21 Youtube Tips to Improve your Views and Subscribers and increase Engagement 

Are you struggling to get the desired views and Subscribers for your YouTube channel?

Wondering how those competitors are getting tens of thousands to lakhs of  subscribers and views?

So, if you are aiming to step up on your youtube marketing plan and start getting more views you have reached the right place.

Explore in this article the best practices and ultimate tips to start getting more views on your youtube videos.

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Youtube Tips to Improve your Videos Views and Subscribers
Youtube Marketing Tips to Grow Audience for your Videos

Video marketing has become increasingly popular of late and has been effectively employed by the big companies for inbound marketing.

According to a study by comScore an average internet user watches every month on an average 32.2 videos. Be it a big business or small youtube offers a platform to fit in every companies budget.

Let's highlight these Youtube tips to improve your views and Subscribers on Youtube.

1. Post Videos Regularly

Consistency is the key. Keep posting regularly week after week. Don't go absconding or the subscribers and visitors will forget you. Even if you are uploading one video a week keep it on a specific day of the week and time of the day.

Here is an example of a YouTube channel by the name FitLifeTV. It comes up with planned weekly videos and for everyday depending on the type of fitness and nutrition tips it had named its programmes like on Monday the videos uploaded by the name of Mindset Mondays, on Saturdays videos uploaded are categorize under the name Saturday strategy. 

It has created a niche within its target market. Many would just like to watch Saturday strategy as it comes up with some unique health and nutrition tips every Saturday.

2. Share on Facebook

The more places you share your videos the better off you are with your video marketing. Then can we afford to miss out the social media giant?

Share videos on your Facebook as well as different relevant Facebook groups present a whole lot of opportunity to get you more viewers. Groups are such a niche on Facebook that you get a ready market for any segment that you wish to target on Facebook.

3. Let your Twitter followers know about your new Video

Twitter is not a great platform to view the videos however, considering its size and reach, it has proven to be a great source to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

With use of fee hashtags and building your twitter following you can unleash the great potential of this platform and give wings to your video marketing.

4. If you have a blog embed your videos there

If you are blogging and the YouTube channel pretty much relates to it why to not cross promote.

Embed your video in your blog and let the audience that you have nurtured for your blog also become valuable YouTube viewers and subscribers.

5. Instagram drives good traffic for infographics and videos

Instagram is all about appealing to the senses of vision. The more you find a picture of an infographic appealing the better engagement you get.

Videos are the younger sibling of images infographic which is taking longer strides and is expected to rule the visual market.

You can present a short 15-second long trailer of your video on Instagram as Instagram videos can noir be more than 15 second long.

6. Promote to email subscribers

If your email subscribers are not getting to hear from you often then you are losing money kept on the table. 

Email subscribers are the most valued data that should focus upon as they themselves have grown interest and took the pain of subscribing to your email list as they want to hear more from you.

These are those who are already interested in your channel and whatever you are offering. Start with promoting to them as they are like instant mix which is ready to cook and you get results immediately.

7. Use right keywords in Description

Using right keywords in the description is crucial for visitors to find you. Do a little research and put up keywords that best describes thou and at the same time are high search volume keywords.

8. Optimise your YouTube Channel

Optimise your YouTube channel. Plan playlist in an accessible fashion where the visitors do not get lost once he is visiting your channel and scrolling through your playlist.

Make a descriptive playlist for more instant information display.

Group the videos of the same category in the same playlist.

9. Optimise your YouTube Videos

Optimize your YouTube video by:

a. Write a proper title of the videos.
b. Add description keeping in mind the core keywords. 
c. Add tags to your videos.

10. Embed your videos on your Website

Embed the videos on your website so that you can cross promote YouTube channel on your website and let your website visitors know about the wonderful videos that you present on your channel every week.

11. Promote using Google+

Create your Google plus page and build your audience there. Make Google plus community page to reach out to target market.

With the use of right hashtags and engaging with others in your niche you can drive traffic on your YouTube channel.

12. Engage with fans

Engage with fans and subscribers like their videos and comment on them. Send them regular emails when you are not doing videos to keep them warm.

13. Reply to comments

Reply to comments regularly and be supportive and proactive with questions, queries and appreciations.

14. Show the real you

The fans are always keen to know the real person behind the videos or their channel. Come up with videos which bring you on the camera and give it a personal touch.

Subscribers are interested in your products but they gain more trust ice they start knowing you and understand your credibility.

15. Promote subscribe button everywhere

Wherever you are present embed your subscribe button, like on your blog, on your website and everywhere.

Share links for subscriptions on social media platforms as well.

16. Winning Intro works wonders

The intro video of your channel should be like a show stopper. Take time and effort and come up with a mind blowing intro video.

It will get you many subscribers without even watching other videos and create a great first impression ion the visitors.

17. Planned content and video script

Plan out your content and video script properly so that you always come up with the finished videos those are appreciated by the viewers.

18. Show what your audience love to see

Don't keep boasting about your brand and yourself. The audience don't like that and will flip you off. Show what your audience would be interested to see. Think from their perspective and then plan your script.

19. Leverage Trending Topics

Trending topics are great for video ideas. Leverage trending topics and use right hashtags and keyword rich description and get going with the trend.

20. Standout and be Unique

Don't copy others. Think and come up with one thing fresh and unique every week. If you are doing pretty much what everyone is doing out there you hold no chances to get any extra attention.

For extra attention put extra efforts to make something unique and different. 

21. Subscribe to other channels

Show some love to get love. So what else you love more than new subscribers, so do others who are putting all that hardworking to market their channel. Subscribe to their channels and hold chances of getting subscribed by them.