Logo Designing Tips- How to Design Logos without any Designing Skills

What are the Methods for Logo Making Without The Need Of Professional Designers or Designing Skills.

Tips on How to Make your Own Logo Design without a Professional Help.

Logo is what makes your business memorable. Yes, a logo is the identity, the face of your business. With graphic designers every business can get its logo done but what about those who do not have much time and money to get their logo made by professional designers. Now this is where our article will help you guide on.

Getting logo designed by professional designers can be take time as you would need to post an ad first then interview logo designers, wait for weeks to see their work and what not. You would also need a big budget to spend on getting a custom logo made

So if you cannot afford to bear all this and looking for simpler ways without having to spend much on logo and yet get one fine logo that can look impressive then we would suggest you go for logo makers or logo generators.

Logo Making Without The Need Of Professional Designers Or Designing Skills

Highlighting the basics of logo designing at first place which must be considered and followed.

As we know your logo represents your business. When I say Nike, Audi, Mcdonalds or Apple etc brand’s logo will immediately pop up in your mind. Therefore, you recognize a business with its logo. That’s the importance of it. 

So, here are certain tips related to making of logo which you must take a look at:

1. Avoid Using Multiple Colors


Yes, just stick to one or at the most two colors. Different colors have different meanings. Color selection is an important decision. Developing color signature becomes easier when you use limited color schemes. 

Take for example Mc Donalds red and yellow colored logo that pops up in mind as soon as you hear its name.

Youtube Logo: Eternal Design

Do not go with the trend when it comes to logo designing. Trends changes with time so it would be good to choose a timeless design for your logo rather than going with trends and fashion as your business is there to stay for long.

Some new businesses and startups get overambitious and try to include many details in the designs making it look trendy but it does not work well for very long time.

3. Go Simple & Easy On Graphics

Twitter Logo: Simple yet Effective

Pro tip for successful logo is that you must not over design or over complicate it. Logo designed with simple graphics can be learned by a child too. 

It is very crucial for brands to make their logo that is easy recalled and remembered by anyone. 

It should be able to instantly get the attention and easily noticeable.

Your logo is what represents your business. So you need to make sure when designing the logo that it should match your business type and industry. Right from color or color combination to font etc should appeal directly to the audience in question.

5. An All Rounder Logo

Your logo must be able to support and compliment different formats be it horizontal or vertical, be it on computer system or on business card, be it on caps, t-shirts or other stuff. No matter what your logo must nail it.

These were a few tips that must be followed by you so as to stay ahead of your competitors as far as logo impact is considered.

Design A LOGO Using Logo Makers:

Coming on to the main area of concern which is how to design the logo without the need of or involving graphics designer. As we mentioned earlier in this article that, we can go for Logo generator or logo makers, now you might be wondering are they humans? Well, certainly not. 

These are the tools that helps you to make professional looking logos within few minutes. You do not need to have graphic designing skills for that. 

Logo Generator or Logo maker can be the best way out for you if you do not have any idea of using Adobe Illustrator to create your logo by yourself or if you want to get faster, cheaper and not typically one in a million kind of a logo rather some professional looking one. 

Both types of logo generators/makers are available for you i-e free as well as paid. Choice lies with you which one you want to go for.

Listing some of these best tools (logo generators/ makers):

Check out these Free Logo Maker Websites that we have covered in Detail

# 01. Trailor Brands:- Free for Low-Resolution Image Download, Paid for High Resolution Image Download.

# 02.  Squarespace:- Free Low-Resolution Image download, Paid for High-Resolution Image Download & For Squarespace users, Free High-Resolution Image Download. 

# 03. Withoomph:- Free Trial, Download Image File – Paid

# 04. Graphic Springs:- Free trial, Paid Image Downloading.

# 05. Hipster Logo Generator:- Free for Low-Resolution Image Download, Paid for High-Resolution Image Download

Although there are various other tools as well but these were some of the best logo generators that can be of great help to you. Do try them out as per your need.

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