Best ways for Earning Income Blogging at Google's Blogger Blog!

Blogging is not new to the online world. It has been more than two decades when it started with one of the early bloggers Justin Hall back in 1994; but that was because of passion for writing only and no one planned to earn money with blogger.

Since then, the scenario has undergone a vast change with the introduction of several types of Blogs. Now, there are art blogs, photo blogs, Vlogs (video blogs), music (MP3 blogs) and podcasts (audio). But it took a decade to turn this passion to a profession.

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What are the Ways and Methods to Earn Income from Blogger or Blogspot based Blogs 

Blogging Background History: How Blogging Became a Money Making Source for bloggers?

Blogging didn’t get recognition as a profession at its early stage. Initially blogs would be seen mere an instant news providers during 2004 Tsunami. But the acceptance period started when blogging caught people's interest in real time commenting feature.

And, Blogging became popular when bloggers and educated people started making comments seriously on popular events.

In 2005, Fortune magazine further boosted this success of blogs and blogging by featuring top eight bloggers who couldn’t be ignored by business people.

A Blogger’s code of conduct came into existence in 2007. By then, blogging became quite popular among political candidates, consultants and media organizations. Later, the craze of earning money online with blogging started.

The Basic Tips to Make Money Online

Making Money from Blogspot: Introduction

The bloggers are now presented with lots of options of free blogging platforms to choose from. But is the easiest one with plenty of support like Google AdSense and access to HTML code. This free blog-hosting platform has the Inbuilt AdSense monetization option too.

For a first time blogger, knowing the ways to make money online through blogging at Blogspot is important. Improving readership is the primary aim, so first work on it. Then you can take a step-by-step approach and try some of the below-mentioned ways to monetize your blog.

5 Things to follow to make your blog a good source of income:

#1. Create Your Blog And Start Developing Useful Content–


Content is the soul of any blog. The readership will depend on the quality and utility of the content. People must relate to it and feel like reading the blog till the end.

#2. Niche Creation-

Don’t just start writing haphazardly on every topic you find interesting. You have to first create a niche for your blog in a particular area like technology, travel, food, entertainment, etc.

The topic should be well thought which you can cater to your target audience.

   #3. Use targeted keywords in your blog 

Have a brainstorming session on searching and choosing perfect keywords for your each blog post. Google keyword research tool can help you get the right keyword. It will increase the visibility of the blog and draw more readers.

Be informed that if you are using CPC based ads on your Blogspot then you earn as per the ranking of keywords. Some keywords are paid very low while some of the keywords get paid very high from AdSense.

#4. Engage your Readers–

You created a useful blog and left it at the mercy of the readers, then forget to earn. Like any other business, the blogs also need promotion. There’s a remarkable difference between ‘traffic’ and ‘readers’ so concentrate on your target readers.

Engage with them through other popular blogs by putting comments and link to your blog. Answer the queries and comments of your readers and make it interactive.

How to Promote a Blogger Blog
SEO tips for Blogger Blogs

#5. Cross Linking With Related Bloggers-

Connect with other popular bloggers of your subject. You can do it through social media and ask them to post your blog link to their pages. It can increase the visibility of your blog and the prospective audience.

Earning Income Online from your Blogspot - 7 Ways to Make Money from a Blogger Blog:

#1. Start using Google AdSenss Ads on your Blog

If you have a blog with useful content and decent readership and traffic, it’s time to find advertisements, the first step to making money online through your blog. You can apply online by visiting the Google AdSense Homepage.

Once your Adsense account gets approved the next step would be putting ads from AdSense on your blog effectively

To do so, You can review the wide variety of ads available through your account and choose the ad that suits best to your blog. The next step is to copy and insert the HTML code given by Google to your blog. It may take some hours to start the ads. When the readers click on the ads on your blog page, you earn money. But there is a constraint of the amount you get per click.

Other Advertising Networks - You can also generate revenue from adverts by leveraging some popular advertising networks like, Chitika, Infolinks, etc

Find a list of top 10 Ad networks for monetization

#2. Affiliate Earning–

When you start promoting products or services, you earn a commission from the sales generated through your affiliate links. Some bloggers provide honest feedback of the products or services without just pleasing the advertisers.

It attracts the readers and they end up by clicking the product or service links. However, it takes the time to develop that trust and reputation as a reliable marketer with quality content.


#3. Selling Products on your Blog-

The virtual products like eBooks, courses and workshops are popular online. You can sell these through your blog. Syndicating content can be another way to make money online. You can also earn by creating logo and SEO for your readers who are also your prospective clients.

#4. Selling Photos on your Blog-

If you are a professional photographer then selling the photos through your blogs is another way to earn money online. You can also sell your photographs on these most popular photo sharing sites.

  #5. Using Youtube Video Marketing–

In the digital boom, video marketing is a popular revenue generating method for making money on BlogSpot. You can earn from YouTube AdSense by posting your own video channel’s videos on the blog and divert the video traffic to your blog. You can use several video sharing sites to upload your videos and earn income online from them.

#6. Organize small events with bloggers-

Your blog connects you with a variety of readers from across the world. So, when you have developed a strong relation with your readers, plan an online or offline event or summit. 

It has been popular with leading bloggers. You can earn money by charging readers to attend the conference or by getting a sponsor for the event.

#7. Earn from Paid Membership–

Develop an exclusive corner for paid users where you can provide career counseling, business counseling services as per your expertise area. But you should always provide some authentic and special service through this corner to satisfy your readers.


Blogging has now entered a new arena where new prospects are coming up almost every month and it’s important to stay updated if you are interested in the same.

So the above-mentioned points are just to give you a basic idea of some of the ways to make money blogging from

You need to keep yourself updated with regular reading and exploring the new technologies and resources. At the same time, the quality of content should never deteriorate to keep pace with the progressive online readers. To improve your writing skills you should check out these great sites for learning content writing FREE!

..and the most important thing is that you should take enough precaution to keep your blog safe from Panda Penguin Google Algorithm Updates!

You have to be patient while reaching your readers and earn from your writing investment.