Twitter for Startup: How and Why to Twitter for your Startup 

The success of any business depends on the success of its marketing efforts. No business can think of growing unless its marketing game is on point. A great product won’t do any good if not marketed properly, a good website design won’t do good unless the content is shared and promoted rightly, No matter how good your technology is but if you fail marketing front, you won’t reap fruits until and unless your marketing game is strong.

Now, as a startup you really need to push hard all your efforts in the right direction  so as to match with the pace at which market is moving. In this article we highlight the reasons why & how Twitter can be the best tool to make your start up a success.

Why use Twitter for your Startup?

1-      Twitter Is Easy To Learn

It is by far the easiest of all other social media platforms. Reason being there is specific limit for writing. You have to share the information in a precise form keeping it to the word limit of 140 because that is the limit allowed by Twitter. 

This gets easier than writing full blog. People prefer to read stuff which is not time consuming and Twitter posts are very short which gets due attention of the audience/potential customers. But its simplicity brings great responsibility on your shoulder. 

Twitter has millions of users and is very searchable. It depends on you how you reach out your target audience. You can use tools like Zoomph to find influencers in your niche who can become your voice. Also you can join in real-time conversations going on twitter on the topics of your interest related to your industry.

2-      No Monetary Price To Pay

To market your start up on Twitter, you don’t have to pay any price. Twitter is free and does not charge you anything to reach out to the global audience and engage with them. This is yet another very important reason why Twitter is the best tool because it gives your startup maximum exposure that too without having to pay any money.

3-      Source Of Sharing Content

Twitter lets you share your newest thoughts and ideas. You must be responsive to the industry trends and latest issues in peer conversations. You should focus on producing high quality content that people in your niche can relate to and take interest and moreover try to curate a list of twitter influencers as well as leaders in your industry, see their ideas and thoughts and learn.

4-      Networking Opportunities

With social media there are no barriers left associated with networking. Especially if you talk about Twitter, it gives you the opportunities to connect with the high level people which could otherwise be out of reach. Business and people are complimentary. Both need each other. 

On Twitter you can find new opportunities, financial partners, new clients and what not. It helps you meet new people/prospects, engage with them and establish relationship.

5-      Generating Brand Awareness

Learning how to generate brand awareness is extremely important for the success of start up. You need to strategize well on this front. If you think generating brand awareness would involve big budget then it is not so. In most of the cases it doesn’t involve high budget. 

Need is to tap the opportunities that exist. Be consistent and stay committed to your marketing efforts. Engage in the way you would want to be engaged on Twitter. Respect all on that platform. Generate content that is helpful for your niche your target audience. Reflect that you put them first.

Pro Tip:

Keeping all things aside, remember one thing, never spam your audience with irrelevant content. Be creative and intelligent. Quality is important than quantity. 

Do not push your content out of context which makes you look less worthy in the eyes of audience. Keep it simple and make sure your audience can connect to it.