Utilize Wordpress for Startups to the Fullest by Following these simple Do's and Don'ts.

Wordpress as a business sector has lots of opportunities for any startup website and there exist businesses that have done really well and are successful via Wordpress platform. 

The advantage of using it is that Wordpress for startups is totally open source and you don’t need to pay for using it. 

There is no such thing like only certain specific business can use it which makes Wordpress the best platform for the startup websites. Wordpress is for anyone and everyone. 

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Although, if you see the other side of the coin then you will find that due to this very reason some people looking to launch their startup website are skeptical about using Wordpress for startups as the line of business.

But this cannot cover the fact that today Wordpress empowers more than 25 percent of the entire internet including famous brands, companies and people in the world and more and more people are trusting Wordpress for startups as the most reliable platform.

wordpress for startups
Wordpress Startups Do's and Don'ts

Success & failure is a part & parcel of any business. Same is the case of Wordpress Startups business. Some succeed, some fail and some go global. When starting your Wordpress startup, as an entrepreneur you must consider some tips which are laid down below in the form of do’s & don’ts. 

Wordpress has to offer user friendly interface and a plethora of features which makes is a hot cake for the startup websites. Let's have a look at some of its best features which makes it the best choice for the startups:

1. No to a very Low Startup Cost

Yes, you can start a Wordpress for your startup website or a blog without having to pay anything. Only if you need to have a unique domain with no Wordpress extension then you can easily opt in for the Wordpress premium plans which are reasonably priced for its users. This is one of the most sought after benefit for a startup website.

2. Easy Mobile Optimization

All wordpress websites are mobile friendly and optimized to the mobile screen size. As most of the online visitors are mobile users in most cases they need not worry about the viewing options on their handsets. This saves startup websites to look for a developer to get a mobile responsive website.

3. Non Technical Users can Easily Start with Wordpress

Wordpress allows users to build their own startup website which again is cost effective for the startups as they need not worry about hiring a developer for their website. For this reason Wordpress has gained most of the popularity and been the first choice for startup websites.

4. Very Secure

Wordpress is the most reliable option available for the startup websites in terms of online safety and security making it stand apart from many other website builder service providers. 

5. 24x7 Customer Support

Wordpress offers quick, easy and accessible customer support for their users queries and get them resolved as soon as they can making life easier for the new businesses.

Wordpress Startups Do's and Don'ts:

#1. Do’s of WP Startups:

1. Turn Features into Benefits

wordpress for startups
Turn Features into Benefits

Customers are always interested in end results i.e what benefit the product will offer them?

They are hardly interested in features or License or contributors. 

They are only bothered about their own business and benefit. What you need to do here is turn your features into benefits by telling them how these features can be advantageous for them, what these can do for them. 

Get in touch with your clients/customers & get them excited by making noise about your product features in the form of benefits to them.

2. Bootstrapping

wordpress for startups
Startup Website: Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is when you start your Wordpress startup or any other business without the help or support of external sources or capital like venture capitalists, investors etc. 

The startups that fund their business through internal cash flow being cautious and selective with their expenses. 

Starting & running a Wordpress business is cheap therefore, you don’t need to share your business & profits. Carry your business on your own. Wordpress community is strong with a great team of talented people who keeps making it even better and update it. The platform is best to start with.

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3. Take Feedback

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Startup Website : Take Feedback

Feedback become important when your business starts doing well so as to know what new features customers would like to see in the product. 

What improvements & adjustments they are seeking and so on. Users are the lifelines of any business similar is the case of a Wordpress startup. 

They can be the idea generators as well. In the form of feedback you are taking ideas from them which otherwise you might not have thought about. 

A business is set up with the aim of making money and money can only generated when your product does well and satisfy you customers. So make sure your product is providing all what your customer demands out of it.

#2. Don’ts of WP Startups:

1. Avoid Making Partners in Haste

wordpress startups
Avoid Partnership : Wordpress Startups

Yes, you can definitely go with partnership here. You do not need to go alone with your start up. But see to it that your partners are good enough in all respects. 

Do not just enter into a partnership agreement after a single meeting or so. 

Make sure your personality and way of thinking matches. Look out for the opportunities to form a partnership. Right business partnership can pave way for a successful business on the opposite of bad partners can ruin your business. Choose wisely.

2. Don't Overlook on upgrading things

wordpress for startups
Upgrade: Wordpress Startups

Often people set up their Wordpress startup business and then forget to move with the trend which results into their product becoming obsolete and outdated. 

Do not let that happen. 

Keep on updating and upgrading your product or service based on latest development trends. Stay in sync with the browser upgrades. Checkout the new designs and update. Give something new, improved & additional to your customers. Stand out.

3. Don't Go Unprofessional in terms of Content

wordpress startups
Professional: Wordpress Startups

Do not go unprofessional when it comes to content. Your content is the soul of your website. 

Poor content, lack of attention to detail, improper theme selection etc can affect your Wordpress startup negatively as this indicates carelessness and unprofessionalism on your part and leave your customers with no reason to trust you. 

Proper documentation, right and impactful content with every detail specified and attractive looks can make your business game strong.