10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for more Engagement in 2017.

Are you producing a good lot of content but not getting the required results from your content marketing goals?

Chances are that your content is not able to engage the readers as before. Are you able to think from the reader's perspective and produce quality engaging content that can resonate to them.

10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Better Engagement and Optimization
Content Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement and Optimization

Producing content that engages is what every content marketer wishes, but it is not that easy to keep producing quality content which engages.

Not necessarily there is a flaw in your writing but your understanding of the readers may be required to be updated. The world is changing fast, so is the interests and behaviours of the people are changing simultaneously.

So, we need to keep ourselves with the pacing world and dynamic marketing and consumer ecosystem to meet our goals and be successful.

1. Create More Visual Content

There is a lot of information all around, a lot to read everywhere. We are drowning in the sea of information. Sometimes it becomes difficult for people to pick and chose what they really want to read and what to skip.

It is required that we shift our content strategy to deliver more visual content. Something that can instantly catch an eye and appeals to the mind. Something that a reader doesn't scroll down without reading. 

To make your content more appealing to increase readership you need to value the reader's time and make the information more presentable instead and more precise.

2. Social Media Focused Content

Focus on social media content to increase engagement as everyone is there. Plan out the content strategy keeping in mind Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Depending on your niche choose the right social media platforms for you.

3. Create and Curate

Strike the right balance of creating and curating content. If you master the art of curating you save upon some time on creating. It gives more variety to your content. To have an edge in your category and to come up with best topics with the best information you need to rely upon what others have worked real hard for.

4. Right Keywords

Get through the right keywords is like finding your pearl in the sea. You need to analyse and embed right kind of keywords to increase engagement by being visible to the readers.

5. Data Analysis

Analysing the performance on different social media platforms tells a lot about what readers are looking for. Don't miss upon this important measure to study the pattern on different platforms and create content according to it.

6. Feedback and Surveys

Gather feedbacks and carry on surveys and polls for various things that can help you get to know your audience more. It will help you to create content which would engage them more.

7. Mobile Optimised

The majority of the consumers are smart phone users. If you are serious about increasing engagement for your content you need to optimise it according to mobile users.

8. Region Specific

Keeping in view the different regions and time zones plan your content to their taste. Audience from one region might like something which the other dies not like much.

You need to do a lot of brainstorming and analysis to understand your audience closely across all the regions that you are targeting.

9. User Experience

Proper navigation and look and over all look and feel of the website contributes to the user experience. The better is the user experience the better would be the engagement. Ensure a neat and tidy layout with a simple navigation.

Links should be in place and functional. Small little things that a user might like or dislike about visiting and engaging on your site will be highly impacted by the experience that he gets while using your site and thus impacting the engagement.  

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10. Time and Relevancy

What content is relevant for what time of the day or day of the week should be planned in advance. Schedule your post for the best times and keep analysing when your users are more active and willing to spare time for you. That is the right time for you as well to show activity and connect aptly.

It is also very important to create content according to the latest trends and topics. Anything that is outdated will send your efforts down the drain for being late.