Mobile Apps for Girls: That Help Manage their Daily Task with Ease and Fun.

With the mobile apps in trend everything has become so easy & just a tap away be it searching locations, sending across things, sharing pictures, paying bills, taking fitness tips, cooking tips, Online shopping, latest fashion & many many more. 

These apps have lowered down so much burden with regards to daily activities especially if talking about girls.

So here are Top 10 apps every girl should have in her phone.

Mobile apps that Girls Love

List of the Top 10 Best Apps for Girls

1. Snapchat

[ Snapchat on Google Playstore ] [ Download for iPhone ]

With over 100 million downloads already, this app is so much in craze amongst youth especially girls. 

The perfect app to send across your silly-faced pictures, random special moments to your friends. The USP of this app is that one can set the limit for the photo i-e upto what time you want the pic to appear & then it gets deleted automatically from the recipient's cellphone. 

This way it serves the safety purpose for the girls in terms on online presence. Letting them having fun in the moment they live.

One thing to be noted here is that  with the screenshot option in fashion, snapchatters can take the screenshot of your chat, save your messages and may make unnecessary use of it. So one needs to act brainful of what he/she snaps & think twice before taking. 
Snapchat is rated for 12+

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2. Stylish Girl

[ for Android Phones ] [ Download for iOS systems

Now this is a must have app for the girls. As we know every girl loves to dress up their best, 
Making mix & match combinations, styling their look to the perfection but many a times what happens is it gets difficult to pair things like for instance, what jewellery to flaunt with some traditional suit or if you have a ripped jeans then what top to wear with that so here's when this app stylish girl comes as your saviour.

It helps you upload pics of your wardrobe & helps you pair them with accessories, shoes, clothes etc from various online stores in order to find the perfect match to go along with your wardrobe.

It is the ultimate style planner which roams around your closet & provides you with the perfect match of clothes you would love to have to compliment the available one. 

You can share your outfits with your friends through mails, Facebook or Twitter & select your favorite style. 

Overall its a fun app with lots more to play around inside like latest fashion looks, celebrities fashion, news from fashion blogs & magazines etc.

This app is free & no personal information is collected while downloading. Over 500 thousand downloads already.

3. Hair Color Booth

Girls love to play with their hair. Don't they? 

Well, now here's the app which could enable them to see what hair color suits them before applying a particular color. 

This way girls can lower the risk which is involved while coloring the hair, whether it's going to look good or bad because hair color gone wrong can be the worst beauty blunder. But! With this app you can upload your picture & try on different hair colors to see what suits you best right from full hair coloring to highlights to streaks. 

You can be more confident now & stress-free as you would have seen  yourself in that look before undergoing the coloring procedure.

4. Period Tracker

[ Period Tracker for Android ] [ Period Tracker My Calendar ] [ Period Tracker Lite for iOS ]

The best app to avoid any embarrassing situation with regards to your menstrual cycle. 

Girls tend to forget their date & it's OK Its a human tendency to forget things. But like every problem has a solution similarly this app is a solution for girls as they can lower the probability of facing embarrassing accidents simply by downloading this app. 

Period tracker as the name itself indicates its purpose, this app logs your date. All you got to do is press a button when your cycle starts & your date gets logged. Now talking about how the app works,  the app calculates average length of your past 3 months cycle & forecasts the date for the next month. 

Girls should have this app in their phones to be more confident in them & avoid welcoming any awkward situations. The app is free of cost.

5. Shop Savvy

Most of the times what happen is you purchase certain shoes and next day you see your friend wearing the same and when ask for the price you notice that the shopkeeper actually charged you more & your friend got the pair from some other shop at just the half price. 

To avoid such exploitation you can download the app Shop Savvy which allows you to scan any barcode and then it instantly compares prices with stores in your area. All you have to do is enter the item you want then it compares prices of item online to that in stores, telling you the cheapest option and also the nearest store to you.

This helps you save your money which otherwise you would spend unnecessary & unknowingly, lowering the chances of you getting cheated by the shopkeepers.

6. OPI Nail Studio

Girls like to paint, paint their nails & what irritates the cosmetics store dealer is why girls try on nail paints before purchasing which often leads to argumentation between girls & the seller. 

To avoid such irritating moments girls can go for this interesting app OPI Nail studio which allows them to change the color of their skin & try on different nail colors & making up their mind about which one to go & shop for.

7. Evernote

[ Google Store ] [ Itunes Store ]

The app works as your digital assistant helping you track expenses (organize receipts/bills), plan travel (reservations) make connections by saving your biz cards to contacts etc. Girls have lot of things to take care managing personal & professional life simultaneously. 

This app shows its purpose here by all the aforesaid activities plus also helping in writing & discussing in terms of work chat, making to-do' list, keep office files organized pdf's, docs, photos etc. Helps in collaborating by sharing notebooks, files for team projects & preparing meeting agendas & many other things. 

The evernote app reduces the time as well as effort of managing daily small activities like mentioned above whichever could otherwise consume a lot of time. Already having100 million active users & counting.

8. My Fitness Pal

Fit body brings confidence not only in girls but boys too. But girls have tendency to put on faster so for them here's this app called MyFitness Pal and truly it serves to be girls BFF.

The app has nutrition information for over 1 million foods and restaurant items. Meant for the purpose of keeping a check on your eating patterns. The app is a success to the extent that people use it to lose weight, to eat healthier.

For example if you see you've had extra cheese burger, pizza or other junk varieties many a times in a week than you know its time to give up on junk food if you really want to stay fit. 

With the nutrition information provided through app you can decide on what to eating patterns to follow for the next week in order to be back into shape or reducing inches by managing your food habits & proper diet.

9. Dinner Spinner

Cooking emergencies often happen. Your friends are coming over a short notice or relatives/in-laws are coming & you want impress them but you have very little time with you. To help you in such situations dinner spinner app comes to your rescue.

It helps you find recipes based on the ingredients you already have with you at that time. Letting you save & share the same. 

Sometimes when you don't understand what best to cook from the available groceries you get stressed rather than getting excited about meeting your near dear ones on such days. To avoid this dinner spinner helps to a great extent. Many other features to play around.

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10. Mint- Money Manager App on iTunes

Financial Independence is imperative but it is a huge issue for women. Mint app is very much transparent with easy interface. It alerts you when bills are due, when fees are about to be charged, and when bank funds get low. It keeps a track record on the aforesaid. 

As girls tend to miss out on various things mentioned above, Mint app helps them to remain on time & be proactive when it comes to bills, payments, etc because with credit cards in fashion one can easily come under a huge debt as girls like to shop a lot and later they regret when debt burden gets over them.

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11. Instagram

[ Instagram for Android ] [ Instagram on App Store- iTunes ]

One of the most loved app amongst the youth is Instagram. It helps you share photos by giving them vintage effects of many types making the pictures look stunningly beautiful. It has got a lot of filters which makes the photo look amazing.

Its like creating your virtual album store. In just a fraction of seconds, you can share your photo via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr. One of the most happening apps of all times. Girls just can't stop loving it.