Work from Home Content Writing Jobs for Medical Writers. 8 Nice Websites to find Part Time Openings for Freelance Writers.

Freelance Medical Writing Jobs. Get Paid to Write Medical Articles.

Good websites for writers where they could find part time home based article writing job opportunities in medical writing field. There are good part time work from home opportunities online for health or medical writers.

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After getting feedback from this post about websites for content writers, we planned to publish a post dedicated to online medical writing jobs.  

Websites for Medical Writing Jobs- 8 Places for Medical Writers to get paid online

Medical writers could search for the following types of job assignments:-

  • Article writing assignments.
  • Blog writing assignments.
  • Gig based content writing micro jobs
  • Content development work
  • Content editing and proofreading projects.
  • Technical medical writing.
  • Assay writing work.
  • Article rewriting. Web SEO Writing work

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An important thing to note about medical writing jobs is that they are well paying and rightly so. They are also highly in demand, judging from the fact that health and fitness facets are the order of the day. Consequently, medical practitioners should consider themselves lucky especially if they have a passion for freelancing. 

So many medical content writing employers are looking for serious employees for serious jobs on these content writing websites.

8 websites for writers where they could find part time home based article writing opportunities in medical writing field: 

8 Best Websites for Medical Writers

#1. ( Previously as Odesk)

( Medical Writing Jobs at Upwork ) has become an easy income-earning opportunity for all freelancers who are interested in offering articles on various topics. 

Upwork-Best Online Place to get Freelance Medical Writing Jobs Online 500x250.jpg
Upwork- A Great Platform to get Freelance Medical Writing Jobs

There are various categories of jobs, but professional and technical jobs have an upper hand on the platform. For instance, medical article writers can access thousands of medical content writing jobs on odesk which are posted every other minute. 

These jobs can be categorized according to location, salary or time frame. The jobs can be full time or part-time. 

Writers are required to register with Upwork and submit identification documents for verification. 

Once the registration process is completed successfully, writing can begin, and one is in control of the amount of money they make online.

Employers normally interact with the writers they hire to ensure that everything flows smoothly. Actually, if you are a medical professional and you love freelancing, make some extra money on this site. 

It will be easy as long as you are can provide factual information on your area of specialization.

The Upwork platform ( Previously, The Elance-odesk platform) provides even more options for writers, making it easy for those looking for work to find it and make money. The statistics talk for themselves: $ 940 million worth of work done annually is not a mean achievement.

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( Search Medical Writer Jobs on Indeed )

Freelance Medical Writing Jobs on indeed_dot_com_500x250
Find Freelance Medical Writing Jobs on the World Popular site- is a great online working platform for medical writers. There are several jobs for writers on this site, especially medical writers. You only need to register on this site and upload your resume so that recruiters can find you.

You can also add your email address so that you can get medical writing job alerts on this site to ensure that you do not miss any job. This site has a great search bar that makes job search on this site a sweet piece of cake.

You can look for jobs depending on the salary, the title, the company , and choose the one that you are most suited to do. Jobs can be searched as per the part time or full time basis.

Online Jobs for Freelance Healthcare Writers



Until its acquisition by recently, was, and still is, a leading directory of professional service providers. acquired but the same services are still offered, and the members of automatically become members of 

On this site, you only need to register for an account and specify your skills. Since everyone knows as a leading directory for professional service providers, medical content employers will come looking for you. These employers specify what they are looking for, and provides a database of freelancers that match the employer’s criteria.

The employer can then hire the most suitable employer. Other formalities of the job can be agreed upon by the employer and the freelancer.

Update-  Skillpages is acquired by and they will resume the old site soon.

#4. Craigslist 


Craigslist is one of the world renowned Classifieds sites. The number of work from home opportunities for medical writers on is overwhelming. There are various versions of this website in various countries to ensure that everyone is covered. 

This site is also available in various languages to ensure that people from all corners of the world can enjoy working from home on this site. Opening an account with craigslist involves only submitting your email address and confirming it through a link that is send to the email. 

You will need the account in order to check for job posts frequently and apply for the ones you like. If you are working on a certain job, it will appear on the drafts tab on your account before you submit it. 

Billing information is also posted on your account. In short, opening an account with craigslist opens the doors to online medical writing job opportunities that can allow you to make a lot of money from your home simply by providing medical content to your employers.

You can search writing jobs based on locations. For example, visit here to find online writing jobs for New York city  You can further narrow down your search by applying 'part time' filter/option. 

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#5. Freelancer

( )

freelancer-com-best place to get paid writing medical content-500x250
Freelancer-com- Best Freelance Site to Get Paid Writing Medical Content

If you are a medical writer, you can earn money from home by bidding on medical writing projects on 

On this site a large network of people is looking for medical writers and you only need to sign in and start working immediately. The registration process is easy and free

You only provide your basic information like email address and user name, specify that you are registering for a working account then select your skills so that you can see a list of the available medical writing jobs. 

You then verify your payment system if you would like to use the paid platform (Plus Membership) that has more features. Plus membership is renewable at the end of every year for $9.95 USD depending on the day that you subscribed. 

You can also downgrade your membership at any time without any costs. Once your account is set up, you can start bidding for projects. Payment for the projects can either be fixed or on hourly basis.

#6. SimplyHired (Writing Jobs Search Engine)

( )

SimplyHired has a large network of hiring companies and that is why it has a large number of medical content writing jobs especially those that relate to the medical field. Its blog is important for writers to get important information and insights on how to bid and get hired to do certain projects. 

Medical content writing jobs are grouped according to the town, zip code of state concerned.Jobs are also classified according to the time they were posted, to ensure that writers get to see the latest jobs that match their skills. 

You can make money online on this site by bidding on projects and working on them. Statistically, the average salary for freelance medical writer jobs is $55,000. This salary depends on the company, the job type, duration and the skills required. 

Medical writers can use this information to make important project bidding decisions.

#7 Wordplay content

( )

Your search for medical content writing jobs may end here. If you are a retired doctor or a medical profession and you a passion for writing, then you can kill two birds with one stone on this site. 

You just need to register on the site using your email. During the registration process, you will be required to upload your profile on LinkedIn or hospital website (if you are currently working), your resume and a cover email.

Some of the most common topics on which writers can write include General and Specialized Surgeries, Common and Rare Infections and Health Conditions Health and Lifestyle Contemporary Developments in the Medical Field. 

There is a wide variety of options for both writers and recruiters, making the work environment conducive for successful freelance writing.

#8 American Association for the Advancement of Science 

( )

American Association for the Advancement of Science This is a professional body that brings together freelancers who want to make money online through writing medical content and employers who are looking for medical content writers. 

The topics here are quite varied, including Cardiovascular, Clinical Medicine, Clinical Research, Drug Development, Drug Discovery, Healthcare, Medicine, Pathology and Psychiatry/ Psychology, to name but a few. 

Medical content writers looking for online jobs can get them easily on this site. They only need to create an account and start applying for jobs. One can upload a resume or a cover letter in relation to a specific job. 

You can also get the jobs on this site via email to ensure that no opportunity goes unnoticed.

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