Discover these Top 5 Mobile Messaging apps and how can they be employed for marketing and advertising.

Every month we see new mobile apps, social media apps getting released by the companies. Well, this is because people are addicted to using their phones and companies are utilizing this opportunity, trying to capitalize on this. 

We cannot deny the fact that mobile apps have change the way of life. It has changed the way we interact with people. We can not only send across text messages but also pictures, videos, audio etc. 

Top 5 Mobile Messaging Apps for Online Marketing and Free Advertising
Best mobile messaging apps and Marketing

Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Whatsapp are some of the top social messaging apps. 
These apps are quite similar to each other accept for one or the other thing maybe unique in each that’s where you can differentiate between them.

Some of the most Popular and the leading social messaging apps are listed below along with their details.

1- WhatsApp

With a user base of one billion, this is the most popular messaging application so far. In 2014 Facebook purchased it for 19 billion. No money was spent on advertising front before the acquisition. Launched as an alternative to text messaging plan, this app requires users to register themselves with a telephone number.

The world’s most popular messaging service has launched 5 new features. These are enhanced photo sharing, Document sharing, background colors, storage space, video zoom.

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Whatsapp - Marketing & Advertising:

No advertising option has been introduced for the brands as of yet and nor there are any chances of its advertising in future as the founders are not ready to change their mind. They have kept this service ad free and are very uncompromising on this front. 

Their motto is No adds, No games, No gimmicks. With BBC’s broadcast list feature new was delivered. Users are required to add the contact in their mobile address book to enjoy messaging via Whatsapp.

2- Viber

An instant messaging and voice over IP app for smartphones that allows users to exchange images, videos, audio messages. Viber has more than 100 million monthly active users from its 280+ million global registered users.

Viber was founded by four Israeli and Belarussian partners. This is another famous social media app which allows free calls to and from people using it. It has an interesting feature which is called ViberOut that allows users to make domestic and international calls.

Viber - Marketing & Advertising:

With its feature ‘Public Chat’ users can follow the chats of famous personalities, celebrities, topics of their interest etc. Another interesting feature to attract people is that users can download sticker collections from brands.

3- Kik

Available for free of charge on android, iOS and windows phone operating system, this app with 200 million registered allows anyone to chat with anyone else by finding their username although firstly the recipient has to approve the new contact before seeing the person’s message.

Moreover the younger is attracted towards this app because of the anonymity factor. Approximately 70% of users are between age group 13-25.

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Kik – Marketing & Advertising:

In order to receive messages from specific brands there is a promoted chats feature that can be opted by users. Because the feature is a one-to-one communication form so canned responses can be created by the brands that cause to function by the keywords users send.

4- Line

Founded in Japan 2011, this app offers a lot of features than any other messaging app. With over 170 million active monthly users and 560 registered users, it is a proprietary application for instant communications.

Line users can exchange texts, images, video and audio and conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences. It even offers camera with filters, topic based chatting forums and also a timeline for sharing status updates. Users can apply different themes and customize the app.

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Line – Marketing & Advertising:

Animated stickers are created by the brands which users can download. Also there are themes available which can be applied by users to update their app. Under the official accounts tab users can easily follow the brands and for targeted advertising there is an option provided by Line for the brands.

With newly introduced Line@ app, Businesses can communicate with the users of this application.

5- Snapchat

As the name says, it is a photo sharing app that also allows you to record videos, chat with friends and fun things like drawing on photos. It lets you view live stories from around the world. Basically, to put in other words, this is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application.

Snapchat – Marketing & Advertising:

Snaps can be included in the feed of users by the brands. Now by using Discover (newly introduced), daily edition of photos and videos can be published by the publishers. It includes channels from top publishers that are refreshed everyday.

Snapchat is looking to create more visual, clickable appeal by replacing each media brand’s circular logo with a magazine like image that rotates each day depending on the publisher’s content.