Facebook Content Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement over the Social Media Giant.

Last Updated- December 2016

We have discussed lead generation through Facebook and leads through Facebook ads in our previous posts. While it is easy to get started with Facebook ads and quickly start generating leads for your business, it is quite a costly affair.

With a platform like Facebook which has no competition and with the largest user base ever in the history of social media Facebook poses a great opportunity to content marketers.

Facebook Content Marketing Tips
Facebook Content Marketing Tips

To get the readers to like comment and share your content on Facebook, you need to stand out as being the largest has its drawbacks also. All your competitors are pitching in everywhere on Facebook to fin their way to the prospects.

In this article, we will explore Facebook content marketing tips so that you can increase engagement and generate leads in a cost effective manner without Facebook advertisements.

1. Identifying The Target Market

It is very important to identify your target market and reach out with your content to them. Facebook understands the value of targeting and has got the best ads targeting features among any other social media platform.

Similarly, you need to find out the right audience for you according to geographical location, age group, gender, interests, etc. This will help you streamline your Facebook content marketing plan and prevent you going haywire.

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2. Planning Content According to The Target Market.

Plan your content on the basis of your understanding of your target market. It should be able to get you some genuine likes, comments and shares on the basis of what you have posted. 

The post should not be a call to entice them for some monetary benefits or gifts etc.

If a content is able to strike interest in the audience solely on the basis of what you have written then only it is a successful post in terms of content marketing goals.

It does not mean that contests, giveaways and  are bad, rather they are amazing strategies, but here we are solely talking about driving engagement through the content.

Understanding the idea of content marketing on Facebook is like connecting to a community of like-minded people where you talk about their interests and something that they can relate to.

A good Facebook post should address to one or more of the following points

1. Trigger an emotion like happiness, fear, concern, affection, etc.

People will pay attention if a post is able to trigger their emotion like if they are happy to see a nice image of their favorite pet, food, etc or a motivational quote or story that made them happy or something that cracked them up in their monotony.

You need to find out the emotional trigger of your target audience and a majority of them will have the similar reaction to a post targeted to trigger their emotion if you can really come up with it.

2. Remind of an event and incident in their lives.

Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, wedding, school days, college days, etc are dear to everyone and all of us have some or the other memory related to these events.

We all cherish and love those moments and keep them preserved in our memories and nothing makes us more elated than going back to them and rekindling them in our imaginations.

The post can be directed to take them back to any such memory which will increase the impact of the post.

3. Something that relates to their personality.

On the basis of your understanding about the target market you need to design your content which can relate to their personalities and thus they feel instant connect when they view them.

4. Something that is their interest or hobby.

Something that forms the part of interest or hobby of your target market when posted will not go missed and unnoticed.

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5. Current happenings and news update according to their taste.

There is a lot of news and information all around, but you need to post only what your target audience would be most interested in.

Types of Facebook Post:

a. Text Only

b. Single Picture

c. Picture with Text

d. Photo Album

e. Pictures (Photo Album) with Text  [ Best Photo Sharing Sites ]

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3. Increasing Post Reach

Other than paid ads to boost a post there are many other ways to increase post reach organically.

a. Post regularly

Post at least once a day so that yo have something that your audience can look for everyday and keep visiting your page.

b. Post at right Times

There is no use posting when your target audience is sleeping or busy at work. Find out the right times when the engagement is most at your page and it will tell you about the right time for posting.

c. Schedule Posts

Schedule your posts so that you don't miss out on regularity in your post and also don't miss out posting at the right time.

d. Pin Posts

Facebook has an option of pinning the post to the top of your page timeline. You can use it for the most important post of your which gets you best engagement and results.

e. Highlight Posts

You can also highlight few important posts on your page. The highlighted posts appear bigger than rest of the post and gains more visibility.

4. Measuring Performance

Facebook Page insight is a smart analytic tool that helps you analyse your page performance and post-performance.

It gives an insight about organic and inorganic engagement, post reach, likes and comments etc. It also helps you identify which day of the week are most fruitful for you.