Best Video Sharing Platforms: A complete List of Video sharing Websites with Top 8 Reviewed.

We have tried to cover top 8 video sharing website and also at the end of article provided a list of 20 more websites for sharing your videos.

You can easily share, watch, submit, upload and download videos from these sites. Promote your videos and let the world see it.

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The Most Popular Video Search Engine Sites on the Internet

List of the Top Most Video Sharing and Video Search Engines:

# 1. Youtube

Launch Year: 2005
Total Users: 1 Billion
Unique Monthly Visitors: 1,000,000,000

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Youtube has the highest traffic and the best video sharing platforms across the globe. The number of views that Youtube videos get is maximum than any of the video sharing websites.

It has made video sharing easy with innovative features in its platform. It has given a space, a platform for video enthusiasts to share their own videos and connect to the world. It has made Youtubers and stars just by getting people know about their videos and skills.

Visit You Tube

# 2. Dailymotion


Unique Monthly visitors: 100,000,000

French Video sharing Website Dailymotion is the second best for watching and sharing videos online. Daily motion offers wide range of categories, channels and user groups. You can choose from light hearted funny videos to serious political debates etc.

Dailymotion has a video length limit of 2 GB and 60 minutes. Though the number of views as compared to Youtube are less but its indeed a good alternative to youtube.

Visit Daily Motion

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# 3. Vimeo


Launch Year: 2004

Registered Vimeo Members: 35 Million

Monthly visitors 130,000,000

Vimeo Videos are more professional looking and have a niche traffic when compared to Youtube.

Though it has a free account also but professionals choose to opt for its paid account with many enhanced features and options. The starting price of paid account is USD 59.95/ year.

Visit Vimeo

# 4. Vine

Launch Year: 2012
Monthly Active Users: 45,000,000

Vine is for sharing quick 6 second long looping video clips. It is like twitter of social media with time limit. No wonder Twitter acquired it in 2012. Vine also launched vine kids, specifically for kids segment.

Vine app enables users to record clips through vine app camera.

A BBC review described the collection of Vine videos to be " mesmerizing, like watching a bewildering carousel of six-second slices of ordinary life.

Visit Vine

# 5. Instagram


Launch Year: 2010

Unique Monthly Visitors: 400 Million Monthly Active Users

Instagram became the most popular photo sharing application but now it is becoming one of the amazing video sharing platforms as well. You can record video directly from Instagram's application or upload a video from your phone's gallery.

You can add caption, filters and description and upload, it is as simple as this. If you wish to add your location Instagram has a feature for adding location also. There is a limit on length of video which can be 3 to 15 second long only.

Most of the makeup artists are promoting their tutorials on Instagram like a haven.

Visit Instagram

# 5. Veoh

Launch Year: 2005

Veoh is an internet TV company based in San Diego, Califonia. Other than the content by the users it has a large depository of content uploaded by many big companies like MTV Viacom Network, BBC, ESPN, Fearnet, BillBoard, USweekly, Ford models and many more.

It has both, live video streaming options like you tube as well as TV programmers and broader selection of Television Network Content.

Visit Veoh

# 6. Twitch

Launch Year: 2011
Unique Monthly Visitors: 50,000,000

Twitch is a gaming video sharing website. It caters to a niche and doesn't have any immediate competitors. Although the broadcasting system is little bit complicated but worth the effort. 

You can also joining various gaming communities on Twitch. Twitch also facilitates the gamers to connect to each other through chat options. Other features include archiving the games, upload and broadcast etc.

Visit Twitch

# 7. LiveLeak

Launch Year: 2006
Total Subscribers: 45,000,000

Live leak is a U.K based video sharing website attacting a lot of traffic. It is more of a live event covering website as the name also suggest. It aims to telecast live events, like reality footage, politics, war and other reality events. 

Liveleak gaained popularity in 2007 by its unauthorised filming and leaking of Saddam Hussein's Execution. Since then it has attracted many controversies admist of its non biased approach to video upload of all happening around the world.

Live Leak

# 8. Metacafe

Launch Year: 2003
Unique Monthly Visitors: 13,000,000

Metacafe Specializes in categories of entertainment, music, games, sports, music and Tv. It has short videos and works closely with brands and advertising companies for promotions and advertisements.

Content publishers include biggies in the field of major movie studios, broadcasts Tv and cable networks, Video games publishers, Music labels and sports leagues.

Visit here for Videos at Meta Cafe

An exhaustive list of 20 more Websites to Share Videos:

# 1. Facebook

# 2. Vube

# 3. Break

# 4. Yahoo Screen

# 5. Ustream

# 6. Tinypic

# 7. Vidipedia

# 8. Photobucket

# 9. Flickr

# 10. Tumblr

# 11. GrindTV

# 12. Myspace

# 13. StupidVideos

# 14. Googleplus

# 15. Buzznet

# 16. Crackle

# 17. 4Shared

# 18. Vivo

# 19. Vidmax

# 20.
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