Start Selling more and more on Pinterest with all New Buyable Pins: Promoted Pins.

You must know how to sell on Pinterest for if you want to grow your online sales. It is one great platform with millions and millions of users all around the world. It is no less than a treasure for you if you really want to grow your business.

Pinterest Promoted Pins -Social Media Paid Ads to Sell more

Pinterest is More than What you See:

People often mistake it for just a colorful board with people sharing pins and different products be it accessories, apparels or furniture. People take inspiration and ideas from the pins shared on Pinterest. 

There are recipes, fashion, lifestyle, home decor etc so much to get inspired about. They just get confined to their world of admiration without realizing the fact that Pinterest is not merely platform to share beautiful pictures rather it is a great channel for growing your business, your sales as well. Today, average order value per sale is provided more by pinterest than any other social media channel could.

There are times when you sitback and look around for the beautiful accessories, fashionable items, interesting decorative pieces etc and then you come across these items on pinterest, it immediately catches your attention and you make up your mind to get very item only.

Now when you see that the pin shows the item you like available in the stock and has CTA button saying "Buy now" at the corner of the pin. You can simply click on the buy button and purchase the product in a safe & secure way. The item once you were admiring & wishing to have is there with you now.

Selling on Pinterest:

Earlier it was quite a task to buy from Pinterest. Users used to find it hard to purchase directly from Pinterest and millions of them were unable to make purchase from pinterest directly.

There was nothing as clicking on buy button and purchasd then and there rather users had to click on the product they like and that click used to take them to the online store where the product was available.

Sell more with Buyable Pins
Sell more with Buyable Pins

Later, "Rich pins" got introduced wherein the price as well the information about its availability was mentioned on the pin itself.

When you pin a product or when any user for that matter pins the product to product boards, its price & inventory count gets displayed on the pin because of the Bigcommerce tool that fully integrated Pinterest. This tool has been of great support as millions of Pinterest users globally can see the price and availability of the product and make purchase from there.

Selling Directly On Pinterest:

Today users can purchase directly from Pinterest without the need to move to other website.Shopify, one of the best ecommerce website builder in partnership with Pinterest has enabled the visitors to do so. A blue 'Buy Now' button is placed at every product pins which is called "Buyable Pins" as per them.

Buyable pins have not only made it easier for the visitors to buy the products they like but it has also paved way for great opportunities to the sellers/businesses to increase their sales. But one thing must be brought to the knowledge of the Pinterest users or shall we say sellers on Pinterest that these "Buyable Pins" can be available only after setting up  your ecommerce store with Shopify. Other than that you cannot take advantage of these buyable pins.


Facebook can have more wide user base but Pinterest is one of the best online sales channel available for the businesses because of the average order value per transaction is more here than it could be on any other social media channels. Therefore do not consider it as just a place to find & enjoy beautiful pictures rather display your products, use the tools available and grow your business.