Business Listing and Citation Sites for Local Online Advertising.

A business is incomplete unless it has an online presence. Ok, so you own a website! Good! But, that is not the only place where your customers hang out!

They are everywhere. Find a way and reach out to everyone.

Business Advertising Sites for Local Citation

Social Media Networking sites will take you to your customers up to some extent but what about the ones who are not active over these sites?

How do you plan to reach them?

Need help?

Yes, here are the top 10 business advertising sites on the Internet where your business needs to be listed out in the year 2017:

Top 10 Business Advertising Sites for 2017

1.) Yelp for Free business advertising:

Of course, everyone knows about it because we have all been here at least once in our lifetime for this is one of the places where we can find genuine customer reviews. Another interesting fact about using Yelp is that it provides the Yelp Reporting Tool useful in reviewing the latest business trends.

On Yelp you can engage with your people as it provides you with the option to send both private and public messages or reach out to them with interesting deals as and when you like.

Is your business listed on Yelp? No?

Then, it is high time you considered using Yelp for taking your business to the next level.

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2.) Yellow Pages:

Needs no mention!

Yellow Pages are one of those places that have been accompanying us since the initial days of the web.

Undoubtedly, more than a million searches happen every day on Yellow Pages!

Also, this is one among those advertising sites which allow lead generation, advertising along with detailed ad performance data simultaneously.

Sources reveal that today Yellow Pages bags the 2nd place as the people’s preferred search destination in the U.S.

3.) Bing Business advertising and listing Submission:

Google is the only one search engine where search is a never ending process and is by now the favorite of all the people from around the globe.

Bing is another one of the best search engines that is not far behind from Google and has reached this point ousting all other existing search engines.

Enjoy a speedy, easy and absolutely no-cost registration over Bing. Also, you can add videos, photos and even multiple business locations.

4.) MerchantCircle:

Are you a small business looking for reaching out to more number of customers?

Then, MerchantCircle is one of those online business advertising sites where your business should be listed! Of course, small businesses have their resource constraints, but don’t worry; MerchantCircle is absolutely free of cost.

Connect with your local customers and find small businesses near you. The more you spend time online the more your business enjoys local exposure.

Post your blogs here and gift your business that essential extra boost it has been lacking.

5.) Yahoo Local Listing:

We have already discussed the awesomeness of Bing and its role in taking businesses to the next level. Yahoo is right behind Bing and is striving hard at offering the best to its people.

Yahoo offers the basic listing service for free and if your business is not yet here, then you must be seriously thinking of getting it over Yahoo as you are already missing millions of searches every day that Yahoo accomplishes.

If you are a small business then this could be a great boost for your local needs.


Bingo! It’s a free directory!

And, the most exciting part is its database that comprises of listings of 16 million businesses and this covers almost every postal code in the U.S.

Searchers have been using this directory to get information on events and other interesting deals pertinent to a specific city.

7.) Manta:

Small businesses this is for you!

It drives search from millions of unique visitors each month. They search for businesses across different industry verticals belonging to different geographical locations.

8.) Foursquare:

One of the magical online business advertising sites which is a combination of a business directory and social network.

9.) Hotfrog:

If you are looking for a way to get your website listed in Google Search, then, use this online directory which is available for free.

10.) TripAdvisor:

If your business belongs to the entertainment or hospitality industry then, you can enjoy flat deals on your subscription rates. It has been driving around 390 million average visitors every month and is the world’s largest travel site.

Now you know the top 10 online business advertising sites where your business needs to be if it has to reach out to the right crowd! For any further assistance, contact us today!

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