Generating leads via YouTube: Quick Tips and Ideas.

With billions of users, YouTube has made a huge mark till date. Youtube is one of the best Video Sharing Platforms online. Anyone can start with their YouTube channel. A layman or a business house or so. YouTube is not a space only or necessarily meant for the entertainment company or film. It is for everyone & anyone who wants something to share stuff with the Audience

Generate Leads Via YouTube

How to Generate Leads Via Youtube: Ways to get Social Media Traffic from You Tube Marketing.

YouTube attracts diverse audience especially youth. It is extremely popular amongst them. 

To excel & get maximum out of YouTube as a business or marketer, you have to work on video content part at first place. 

There is a huge scope for the businesses to tap the capabilities of this market.

Today in this article, we bring to you five lead-generating strategies for YouTube:-

1- Place Annotations

Use YouTube-Annotations-500x300
Make full Use of YouTube-Annotations

Annotations are basically the links that take users to another site. You place them in your video you post on YouTube. This is one of the finest strategies to increase the conversion rate as users doesn't get the feel that you're actually trying to market something. 

The links are just embedded into the video. Example could be "click here to check out the blog", "click here to sign up for free trial" etc. You can keep on experimenting with the placement of annotations in your video or making changes in the annotations itself.

See to what users respond & connect best.

2- More Personalized, The Better

When you create a personalized version of your video that gives a reflection to the user that it is directed towards them, then it tends to leave a great impact on user's mind. 

Like a personalized video answering prospect's questions can be created by you & shared so that the prospect feel special & converts into your customer. The prospect might even want to share it with his/her friends & you end up having an extended customer base therein.


3- Associate With Company/Brand

Let the audience know which company the video belongs to. What brand it is. They must be able to recognize & associate the content with your company when they watch your video on YouTube. 

In order to make this 'Brand your video' thing possible, what you are required to do is, put an intro card at the starting of the video & a card with your brand logo at the end when your video gets over. Do not forget to mention your website on your video, video description, YouTube page as this is the way that will allow people to locate you online.

4- Utilize Comments Section & Response Feature

Unlike TV ads where you can't talk to the producer of the ads to clarify your queries or other issue, YouTube allows you to read the response of the prospects in comments section. 

You can utilize this feature by responding to the comments then & there. Socialize with the prospects & come up with the videos that users mostly asked for. Make them feel special. Let them notice their voice is being heard.

5- Partnership & Collaboration

Do not just collaborate with anyone. Look out for the most influential youtubers and partner with them to come up with a collaborative video on the topic both the parties are interested in. Moreover try to find the best users in your field to collaborate with them. 

This will get you the advantage of accessing a more wide audience (yours+their) thereby boosting your credibility as a result of partnership with the experts & influential users/youtubers.