How to Hire Writers Who Write for Your Blog? 10 Tips that Really Work!

Small Guide on Hiring Content Writers- Find Resources & Tips to Hire the Most Eligible Bloggers & Writers for your Content Marketing or Professional Blog writing Plans.

Hiring Blog Writers Made Easy! Just follow these 10 workable sureshot tips and act accordingly to get the suitable talent to Write for your blog!

Do you find it hard to create good number of posts on your blog by yourself? Do you find it difficult to meet the expectations of your blog readers that expect more articles from your blog? 

Does your blog have a large audience base?

Are you a professionally managed business or firm involved in online content marketing? Do you need help of professional writers too often?

If your answer is 'yes' to any of the above questions, then, i think, you should seriously pay attention to this article and act accordingly to fulfill your content production needs and requirements.

Hiring Writers Made Easy with these 10 Tips for Finding writers bloggers to writer for your blog

Get all the useful Tips on a single place for hiring writers for your own blog. Read this post if you need quality content writers for having blog posts written regularly for your blog or content marketing publications. 

10 Tips to search Blog Writers to Write for your Blog

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Tips to find good content writers

Learn about How to Hire article Writers or Bloggers Who can Write expertly for Your Blog or website. Find out the best Freelance Websites or blogs where you can get such freelance writers, freelancers, or professional bloggers for your Content Writing needs.

1. Make use of the various job boards

Job searching and recruitment has been simplified by the availability of many job boards that offer specialized services. Popular job boards like, and craigslist are great portals to get content writers. 

You can post your content creation jobs on most of these sites for free or at a fee if you are on the premium membership plan, which has more features. 

Take this list of classifieds websites to post free jobs online for your content writing needs.

You can then promote these ads through various ways or place them in various job boards to enhance reachability and to ensure that the best content writers will see them. Receive and manage your applications, shortlist the candidates and choose the best ones for you.

10 Best Websites to Hire content writers
Gig Based Micro job sites

2. Use your website/ blog itself

You can also get writers from your site or blog itself. In this case, you just add awrite for us” page on your site or blog. This will allow all the visitors of the site or the blog to contact you in case they are interested in creating content for you. You can let them provide their names and email addresses so that you can contact them if you are interested. 

It is important to let them know whether they will provide the content for free or you will pay for it. Hiring writers through this method can lead to hiring of very poor quality writers, and therefore it is important to ensure that you adhere to stringent hiring policies that will ensure that you hire high quality writers.

You can also follow the best commenters of your blog. People who leave the most insightful and thoughtful comments on your blog are most likely to be professional writers and speakers who can offer great content.

And, oh yes, i forgot to ask you one thing- "have you written a separate page where writers may apply directly to the content writing openings? "  

3. Contact the people on your mailing list

The people on your mailing list could also be great writers. You can sent emails to them explaining your need for writers and allow them to send their applications if they are interested. 

You can then shortlist your favorite applicants and interview them accordingly. Do your final selection by choosing the best writers for the topic of your blog.

Free Content Writing Courses for Writers

4. Contact content creation agencies

There are several content creation agencies that are available to all those who are looking for content creation services. You guessed right- their charges are a bit higher than you expect, and rightly so because of the professionalism of their services. 

They also provide fresh and timely content since they have a large network of experienced content writers.

Hire medical writers from these sites

5. Participate actively in blogging forums

Blogging forums are other places where you can get great content writers. These forums allow bloggers to come together and share information on various topics. You can post questions on various issues affecting bloggers and get answers from other bloggers who have succeeded in solving the problem in question. 

In our case, you can run posts relating to various tips of hiring writers for your blog. You will get resourceful information from other bloggers who have succeeded in doing so. You can also get writers for your content directly from these forums. 

Find here a list of top 100 Internet Forums where you could search suitable blog writers for your content needs.

6. Look for the writers of other blogs

You can look for other blogs that offer similar content to your blog. You just need to type the name or niche of your site and search online for the blogs that are related to it. 

You can also look for bloggers, authors and speakers of related topics. It is worth noting that the blogs, bloggers, authors and speakers appearing on the first page of the search engine results pages are not necessarily the best. 

They are just search engine optimized for the keyword. You need to perform in-depth search for the best results.

Hot tip:

For an ex, Various types of writers write blogs on paid to write content writing websites and you can contact them from there. Look for the blog posts related to your niche and then approach the writers who write articles on such kind of subjects. 

Search writers on blogs that accept guest blogging- 

If you are ready to accept guest blogging on your blog, then you should also involve guest bloggers for writing content for you blog. Find here a list of more than 200 good blogs that accept guest blogging

Search writers on such kind of websites for writers   

7. Learn from your competitors

You will always have something to learn from your competitors unless you are involved in unhealthy competition. Learn the content recruitment tactics of your competitors where possible. 

Get to know where they get their writers from and offer these writers the opportunity to write for you. It is actually acceptable to steal’ these writers from your competitors. 

This is common practice in the blog writing industry.

8. Social networks

How to hire writers from Social media sites-800x400
Tips for hiring Writers from Social media sites

Social networks are also great sources of content writers. Twitter is specifically an important source of content creators because most of the people who tweet frequently or who have a large number of followers are influential writers and speakers. 

LinkedIn is a great platform for every kind of professional people, including writers, and bloggers. You can connect with other writers and initiate a conversation regarding the hiring. 

LinkedIn Groups are also great hub places for skilled people and you can post your requirements to the community job boards.


You can also look for blogs, bloggers, speakers and writers who are on twitter and connect to them. If you have placed ads on other sources of content writers, you can also promote these ads on social networking sites like Google+, Facebook and Instagram, to name but a few. 

Find here a list of 25 best Groups on Facebook for blogging related niches and post your content writers hiring needs there. 

9. Hire freelancers from freelancing sites

Ghostwriters, bloggers and freelancers are all different classes of writers. Professional bloggers understand blogging in black and white because that is their area of specialization. Whenever they are blogging, they realize that they are creating blog content, not just any other type of content. 

Freelancers can write any form of articles, and you can either hire them as ghostwriters or give them credit for their content, so that they will be responsible for what they write. You get freelancers from various sites such as Odesk, Elance, and, to name but a few. 

Create a good working relationship with freelancers who provide unique and high quality content as per your demands. You can pay for the articles but you put your name on it. Freelancing sites provide the cheapest writers.

15 Best of Freelancing Websites to Hire Freelancers 

10. Approach niche experts directly

Currently, blog writing has taken a different dimension from what we are used to. The number of professional blogs that target specific niches is on the rise. For instance, there are beauty and lifestyle blogs, medical blogs, financial blogs and online business blogs. 

If you are looking for writers for your medical blog, there is no better way to get writers for your blog than looking for medical professionals wherever they are and sign an agreement with them. It could be expensive but it pays in the end. 

Remember, traffic is the most important thing for a blog, and it only comes from high quality and professional content.

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