How to Make your Blogger SEO Optimized? Search Engine Optimization Tips for a Blogspot Blog!   

Did you ever know that in every second, two blogs get a real hit in the internet world? Well, that's what the study says. This means that you have to outsmart the rest in order to be the #1 among blogs.

This is where Search Engine Optimization comes to play. Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is something that helps you to gain visibility to your blog. Therefore if you need your Blogspot blog to get the attention of search engines, you have to follow certain rules.
In this article, we try to understand how to make your blog visible and stand out from the rest.
SEO Tips for a Blogger or Blogspot Blog

11 Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips for Blogger Blogs

Tip #1:

On Page & Off Page Search Engine Optimization

on-off-page seo-search engine optimization-560x315
Make a full use of ON and OFF Page SEO Optimization 

Content Producing, blog design, Interlinking of posts and similar online aspects belong to on-page Search Engine Optimization. This is the best way to improve the visibility of your blog. It can actually optimize the blogger blogs as well.

As the name indicates, everything beyond the blogger blog comes in Off-page search engine optimization aka Off-page SEO. Out-bound links, social and brand mentions belong to off-page SEO. Besides, Off-page SEO has an upper hand in improving Google SERP ranks. But, quite often On-page SEO scores over the other since, as a blogger, it can’t decide on the amount of traffic flow.

Tip #2:

Build a Proper Domain for Blogger

This is the most important thing you have to keep in mind before starting SEO for your blog. Custom domains always work wonders since it gives your blog a professional and ethical look.

Besides, it also will help people to trust your blog, which gives you more clicks on the blog link on SERP and social media.

Also, when you have a unique and good domain name, even Google starts trusting you and understand its brand value.

While creating a domain name, you should use a word that is easy to memorize and spell. Also, if you have thought of a particular name, create the blogger domain right now. Postponing may cause harm as several people are entering the blogger world each day.
Tip #3:

Find the right topic for your blogger

If you are going to start a blog, chances are there that you write about various genres of topics. Stop doing that. Stick on to one topic for the blog at a time. It helps you in creating a brand of yourself.

Besides, you will become an expert in that topic as per the blog. Search engines can also identify your blog when it is connected to a particular niche topic.

Tip #4:

Stick To Writing Engaging Content for Blogs

This has to be the most important things you should keep in mind while writing on blogger. On should make use of content marketing in SEO in a big way to improve the BlogSpot blog. In order to find your target audience, you can search for Yahoo answers, Quora, forums, surveys, blog comments, etc to name a few. 

After knowing the audience, one should write the blog post ideas and plan the blog. Once the initial preparations are done, write the blog by giving prominence to the intro.

An intro is as important as salt in your food. If the first few sentences are not catchy, the entire blog becomes bland and of no use.

While writing the blog you have to keep in mind about the keyword usage and its density. You should highlight your keywords so that people are attracted to it in a better way.

This should be done in the beginning, middle and end of the blog copy.

Tip #5:

Make Your Blog Simple and Crisp

So, you have done all the hard work to write a blog and finally, it is all set to be posted. What if nobody reads it? Hence, readability checking is also important in it.  Write in such a way that even a fifth grader understands it.

Keep your writing short, concise and up to the mark. In order to check the content readability, there are a few tools available online. Use them wisely.

Tip #6:

Typography, Spelling & Grammar on Blogger

Depending on the target audience, you should improve the typography of your blog. For example, if the blog is catering youth, use the font as normal and some funky and youthful emoticons to attract them and keep them in the topic. However, this value will be changing as and when the target audience changes.

Tip #7:

Social Media Optimization

Just like search engine optimization, social media optimization has also become important for bloggers these days. Besides Twitter and Facebook, one should make use of Pinterest, Tumblr, and Linkedin among others to improve the blog post and its reach.

If you have to increase blog traffic and blogger awareness, you need to use social media and its optimization.

Tip #8:

Research & Get the Right Keywords

Getting the right keyword is as important as writing a blog post. Keyword research should be spread to interlinking, content type creation like PDF and Infographics, and video blogging. Keyword research should be spread to all the areas.

One can make use of Google Keyword planner, SEmrush, Long Tail pro, Ubersuggest, etc for online keyword research.

Tip #9

Page Speed for Your Blog

Even if you have a beautiful layout and template added blog, if the blog page takes a lot of time to load, there are chances that visitors may leave getting impatient. Moreover, Google has taken a strong favor towards the faster loading blogs.

So, if your Blogspot is loading slow then it might invite a negative impact on search engine ranking. 


Optimize the Title Meta Tag of your Blogger Blog

This is the foremost thing that you should keep in mind while making your Blogger blog SEO friendly. Since Google displays only the first 66 characters, the actual title will be ignored most of the time. Due to this reason, the topic would get chopped off as the homepage title is appended.

Use H1 Heading for the Homepage title of your Blog and include all the important keywords in it. Now, just after the title of your blog, the second most important thing is its Meta description tag. Fill in all the crucial and most used keywords in that without unnecessary stuffing.

Tip #11

Links Are Important For Bloggers

In SEO Optimization and friendliness, links play a major role in web page rank. There are two options- no follow & do follow - that should be used intelligently to increase BlogSpot SEO. Use a good mix of both. Don't run blindly after getting ONLY the Dofollow backlinks.

There should be a well mixture of Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks which makes your backlinking appear natural to search engines. And, rightly so! 

The above mentioned are the few among SEO improvement tips. There are a few more, but you need to understand its nuances and understand how SEO optimization works. The BlogSpot blog for search engines should also be optimized to get better results.

By making use of On-page and off-page optimization and SEO strategies, you can improve the quality and value of the blog, thereby make it SEO friendly.