Make your own Classifieds Website Free. Top 10 Classified Themes on WordPress that don't charge a single penny!

Free and Premium Classifieds Themes for Wordpress.


Wordpress is one of the most famous and widely used blogging platforms in the world. It has millions of people using it every day. From mom and pop establishments to Fortune 500 companies, various businesses use Wordpress to power their websites and online eCommerce stores

One of the most nifty features of Wordpress is the Free themes that are available on it. 

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Best Wordpress Themes to Design a Classified Site

These Wordpress themes help you to arrange your text and images in the website that you are building. You don't need any technical expertise to create a website using WordPress.

Building a Classified Site on Wordpress Platform

And, if you have been thinking about creating a classified website using WordPress then you should feel happy about the fact that there are loads of good theme developer companies that offer free classifieds themes to anyone who wants to develop a classified or advertising website.

Though, to get premium support and continues theme updates, i would recommend using a paid theme for that purpose if you are planning to launch and build a serious online business by running a classifieds web site.

Though, there could be many reasons if someone wants using a Free Classified theme rather than a paid one!

But, in this post we are going to focus on the theme platforms that are free to use.
Read on to learn about the latest and best free themes available today. 

Top 10 Websites to Download Themes for Designing a Classified Website over WordPress

The below mentioned websites are very popular in Wordpress community for getting themes to design or build a brand new classifieds website by your own. You don't need much technical knowledge to install them. Installing a Wordpress theme is a very easy job and it is done automatically by just pressing a button inside your Wordpress dashboard.

Just click on Appearance->Themes-> Upload->Install.

Download free Classifieds Plugins and Themes from WordPress

#1. The ClassifiedsEngine theme

This is an amazing freely available theme that was built specially to host classified advertisements on Wordpress websites. It is beautiful, full of rich content and features too.

It allows for fast browsing through the website whether one is on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. You can get online and install it on your website. 

It has various tools that you can simply utilize to build a website for classifieds. 

Visit the Theme Provider's Website: ClassifiedsEngine 

#2. Jobify

This is a theme that comes with a wizard that assists you to set it up in your website. In addition to that, it has a control panel that is easy to use for the purpose of configuring your website. 

It has a simple interface that helps users to interact with all the job listings in the website. They can post and edit them one by one or in groups. 

Moreover, this interface helps you to monitor the performance of these listings. You can experience a free demo of this website my simply going to their website and downloading it.

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#3. Classifier theme

This is a superb classified ads theme that was built by the Color Labs Project. It has a clean layout that is easy to use. It has features that help users to find what they want. 

Moreover, its back-end dashboard has features that allow you to add or delete listings quite easily. 

This theme gives you the freedom to make your classified website free or paid. In this theme, some details about the advertisements show up on the sidebar of the listing. 

When a user registers in the Classifier theme, they get their own simplified dashboard. It allows seamless integration with BuddyPress. 

This effectively turns your classified website into a social site. You can get this amazing theme as a free demo. 

View the Classifier Project on Behance

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#4. Responsive classifieds theme

The name of this theme describes it fully. Its main strength is how responsive it it. It is easy to use on any device for example a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. 

This theme comes with location features. These integrate maps, locators and other tools that help buyers and sellers of the items in the listings to find each other. 

#5. WPJobus classifieds theme

This superb theme allows users to post listings about jobs. You as the webmaster can use this theme to generate packages for user membership. These packages can allow users to enjoy various benefits. In addition to that, these packages allow users of your website to search for products based on their location.

Users of this theme can also upload any files that they want. These can be music, video, documents and pictures. Get online and download this theme for free and implement it in your website.

#6. Templatic Classifieds Theme

This is a versatile theme that can be used to make a directory of listings that cover a localized area or even span the globe. If you want to come up with a listing that covers only a small area, this is the best to use. 

It has bold fonts, colors that are beautiful and inviting as well as icons that users can utilize to navigate the website. This theme also allows for direct integration with social media platforms.

It allows users to access social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook directly from their interface. Users can create accounts very easy using this theme. All that they have to do is click on register and the rest is easy as pie. You can download a free version of this amazing theme online.

#7. The Classiads Theme

This is a nice, simply and smart theme that you can implement in your Wordpress website. The theme was constructed on Bootstrap 2.3. As such, it is fast and easy to use for application in a website. 

With this theme you have direct access to many colors as well as more than 650 fonts. The theme was constructed such that you can easily customize the textures, colors and even the way that the website works. 

The front end of this theme is very easy for users. Moreover, the back-end is packed with features and tools that you can use to further customize your website. For example, there are features that allow you to establish Membership Plans in your website. 

Get online and download this amazing free, Wordpress theme for your website.

#8. Listing Builder

This is a free Wordpress theme that you can use to manage the advertisement listings in your website. It allows users to upload listings and also to edit the pictures and other features of their listings. 

This theme is highly sophisticated and advanced. This theme also facilitates communication between users who have listed adverts in your website. Get online and download this amazing, free Wordpress classifieds theme.

#9. FlatAds Theme

For eye-catching, professionally made listings, you can get online and enjoy this amazing Wordpress theme. This theme was built by ReduxFramework and it has a modern, stylish design. This theme is built using HTML5 and CSS3. 

As a result, it makes your website future proof. Visitors can refer to the amazing icons on the theme to navigate your website. It also allows you to integrate Google maps into your Wordpress website. 

Get online and download this amazing, free Wordpress theme.

#10. Directory Engine

This is a highly advanced Wordpress theme that allows users to create advertisements in your website easily. This amazing theme makes use of content modules to accomplish this. It is very responsive. As such, it allows access to the website from almost any device, mobile smartphones included.

By using its drag and drop feature, you can easily build a classifieds website that fits your needs and requirements. 

It is one of the best free Wordpress classifieds themes available today.

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There are many free classifieds themes for Wordpress websites. You can get them today and transform how your website works. Improve your user experience with these best WP themes to build your own Classifieds Website!