you take informed and sound decision by providing reviews. 

It has a great content covering information on important and most commonly searched stuff by the travelers like low fare, rental rooms availability, suggestions about locations and entertainment spots, guides to travel and much more of such things which normally any traveler would seek.

2. Yelp

Visit Website :  www.yelp.com

Best Review Sites
Yelp: A Great Review site for local markets

Founded in the year 2004,  yelp is a site wherein the customers give ratings to the businesses on a scale of five stars. 

Both customers and businesses (any type) can create their profiles on yelp free of any charges. 

Customer’s reviews are welcomed here and businesses are allowed to revert back on the reviews so received.

It is recommended to maintain the politeness in tone while responding to the reviews. 

Although in the past few years yelp has faced issues for some dubious business practices which includes filtering positive reviews and putting bad reviews behind the curtain. 

Many businesses complained that yelp tried to persuade them to buy ads with the offer of making negative reviews disappear or the other way, on not complying with the aforesaid, it threatened to remove the positive comments therein.

But Yelp has managed to fight this battle and still stands intact despite of all criticism.

3. Consumer Reports

Visit Websitewww.consumerreports.org

Best Review Sites
Consumer Reports

This is a non profit organization which is dedicated to help consumers in making informed choices regarding the products. It conducts tests, which are completely fair and unbiased so as to rate the products and accordingly recommend them to the customers. 

If we see the figure then consumer reports have reviewed about 7. 7 million products. As this is a non-profit organization, it does not accept advertising and has no financial relationship with retailers. For all products they test, they pay. The content on this site is commendable. 

Everything is present in complete form here. Social sharing buttons, product overviews, buying guide etc. are provided for every product reviewed by them. What more one would demand from a reviewing site?

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4. Trust Pilot

Visit Websitewww.trustpilot.com

Best Review Sites
Trust Pilot

A Denmark based consumer review site founded in the year 2007, trust pilot has its wings spread across 65 countries covering US as well. Over 120, 000 companies have been reviewed using this site. 

This website does the work of publishing reviews for the businesses. Trust pilot has nearly 7 million reviews on its site, which is of great help for customers as well as companies. Both product and seller reviews are written by the customers. 

The basic version which allows you to create a profile page and gather reviews of customers is available for free whereas the paid version has some additional features to offer that includes creating customized review invitations, sharing the reviews so collected and ratings on social media to your followers and certain other features. 

Trust pilot as it says, helps building trust and transparency between consumers and businesses.

5. Amazon Customer Reviews

Visit Websitewww.amazon.com

Best Review Sites
Amazon Reviews

In the year 1995, amazon brought this trend of posting reviews of product which became a huge hit as it became a helping source for people to make their purchase decisions. 

No matter from where the people buy products, but if that product is found on Amazon.com, they do go and check the reviews from there to make appropriate choice and informed buying decision. 

Tons of similar kinds of products exist in the market be it online or offline. What differentiate these alike products is the reviews and ratings given by the users/customers of the products. 

These ratings are given in the fork of stars on a scale of 5 stars. The more positive reviews and better ratings, the better the impact and image of the product.  It goes as simple as that.

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6. TestFreaks

Visit Websitewww.testfreaks.com

Best Review Sites
Test Freaks

TestFreaks is a Swedish based site which helps in the gathering customer reviews for the companies and also provides reviews of seller to support them. 

This site is similar to that of Trust pilot mentioned in the earlier points in this article. Yet what makes this site unique from others is the additional feature offered which allows the potential customers to shoot their questions by posting it on site. 

These questions are answered by the customers support team directly. This question and answer feature has made this site extremely cool and difference from the rest.

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7. G2 Crowd

Visit Websitewww.g2crowd.com

Best Review Sites
G2 Crowd

For the ones that are into software business (selling software), make sure that you are not missing out on this site G2 Crowd. With tech savvy people existing in large numbers and so much use of technology and technological devices, softwares are selling like anything. 

If you see the figures, around over 3 lac and plus people every month who are looking forward to purchase software go through about 35000 plus reviews on G2 Crowd in order to make a sound purchase decision. 

On a scale of five stars the companies are reviewed here on this site wherein every aspect is covered in the reviews right from setup, support as well as security. G2 Crowd works a bit like yelp. Questions concerning likes and dislikes are answered by the reviewers. Beyond this the site has much more to explore.

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Visit Website :  www.choice.com.au

Best review sites

An Australian based website which works independently and provide reviews to its members after testing products and services and judging their performance. Testing products and services, comparing products, preparing buying guides etc falls as a part of the work for members of this site. 

Discussions with regards to product brands, models etc are allowed between the members of Choice.  Also they are allowed to give ratings to the aforesaid. 

Overall if you have customers in Australia and are on Choice then do consider leaving reviews on this site.

Other than these we also have a few more review sites that falls in the category of best ones which are:

- Google My Business

- Better Business Bureau

- Glassdoor

- Yahoo Local Listings

Even Facebook & Twitter are the platforms wherein reviews of the customers can be found or asked as almost every business can be found on these social media sites.

On Facebook you can find the ratings and reviews appearing on the left hand side of the Facebook page. Writing reviews and giving ratings on Facebook is very easy. You just have to go to the review section of  the Facebook page click on the stars to give ratings and write the review. 

Facebook pages are one of the most visited and unbiased reviews source. Any user can share their experiences and rate accordingly for the services they have used. Although unlike amazon which only allows verified buyers to drop reviews and feedbacks, Facebook does not have this kind of control. 

So sometimes the competitors also misuse this feature to bring down the ratings of each other. However, most of the time the feedbacks and ratings are quite real and honest. Also, since the user-base of Facebook is such that it is accessible and most used by the people in general. 

This makes Facebook reviews one of the most sought after. It caters to all kind of brands, products and services and all kind of users.

As far as Twitter is concerned, you might find it a bit weird searching reviews on twitter but you can search them using hashtag with your brand or product name. You may also use tools that helps notify you whenever your brand is mentioned or talked about on twitter and likewise there exist various ways in which reviews can be collected from Twitter.

Apart from these you can also collect reviews on your own websites which usually all the businesses do i.e dedicating a complete section for reviews and testimonials by the customers.

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