Best Photo Sharing Sites: An Ultimate List of Sites for Photographers and Image Lovers.

List of Photo Sharing Social Media Sites for Photographers and Online Marketing.


Susan Sontag wrote in 1977, " While real people are out there killing themselves or other real people, the photographer stays behind his camera, creating a tiny element of another world; the image world that will outlast us all."

Picture have more power and potential to express more in a manner that it doesn't require much time for the human brain to process the information conveyed through a picture as compared to a text material or a video or any other medium. 

The attention span is also higher in the case of pictures. While an individual can keep slowly scrolling through a gallery of pictures and identify and understand them all, it can't be done same way and in the same duration when it comes to textual information or information conveyed through other mediums like a video.

33 best Websites to Share Photos and Images Online

List of Photo or Image Sharing Social Media Websites 

Picture have more power and potential to express. It can't be done the same way when it comes to textual information. An Ultimate list of 33 Photo Sharing Sites and Top 10 Reviewed in this article.

1. Instagram

With 100 M monthly active users, Instagram is the most popular photo sharing websites. Owned by the social media giant Facebook Instagram is available as a mobile application on iOS, android and windows phones. 

It is quite popular for sharing short 15-second duration videos.It's like a social networking site where you can have followers and you can follow other people based on your interests. From people sharing pictures of nature, travel, wildlife, pets, food,etc., to brands promoting their clothing, bags, apparel, jewelry, footwears etc. 

There is so much to explore on the Instagram world.

2. Pinterest

You can pin anything you wish your friends to see on your dashboard. It has given a whole lot of people to explore the world under different categories like Home Decor, fashion, Food, DIY, history, design, hair and beauty, art, cars and motorcycles, celebrities, gifts, gardening, film, music and books, quotes, photography, sports tattoos, health and fitness, wedding, etc. 

It has over 37 different categories for you to explore and pin your interests. 

3. Imgur

An online image sharing and hosting community Imgur has over 89 Million active monthly users. Imgur is comment based social networking community. It allows its users to post pictures to their gallery and other users can vote and comment on the posted pictures. 

4. Flickr

With about 80 Million monthly users Flickr is a popular photo-sharing site. Owned by Yahoo, it is also one of the most renowned. In may 2013 it also announced 1 TB free storage space to all its users. Other features include geo-tagging and RSS subscriptions. 

5. Photobucket

Photobucket had been one of the giants of photo sharing arena in past times. Now though it is on back steps as compared to other player but still it has not lost much popularity. It still attracts 60 Million active monthly users who keep the site alive and continue making it one of the best photo sharing sites in spite of other players popped up.

6. Deviantart

Devianart is an image hosting and sharing site which allows art specific images posting and sharing specifically. Inspite of it targeting a nice category it is still on the most popular list and attracts 45 Million active monthly users. 

7. Shutterfly

With about 20 Million active monthly users, Shutterfly is the next most popular photo sharing websites. It allows free unlimited storage for its users.

As reported in 2013 about 80% users are women. It allows users to create personalised photo gifts with texts and images combination.

8 Tinypic

Tinypicowned by Photobucket offers unlimited storage but the image size limit is upto 1600 Pixels. It not only allows users to share images but videos and they can also share other links which interest them. 

For videos also it does not allow posting videos longer than 15 minutes or larger than 500 MB.

9. SmugMug

Searching pictures on SmugMug does not require subscription however you need to subscribe to start sharing on SmugMug. It provides unlimited storage and has moe than 5 Million active monthly users.

The users can upload both HD pictures and videos. It has four different accounts types starting with the basic plan of 3.35 USD per month. 

SmugMug has created an exclusive service for professional photographers where they can watermark their picture before uploading and  set price for their picture which they intend to sell through SmugMug platform.

10. Snapfish

Owned by the giant Hewlett-Packard Snapfish attracts 3.5 active monthly users to its website. It allows free photo upload and sharing. 

However, earlier if you wish to download pictures from the site it worked on pay per download mechanism but after 2012 now it does not charge anything to download. 

You can share your Snapfish media to other social sites like Facebook Twitter, Myspace etc.

Other Popular photo sharing Sites:

# 11. Pixabay

# 12. Vhoto

# 13. yfrog

# 14. Picasa

# 15. Photoshop

# 16. Twitpic

# 17. WeheartIt

# 18 Imageshak

# 19 ImageVenue

# 20 ImageBam

# 21 Skydrive

# 22 Webshots

# 23 Zoomer 

# 24. 500PX

# 25. Bayimg

# 26. Dayviews

# 27. Fotki

# 28. GifBoom

# 29. Ipernity

# 30. jAlbum

# 31. Lafango

# 32. Panoramio

# 33. Fanfare

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