Find out What can Be the Best Alternatives for the Etsy Store Builder.

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Alternatives, well who doesn’t love to try them out. People look out for the ways to have more hold and control over their brand. This article is focused about how to set up an ecommerce store as an alternative to Etsy or to put it in other words what are the best alternatives to Etsy store. 

Many with Etsy store might be thinking of setting up their own ecommerce store. But are there really some tricks which could get traffic from your Etsy store to your own newly build ecommerce store? We will read this later in this article.

Etsy Storefront Alternatives for Online eCommerce Shop Owners
Etsy Store Alternatives for Online Shop Owners

For now, before listing down the alternatives to Etsy, we need to first jot down the advantages and disadvantages of Etsy in the light of which we could be able to find the best alternatives to it. Let us take a look!

Advantages of Etsy Storefront:

1- It provides you with the store front to sell your products online. You don’t need to worry about about getting your website designed and various other technical things related with setting up an online store.

2- As a beginner you don’t need to stress about sourcing your potential customers as Etsy has a lot of visitors on daily basis and about 40 million active members out which there will be the ones who would want to buy from you.

3- It gets easy for you to list and advertise your products on Etsy.

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Disadvantages of Etsy Storefront:

1- There is hardly any personalization allowed on Etsy. The pages of all the sellers are similar and you cannot make your’s stand out by customizing or personalizing your shop on Etsy.

2- Competition is another drawback here. As etsy is a marketplace with very specific categories, so there exist a lot of competition within these categories.

3- Violation of any terms of use may lead to immediate termination of your store from etsy’s end.

4- The most important factor is the Fees. The listing fees, transaction processing fees, payment processing fees, advertising fees etc. These can add up if you start selling more products on your etsy store.

Importance Of Having Your Own Online Storefront Site:

1-      You will have your own independent online store.

2-      You can customize your store as per your choice.

3-      You can sell as much as products you want without having to worry about the fees.

4-      Less competition, more growth opportunities.

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4 Best Etsy Alternatives To Create Your Online Store:

1- SHOPIFY ( )

Quite an advanced online store builder than all the aforesaid. Alongwith attractive templates it comes with more advanced tools that can help you grow your business. These advanced tools can be added through its app store.

You can automate your sales and marketing and other business functions with the help of these advanced tools. Shopify is the best option for those who already have established business and for those who want to build advanced and complex store.

Here you need to export the etsy products in a CSV file then import it into shopify.

2- WIX ( )

It doesn’t require you to have coding knowledge. Being one of the best drag and drop website builder today, wix gives you freedom of customization i-e it allows you to create your customized looking website without the need of hiring any website designer.

The app available therein will help you integrate your etsy store into your website. Now with this, the addition or removal of products from your etsy store will get automatically visible on your website.


Yet another website builder which is doing remarkably well in the website building market today. Not only it provides a good storefront for you but along with it, you get total control over your product variants, manage your stock, list product variants and what not.

Also importing your etsy products into squarespace website is an easy process.

4- WEEBLY ( )

Weebly is One of the most user friendly website builder with an easy to use interface. Multiple products with variations in color, sizes and other things can be inserted on weebly. It has simple and secure payment processors like Paypal,, Stripe. Their drag and drop builder helps in creating a very functional online store.

The above listed were some of the best Etsy alternatives available.

To conclude, there is nothing wrong in selling through etsy but in  order to have more control over the things be it design, layout, customization or others to grow your brand, having your own online store indeed makes a big difference.

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