Snapchat Ideas For Brands to Use for their Growth : Marketing via Snapchat.

With 100 Million daily active users and 500 Million of Snaps daily Snapchat has become popular in a very short duration. Most of the users are youngsters who have abandoned Facebook and Instagram for the elderlies. It opens up a huge opportunity for brands to explore Snapchat for business and take up Snapchat marketing.

Snapchat unlike Facebook and other social media platforms is not yet cluttered with ads and brands marketing over it crazily. This provides a huge room for social media marketers to get more visibility in a less cluttered social media space and start with Snapchat marketing.

In comparison to other apps, Snapchat is quite a new-one. This is the reason it is not tried much by the marketers making it ideal time to begin Snapchat marketing for brands. 

We usually see youngsters having fun on Snapchat. It is not much used much for the purpose of growing & promoting business as of now. But as we know that in this fast paced time when internet has taken-over the world, marketers/businesses are leaving no space to utilize for its growth be it apps, tools, social media or others. 

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Snapchat for Business
Snapchat Marketing:  Ideas for Brands

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Many big brands have already started utilizing Snapchat marketing but before more and more businesses start taking advantage of Snapchat and stand out, why don't you try get in and explore the Snapchat to use it for your business?

Snapchat For Business: Some Quick Facts about the Snapchat

i. The average age of users on Snapchat is 18 - 28 years

ii. 13 years old are also actively using Snapchat

iii. Users are atleast spending 30 minutes on an average on Snapchat everyday

iv. Organic reach per content of Snapchat is much higher than Facebook

v. Most used Platform by Celebrities

# 1. Some of the cool Snapchat features Marketers can use readily:

Snapchat for Business
Snapchat Hacks for Marketers

1. Using two Filters Simultaneously

The filters on Snapchat are very cool and enhances your picture leaving it more beautiful. You can choose from amongst given filters by swiping left right. 

Often it feels like using two filters together because they might be your favorite or you believe using them together would give picture the look which you want. 

Well, that's pretty east to do but not every Snapchat user is aware of this technique. All you need to do is:

- Click a picture using snapchat.

- Left swipe to choose filter.

- Hold on the filter with one finger and while holding it use another finger to swipe across to checkout other filters over it.

The whole purpose is making pictures more beautiful by enhancing the colors using filters so that it gets more attention. 

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2. Limitless Characters

You might find 31 characters limit annoying but there's a secret idea which could help you out here if you are an iPhone user. 

Yes, it is none other than the Notes application.

- In the first step as you go to the Notes application, you are required not merely tapping but instead hold on pressing the button that adds a new line.

- Second step requires you to press space button for long and select all. This will not even skip copying the empty space which is good for you.

- In the third step again get back to Snapchat, enter the space and voila in the text field. It will give you extra spacing so that you are not just restricted to 31 character limit and can add more to it.

The procedure a takes bit longer for the android users. This is why we have found a solution for them to get idea on the same. 

Android users can take help from this elaborate article here to surpass Snapchat Limit

3. Creating your Snapchat Filters

You may find this trick a little funny yet cool enough to work for you. Everyone is aware of and uses emojis. 

Now do you have any idea that your emojis can do the work of turning into filters for you. Not aware? So here's the trick:

- Put emoji on the snap.

- Zoom into emojis on snapchat in order to make it appear larger. 

- Keep on zooming from its sides until the emoji becomes transparent.

- This transparent layer on your picture works as that like a filter. 

Be choosy with the emojis depending upon the type of filter you want to create. For instance, select a red emoji if you want to get a red filter for your snap and likewise.

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4. Text Color Variation to Attract Audience

Colors grabs attention. This is a fact. In order to gain users attention towards your post or text you can try out using text in different colors. 

You can use distinct colors for every different word in the text you wrote. What you need to do for this is:

- Type the text.

- Select the word from the text by pressing it for long and see it will get selected.

- Now select the color you want for the word from the color palette or color picker.

Likewise you can make every word in the text of different colors to get people attracted towards it.

Atlast a pro tip: Avoid taking horizontal pictures instead take vertical pictures otherwise your viewers will just keep on tilting their heads to get accurate view of it.

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Snapchat for Business

5. Snapchat Collaboration

Do you notice how via partnership YouTube stars manage to drive traffic to their videos and enjoy huge base of subscribers? 

Yes, they collaborate with other stars and both the parties enjoy getting access to each others audience. This mixing does wonders and get both of in front of each others viewers. Same is the case that can be applied to Snapchat. 

You can partner with other users/companies and post their content/stuff on your Snapchat to let your followers come across it and similarly you can enjoy when your partner does the same for you in return. Collaboration is the key in today's scenario. If used properly this can prove to be one of the most disruptive snapchat marketing strategies.

Many business can employ these collaboration methods and get more visibility for their content.

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6. Personalized Customer Support Service

When you have your customers as friends on Snapchat, you can offer them customer support on personal level via video chatting. With this Snapchat marketing strategy you will also be able to solve their issues in real time and that too through the app they won't get annoy with or get uncomfortable. 

No tedious and time taking stuff like logging on to your website, check out the support feature and wait for the customer care executives to look into your issue and begin a chat. 

The support service becomes easy for both you and your customer.

Many brands have been employing social media for customer support. It makes the brand friendly and accessible for the customers and they tend to get more loyal with the brand as they are able to connect with them easily.

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7. Sneak Peak to Behind the Scene Stories

The customers should be able to relate with your brand is the purpose of all branding strategies so is with snapchat.

Snapchat is a fun app with so many young users who love to have more fun all the time. To show them that your company is also a cool company show them some behind the scene happenings be it staged or random but it should look very natural to the audience. 

This way they will be able to connect with your brand and bring more value by liking sharing or engaging again and again with your content. 

Try out this Snapchat marketing strategy and don't just share vanishing images which last for a very short time but also make good use of videos which would be available for the viewers for a good days time. 

8. Snapchat Giveaway Ideas

Giveaways work wonders with almost all social media networks and same is the case with Snapchat. 

As snapchat targets young users who are always looking for freebies you can always make them happy with some coolest freebees they can cherish and want to have. 

Customize the merchandise that you plan to give away, like have a custom label or packaging with the winners name on it or send some celebrity signed articles if you have bigger budget. 

This snapchat marketing strategy will get more visibility and chances are high that the winner shares it on their social media and attract more audience to your site.

Make giveaways a regular event on your snapchat so as they keep visiting again and again. 

9. Exclusive Content that Draws attention in a Short Time Span.

With over 1 million snaps shared everyday you need to present some really exclusive content to get all attention for your brand. 

Post content that make the viewers interested in you. This has to take the most part for researching and understanding the audience that you are catering to. 

The content should be fun and engaging at the same time and of course you need to keep in mind always the short attention span when it comes to Snapchat as the images disappear and even the videos are available just for a day. This engagement strategy can prove to be one of the most yielding Snapchat marketing strategy.

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10. Snapchat Contests

Young bloods love to compete and achieve. Give them something to be more playful around with their Snapchat.

Host Contests once in a while and announce winners. The attention and fame that winner would get will draw more audience towards next upcoming contests. 

Unveil your creative side and come up with some unique contest ideas that can get you more engagement.

11. Snapchat Influencer Marketing

Connect with the influencers on Snapchat and get them talk about your brand. Be friends with them or make them your host. Get them onboard or get any kind of connection with them so as they become your credible partners and get you more visibility through their network.

This will get you more authentic audience and increase brand value when you get such endorsements.

Choose wisely the influencers so that you can reach out to the maximum audience by collaborating with the.

Reach out to the influencers in their inbox or email them and ask them to share your story. 

You can also get celebrities share your awesome products if you send them some few samples and request them to share. Sometimes they themselves get intrigued to share if they find the product worthy, and get you incredible publicity. 

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