25 Weird Websites that you Should Check Out -Internet World Wide Webs

Here's a list of 25 Weird Websites which can either Make you Laugh or Piss you Off. Have a Look:

Weird Websites List

# 1. Zombo.com

The website has got motivational messages. One can checkout this website on daily basis before starting the work or whenever one feels under some kind of pressure to stay motivated.

# 2. TimeCube.com

The site is quite weird challenging math, English grammar, different religions, sanity, astrophysics etc. Requires a lot of energy.

# 3. The useless web.com

Every time you visit this website it shows "take me to useless website *PLEASE*".

On clicking 'please' it takes you to another random website. Sometimes funny ones too.

# 4. Somethingstore.com

Quite an interesting one. The process is extremely easy & entertaining, you pay $10 for a random, unseen product. You find out only when it arrives. This site lets you have the childhood fun just in case you miss it.

# 5. wwwwwwwww.Jodi.org

It sounds like somebody whispered something in your ear in some weird language.

# 6. YouFellAsleepWatchingaDVD.com

Anyone who has a tendency to fall asleep on couch while watching TV or something can relate to this website.

# 7. BrainWash.com

The website with live webcam shows people washing their clothes while sipping their coffee. Letting others experience things by watching others.

# 8. Patience-Is-A-Virtue.org

One of the most hilarious website I've ever come across. Just wait for the loading to complete. People with slow internet connection can relate to this & enjoy at the end.

# 9. FeedtheHead.net

As the URL says itself ' feed the head' so just do it. Go to the website and see how the URL is serving its purpose.

# 10. WWWDotCom.com

I found it quite funny. Sarcastically speaking,  the website provides you with the information you just can't afford to miss.

# 11. ThisMan.org

All you will find is 'watch your dreams' Weird website with nothing to add except for watching your dreams.

#12 TheNicestPlaceOnTheInter.net

After checking out this website, I am still trying to figure out what was so nice about this app. I find it silly.

#13. ILookLikeBarackObama.com

Any kind of resemblance shown here is extremely strange & mysterious. Hilarious you can say otherwise.

# 14. SciencevsMagic.net/Tes

Fun website showing the true meaning of science vs magic. Play around with the tessallation kit and see your eyes rolling.

# 15. Geotastic.org/Rude

Consists of a map depicting the names of Vaguely rude places. Just a timepass website for geography lovers.

# 16. Haneke.net

For those who love to stare at things for long, paying more than desired attention to things, focusing on details & have free time can go for this website.

# 17. Hosanna1.com

Content developers, web designers can get to learn from this website. They just can't miss out on this.

# 18. Clever bot

Clever bot chats with human by the method of artificial intelligence algorithm. You can go on chatting without getting bored.

# 19. Press the space bar

As the name indicates, here you play with the spacebar like how many times can you press the space bar in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds and more.
Make your record.

# 20. Pointer Pointer

For time pass fun you can say, the person on the system points the cursor to a certain point on system & the picture of the person pointing the pointer appears & so on.

# 21. Staggering beauty

An animated worm will appear on screen and you’ll be asked to “shake vigorously” which means to move your mouse around the screen. what next now? wondering? Well, you need to see it yourself & have fun.

# 22. r33b

A toad will try to hypnotize you. The site manages to gather traffic despite the fact that there's nothing in it.

# 23. Whichisworse.com

This includes an online game wherein you are asked to decide which situation is worse from amongst the given two.
Weird game! Isn't it?

# 24. Just Toilet Paper:

Hilarious this is. Selling funny bathroom tissues for various ocassions. Yes, that's what it does. Sounds extremely funny.

# 25. Flightradar24.com

For those who love planes here's the source. This website allows you to “spy” on every single plane flying at that very moment in any part of the world.

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