Go Global with a Multilingual Website: Learn How to Get Started.

There are thousands of languages spoken and written around the world but English being the language which is quite popular is used mostly by all. 

Although, if you look into what Wikipedia says then you will find Chinese as the most popular language. 

Whatever be it, when there are plenty of other languages then why not websites go multi-lingual? 

Why this feature is not allowed by website builders? Though we know that website builders cannot do the translating job for the users by they certainly can find out the ways to build a system that allows the visitors to change the website readable in the language they want to.

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Usually we see websites are in English, reason being it is an international language. 

Embedding Google translate widget on your website can be the way out here but when you dive in deep, you will find it is not the apt one for your website because of the very fact that it not professional. 

Building A Multi-Lingual Website Page

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Though your website visitors can surely get an idea of what actually the website says but that would not be too accurate, impressive and professional. 

Google translate is the easiest way to build a bilingual website but if you mistake it to be as smart as Google, then you are wrong.

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What could be the possible solutions?

Now the question arises, what could be the way out here? What can be done to make your website multi lingual? 

Well, there are no perfect or hardcore solutions as such yet there are some website builders that can help you out on this front. These being some of the best website builders in the industry currently allows you to build bilingual websites.

# 01. WIX

Wix being the top in the list of website builders today, allows you to place your content anywhere on your website by its amazing drag and drop interface. It does not require you be skilled in coding or so. With wix’s free multiple language app you can enjoy your website in multiple languages. 

This app detects the visitor’s browser language and automatically directs the website page into that very language. The best thing about Wix is that it offers its visitors with templates that are pre-populated with content. 

As a visitor all you are required to do is just select the template and edit the content to mold them as per your need. You just have to rename the menu bar so as to update the content according to you as wix already has two templates with built in multiple languages. It cannot get any easier than this. What more to ask for. Go, play around and explore wix’s multilingual capability for free.

Go to >> Wix.com


Squarespace is yet another player in the market that also has pre-designed templates for the users, best part being that these templates works on mobile device as well. 

As far as squarespace’s multi lingual capability is concerned, well, they guide on creating multi-language website and also suggest using the templates which are Pacific Adirondeck Templates and Marquee. 

You can try out this tool and look into the templates and explore them. No charges involved to do so. You can try it for free.

Check Out >> Squarespace.com

# 03. WEEBLY

In their app centre, weebly offers you multi language app that allows the website visitors to switch to another language without the need to look into or touch any codes. 

Being one of the simplest website builders as far as it use is concerned, weebly requires you to merely click on the app and take a free trial so as to test its capability. You will see step by step instructions to change the website into multi language website which can followed and see if you find it good enough as per your need and convenience.

Check Out >> Weebly.com

To conclude, having your website in multi languages can be a boon and therefore you must definitely try out and make use of the available tools that help you in doing so. 

Although there are still no special features, functions built by the websites that can allow language switching easily yet the above three options can be a fair solution to make up till websites launch this function.

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