Walmart Online Shopping USA- FAQ on Ordering, Delivery, Charges, and Shipping Process

Walmart Online Shopping FAQ: Shipping process, delivery, ordering, charges.

Walmart is a globally popular ecommerce site and it is ranked 2nd among the top online shopping sites in USA. We will talk about the important facts and stats about Walmart in the regards of online shopping experiences it offers!

There are several ways to order what you like from Walmart. It practically depends on where you are located. If you are based in the USA this is a very easy thing to do. All you need to do is visit official Walmart online shop.

In case you based somewhere outside the USA you will have to do things a bit differently. 

Now, many people used to simply order what they want from Walmart to a USA address, and have someone pick it up for them, and then forward it to the final location.

Walmart Shopping Store in USA

This method relies on people having personal connections and this way of getting items from Walmart was not supported by any official business or service.

However, high demand for what Walmart offer all around the world is being more and more recognized and many people see the way to benefit from it. What this means, is that there is a rising number of business that provide this type of service.

They allow you to browse through Walmart items and order them as if you were based in the USA. Then, they go and pick it up for you, wrap it if there is a need to and mail and ship it directly to you. Now, not all countries are covered by this type of third-party service but there surely is a considerable number of them.


If you are searching for the right company to help you ship Walmart items to you outside the USA, you should try to learn some things about these companies in order to determine which one is the best for you.

Now, different companies may have different partnerships with different postal services and this may have impact on how much it will cost to ship to a particular country.


Try seeing who the company is partnered with, and pick the one that fits you and your country best. One of the best services out there is called USGoBuy. They provide shipping to roughly all around the globe and their partnership with postal services are strong enough to provide very low charges and a standardized quality of delivery.

Having items delivered to your home address directly is a thing that many people consider to be the thing of the future and taking a next step towards a better shopping experience.


When speaking of shipping prices, this may vary based on where you are based. However, there is no difference in the way Walmart officially see this. If you are based in the USA you have an option of shipping items directly to you. If you are not, you will have to find a third-party company to help you get your items.

Since Walmart officially operates inside one country, there are no different country-related policies that may have impact on forming of the final price of the service.

Anyhow, if you are ordering directly from Walmart and inside the USA, you should try to group items that you like, because shipping is free for deliveries worth $35 or more. If you really want to place an order that is below $35, you better consider going to the store yourself.

Different charges may apply to different states, and not only that, but it will depend on where you address is.

Buying groceries online is not really the best thing to do. Consider going to the store yourself because it is always better to have fresh food than having it spend some time during transport.

Now, Walmart does really offer some of the premium special groceries and if you want to make it special, of course, it's not a big deal, but consider this a friendly advice.

However, besides groceries, Walmart offers a range of different products. For example, there is sport equipment for any sport that you can think of. Also, there's a range of clothes and toys and bikes and many different products.

The best thing is to just go and see for yourself visiting their official website.

Shipping process

Walmart ships items you order directly to your address, and this is something that many people consider very relieving. Practically, not having to go the grocery store and having the possibility to shop what you need on a daily basis from the comfort of your home is surely something that sounds really attractive. As I said, the only problem is that it pays off only if you make on order that is worth $35 minimum.

For people in the USA, shipping from Walmart should not be any problem. It's simple and it is the same as ordering anything else online. You click, you pay, you get you stuff in a day or two.

However, outside the USA, things stand a bit differently. For example, buying groceries from the USA and having them shipped to you is not a thing many would recommend. Even if you are in the USA it is not the best thing to do, especially if you are further away.

This is why the best thing for all of you outside of the USA, who want to get items from Walmart should probably only consider ordering other items, but not food. Maybe there is some super fancy food that you can't get in your country, and if that is a special type of food that can endure transporting a being in transport for a decent amount of time, you might still consider it. If it goes any other way, you may better just give up on the idea.

If you buy via USGoBuy, you can expect your items to be delivered to your address just the way it would happen if you were ordering directly from Walmart. You can give them special instructions if you think that they may not take appropriate care of your order and they will surely respect what you asked for.

They offer special wrapping of your items so that you can avoid any other extra charges, because different postal infrastructures may require different standard of packaging which can eventually result in having the overall price increased just much.

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