Most Popular Plugins Among the Wordpress Users to Manage their Wordpress Website in the most Effective Manner.

Today businesses are striving to deliver better user experience and give value to customers. More emphasis is laid on making sites user friendly and easy to use so that customers do not leave with frustration. 

A responsive site will help in growing the business as well as making a brand successful.

This article focuses on WordPress and how the site can be made faster & easier for the users. If you want visitors to keep visiting your website then you have to give them the reason to get attracted to your website. 

To make website management simple and quick there are numerous plugins available but not all are best. So here’s listing down the top WordPress plugins that are crucial for the success of your site:

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# 01. Yoast SEO: Get Plugin

Standing as the top plugin for Wordpress users currently with 3+ Million Installs, this plugin has a lot to feature. Not only confined to SEO rather, XML sitemaps, meta descriptions, snippet editor and much more. 

It takes care of all the technical details and optimization in the best possible manner. Not Just this, it also facilitates better content writing which improves the SEO consequently. 

In totality, for the content page of users this plugin works as a complete optimization platform.

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# 02. W3 Total Cache : Get Plugin

For a good user experience two things are important. Firstly, the site should be easily accessible and secondly, the speed should be good. Also search engine ranking matters as well. 

Now W3 Total Cache is a plugin that makes navigation smooth for its page visitors. With 1+ Million active installs it is one of the most popular plugin in this category. With this, the users are able to set up caching for their site and downloading features become faster.

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# 03. BackupBuddy : Get Plugin

One of the most important of all is this plugin.  As we know that all websites on the internet are vulnerable to security threats. Any website can fall prey to hackers, data loss, or server disasters. 

To protect users from this threat BackupBuddy comes to the rescue. Yes, BackupBuddy secures your content from being lost by creating its backup. 

Being one of the most popular and easiest plugins to install, this is recommended to be installed at first place by any WordPress user. Routine backups can also be scheduled using this.

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# 04. OptinMonster : Get Plugin

If you want to convert your visitors into subscribers than OptinMonster is the best plugin to use. In just one click, this plugin integrates with all websites and e-commerce platforms. 

It is considered as the best WordPress Popup and Lead generation plugin. OptinMonster's easy A/B split testing module helps you eliminate the guess work and make data-driven decisions on what works best.

In order to take advantage of this plugin, you must have an OptinMonster account.

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# 05. CaptainForm : Get Plugin

WordPress users can create any type of form using CaptainForm plugin. Be it contact, sign up, lead generation, job application, event registration, newsletter, order and payments, survey/poll/quiz or any other. 

But primarily it is used for contact forms. CaptainForm allows you to send collected data automatically to a wide range of 3rd party integrations used for different purposes: 

MailChimp, SalesForce, Zendesk, Google Drive, WebHook, Evernote, Google Calendar, Google Drive and many more. This plugin supports WordPress Multisite.

# 06. Edit Flow : Get Plugin

With this plugin, you can collaborate with your editorial team inside Wordpress dashboard. The users can keep track of all their editorial work in one place. This plugin works great for better organization and communication.

It provides you with custom statuses, email notifications, editorial comments, a calendar, and more. 

Its custom Module includes: 

a. A calendar

b. Custom Statuses

c. Editorial Comments

d. Editorial Metadata

e. Notifications

f. Story Budget

g. User Groups

# 07. Sucuri  : Get Plugin

Sucuri specializes in protecting WordPress sites. It helps monitor and audit your WordPress security. It is one of the most reliable security monitoring and auditing plugins with 300,000+ active users.

Free to all WordPress users, it is a security suite meant to complement your existing security posture. 

The Sucuri Security WordPress Security plugin is built by the team that is known for their proactive approach to security. It is built using intelligence gathered from thousands upon thousands of remediation cases, millions of unique domain scans and 10’s of millions of website security attack blocks.

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