Some Common Sales and Marketing Challenges that B2B Marketers Encounter.

Internet has highly influenced the way sales and marketing was driven before the advent of web.

Many small and big b2b marketers are still not clear about their plans and methodologies as to how to spike their sales. 

In this article, we will unveil the challenges that b2b marketers are dealing with and with an identification of the problem will come up with relevant solutions also in the subsequent posts.

Sales and Marketing Challenges in Promoting a Business

Sales and Marketing Challenges Faced  while Promoting and Marketing a Business

1. Wrong Marketing Strategy or no Strategy

Many organisations have no clear vision or strategy for their different marketing channels.

In the era of media, PR and social media dominance the marketing goals and strategies should be well researched , lined up and implemented according and the resources should be held accountable for the performance across different marketing channels.

The companies still rely on hit and trial methods as they are not well aware of what and how to proceed with their B2B marketing plan as they are used to of traditional marketing since their inception.

More efforts should be put on research and proper planning before giving a headstart to any project and instead of investing time in experimenting with different methods some time shall be invested initially in the market research and learning the methodologies.

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2. Time and Distance

In the digital era some companies still rely on age old techniques and traditional methods to reach out to the customers.

They fail to keep themselves technically updated and hence loose the customers who are reaching faster to them and delivering or servicing them at a faster pace with less hassle.

3. Online Presence

With the advent of internet and ever increasing user base more and more sales are effectively happening without any human contact. This fact should be enough to awaken the B2B companies which still rely on cold calls and other traditional methods and consequently loosing the grip in the market.

4. Sales Optimised Social Media, Website and Emailers

If the social media, website and emails etc are not optimized for sales and not able to trap leads it is an effort and money going waste.

Most of the marketers keep shooting endless emails without actually realizing that they can get them more leads and sales if them optimized it with some calls to action.

5. Content Marketing Going Wrong

If the content is not regular or not able to engage the customers it is going vain. The content shall be engaging so as to attract and jeep the prospects interested.

Content marketing is ruling the market and companies are investing heavily and getting great results from their content marketing alone. The message should be clear, interesting and reach the right audience shall be the three keys to the content marketing goals.

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6. Data Acquisition and Management

In the times when big data is driving the market and the companies are investing and getting benefited out of it many organisations don't even have a proper method of data acquisition and management of whatever data they already have.

The have no idea how to utilize the data to its maximum due to the technology challenges. Right resources who have experience in data acquisition and management shall be brought on board to manage the data which is like the gold mine for the organisations nowadays.

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7. Tracking leads

Leads are not been able to qualify and prospects are lost in the way due to the wrong coordination between the sales and marketing teams. 

There is no proper tracking system which can measure the leads loss and immature leads not been able to qualify due to delay or miscommunication between the sales and marketing teams.

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8. Measuring ROI

With companies spending on marketing and in effort to get more sales only less than half of them have a proper record and able to track the returns on their investments.

In such a scenario they lose the track and don't understand how to plan further and they are not aware where to invest how much in lack if a proper performance measure of the previous campaigns.

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