5 Great Password Managers for PC, Mac, and Mobile Phone.

Creating one strong password is hard enough, and doing it for every website makes password management just about impossible which is why most people prefer to use weak passwords and reuse them on different websites. Using robust and unique passwords for every site could be quite pain-staking—unless you use a password manager.

There are wide-ranging password managers, but making use of one of the best password managers facilitates efficient password management for the user.

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5 Best Password Manager Tools and Apps for your Online Security

In this article, we will discuss everything about the 5 Best password managers for online security. Let us first know what these password apps or password managers are and what makes them a necessity.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a software application that is used for password management and storage of various passwords that a user requires in order to operate and secure various online accounts on different websites.

Password managers store the passwords in an encrypted format in either the local memory of the user's system or in cloud storage and provide secure access to all password information with the help of a master password.

Why are Password Managers a Necessity?

Password managers provide effortless password management by enabling the users to conveniently remember one master password instead of multiple passwords for different accounts. If you have multiple logins for the same site, the password manager offers you multiple account login options and amazing password apps for mobiles.

The ease of using such password apps come with enhanced security. Password managers store the login information of various accounts and automatically enter personal data like–first/last name, email, phone, etc., into the web forms.

By doing so, it will be reducing time and effort and; can also identify the correct URL for a particular Login ID and password pair automatically.  This feature will protect the system from hacker attacks–key logging and phishing sites.

The Best Password Managers are Consist of the Following Additional Features:

Since typing complicated passwords on your mobile's tiny keypad could be challenging; almost all the good password apps for mobiles can easily sync with most of your OS. You can use mobile password apps to manage and recall passwords whenever you want and also use them on shared systems.

Some particular password apps help to create strong, random and unique passwords for each account by using the automatically programmed password generation features.

Some of the apps will let you access your system by reading your fingerprint for identifying the user, instead of processing the password

Reading fingerprint can avoid the cumbersome process of feeding in the master password to your system.

Furthermore, some best of the password managers also include a provision for digital legacy–a method to transfer your logins to a trusted individual in the event of your death or incapacity.

Thus, awareness regarding the best password managers is a must.
So here are the 5 best password managers for online security.

#1. LastPass 4.0

LastPass 4- Top Password Manager Application

LastPass4.0 is a cloud based password manager with password apps for mobiles, extensions and even desktop applications for all the operating systems and browsers the user could want.


It is incredibly powerful and also offers two-factor verification options, ensures that no one else can log into your password app. LastPass stores the passwords of the user on LastPass’s servers in an encrypted format.

The LastPass password manager or extension locally encrypts and decrypts the passwords when you log in so that LastPass couldn't view your passwords even if it wanted to.

LastPass as a password app for the mobile device has salient features almost identical to its desktop version. You can’t plug in a USB device, but you can instantly log on to websites, manages your saved logins, fill forms, share items and avail all facilities and fresh features just like you would do on desktop.


More security features could have included in the system, and there is no live chat or phone support service.

#2. Dashlane 4

Dashlane4-Password Manager App

It might take a second or two to believe, but as a matter of fact, Dashlane 4 is even smoother and simpler to use than its predecessor.

It works superbly on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and is LastPass’s prime competitor.


Dashlane 4 offers slicker and easier user experience than ever. It has an excellent password rating. Similar to LastPass, Dash lane 4 also offer two-factor verification consisting of FIDO U2F.

It is capable of automatically changing passwords on 500 websites and completely supports seven languages now. It also comes with extensions suitable for all browsers. 

Further, it has security dashboard features that can analyze the passwords with digital legacy and secure sharing features.


More secure password generation system could have utilized for better performance. Sometimes import information from other apps won't work always.

#3. True Key

Truekey- a Great Password Manager Tool

Truekey password manager, involves modern technology and design, letting you quickly log in with your face or finger by using AES-256, the strongest encryption algorithms of the present time.


True key syncs data across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS and offers a great feature of comprehensive multi-factor authentication.

This password app also enables the user to log in freely with fingers or by recognizing facial features and allows amazing password management by giving different platforms to the user to securely reset the master password.


This password app can't auto-fill web forms using personal data and doesn't allow sharing of password/s with other users.

#4. KeePass

KeePass Password Manager Tool

KeePass is an open source extensible, powerful and free password manager that helps to maintain passwords in a secure manner.


KeePass have incorporated TwoFish algorithm and advanced, sophisticated encryption methods for encrypting its password databases.

Key files can be used as an alternative to master passwords and provide password management and security better than master passwords in most cases.

KeePass is a portable password app that can be comfortably carried on a USB stick and can run on Windows systems without being installed. You can easily export the passwords to different formats, such as HTML, XML, TXT and CSV.


The password app doesn't capture login credentials automatically and requires the user to program non-standard login sequences manually. There is no safety guarantee for plugins.

#5. Sticky Password

Sticky Password-a-great-password-manager-app-500x250
Sticky Password- A Great Password Manager App

Are you looking for an automatic and secure password app and form filling tools? Then you can try confidently the 100% secure Sticky Password app which is an excellent password manager which does not offer the cloud or Wi-Fi sync and offers everything that you expect from password application as expected to do for you.


Itis one of the best password managers as it is far better at handling oddball logins than most of its competitors, offering multiple-syncing options additionally with password management for applications.

If you select the no-cloud Wi-Fi sync, then your passwords stick to your home network and remain safe. What’s interesting about this password manager is the fact that the online console manages trusted devices, and it also offers biometric authentication through fingerprints to its users.


There is no online access to passwords and this password app reports lists of only the weakest passwords. The master password can replace by USB/ Bluetooth authentication; hence Sticky Password is not two-factor.

You can find many password management apps offering free and paid license services. The above-referred apps are most popular with its user-friendly features and enjoy the best appreciation on various review forums for their notable advanced features.

So, go ahead and experience using one of the best password managers for online security and simplify the password management for yourself!