10 Best Websites to Learn Content Writing. Free Online Courses for Writers

10 Best websites to choose from for your Quest for learning content writing and getting enrolled in an online course for writers : Make your Career as an Online Writer! 

Learn Content Writing Online Free the sites that offer Best Courses for Writers.

Introduction: "content writing online courses" and their roles in learning and improving writing skills.

Content is king, or so they say. Content writing has thus become an integral part of marketing campaigns for most businesses today, and this explains the exponential growth in the demand for content writing online courses.

Online content writers now appreciate the importance of these courses in honing their writing skills. Here, we look at the best websites free for content writing courses.

The websites mentioned below may play a great role in shaping your writing skills if you learn dedicatedly there as they are the online leaders in providing professional content writing courses and online classes . They provide useful material to their writers, such as Free ebooks, videos, tutorials, online classes, lectures, webinars, etc. 

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Learning Content Writing Online - 10 Best Websites that offer Great courses for Writers

10 Best websites for those who want to learn content writing Free (almost)

Few of the websites mentioned charge a fee or offer a course on free trial basis.

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1. Content Writing Training

Search free content wriitng course Online at contentwritingtraining-600x400
Search free content writing course Online at contentwritingtraining.com

This is the site for you to improve your web content writing, technical writing, travel writing, article writing, web copy writing and copy editing skills. 

You are equipped with the skills and techniques to write faster and better. The Professional Certification in Content Writing (PCCW) course is particularly important in molding writers into professional content providers. 

The free e-course on content writing offered here is also great for those who want to learn content writing for free.

Get Content Writing Training

2. HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks-website-for-free-content writing course online-700x350
HowStuffWorks-website for free content writing course online

HowStuffWorks is essentially a general information website where you get insightful information on various issues relating to entertainment, health, lifestyle, money as well as home and garden, to name but a few.

However, there are free online courses here and there, a good example being Laura Schaefer’s course: How Freelance Magazine Writing Works. This course provides freelancers with information relating to the whole idea of content writing and making money from it.

Learn Content writing with HowStuffWorks 

3. Udemy

If you are looking for an online content writing course, you can get it at Udemy either at a fee or free of charge. Udemy Course Marketing: Start Increasing Your Udemy Revenue, Social Media and Content Marketing and The ultimate list of 220 blog post ideas are some examples of free content writing courses offered by Udemy. 

These courses are important to all content writers who are willing to learn writing in black and white.

Learn writing skills from Udemy

4. The open University

The Open University is the home of content writing courses from all genres of content writing, ranging from fiction to academic writing. 

Some of the free courses offered on this site are:

· Writing what you know
· Approaching prose fiction
· Start writing fiction
· What is poetry?
· What is good writing?
· Approaching poetry

This is just a tip of the iceberg. These courses are updated regularly, ensuring that they provide useful and relevant information to the content writing trainers.

Learn writing at the Open University

5. Emphasis Training

Emphasis leads the business-writing training industry. It offers a myriad of courses that have been tailored to the needs of the trainee. Open writing-skills courses for instance, are offered to both individuals and organizations. There are free courses and paid courses. An example of a free writing course is the 7-part crash course in grammar and punctuation with 64-page guide to professional writing. 

This course has helped many individuals achieve their content writing career ambitions. Precisely, writing-skills.com teach you how to make an impact, improve readability of your content, learn to put important information first, build web pages in a logical structure and pay attention to SEO. These skills are very crucial in successful content writing.

Learn Professional writing at Emphasis Training

6. All Indie Writers 

Content writing trainees looking for information about writing eBooks cannot resist the eBook writing course by Jennifer Mattern on this site. Writing eBooks needs expert knowledge if the book is to make the desired impact, and you can get this knowledge from this 14 day course. 

Throughout the course, you get to learn how to communicate fervently through your eBook, and how to make sure that the book does the right thing for you. There are also other courses and resources that make a professional out of you.

Professional writing courses at All India Writers

7. Make a living writing 

Online writing is not just a great marketing tool. You can also make money out of it. This is possible after going through the various content writing resources provided by makealivingwriting.com. 

For instance, the free podcast on content writing explains how you can join thousands of others in creating good content and getting paid for it. If you are looking for free course on content writing, do not hesitate to make use of this website. 

You will get great courses that will exceed your expectation and you will set the wheels of your freelance writing career into motion.

Make a living after learning writing skills 

8. Daily Writing Tips

When we say content is king, we do not mean any type of content. We mean high quality content. The way to learning how to write high quality content is learning content writing right from the basics to the professional tips. This is possible through online courses, articles and comments on dailywritingtips.com. 

You are able to learn that good writing happens day by day, and this means you should write content on a daily basis. This site offers you the information you need in order to gain momentum to write professionally even on the days that you feel too blank to write.

Get Daily Writing Tips

9. American Writers & Artists Inc (AWAI)

Freelance copywriters find themselves attracted to this site like moths to flames. This is because of the site’s wealth of content writing information. There are various courses that are accompanied by a large number of articles and comments to equip the learner with all there is to know about content writing. 

The Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting is particularly important for content writing trainers who would like to improve their writing skills and earn income from it. There is a lot to learn as a content writer on this site.

American Writers & Artists Inc

10. Copy Blogger

Copy Blogger allows you to access several eBooks on various content writing topics such as copywriting, landing pages and effective marketing strategies, to name but a few. Registration if free and fast and it offers you access to high-impact courses on all aspects of content writing. 

Once you are registered, you access information at your own pace and learn as per your plans. You will become a professional content writer before you know it.

Register a writing course at Copy Blogger

In summary, information is power. It never hurts learning more, and in fact there is no end to what you can learn, in all spheres of life. Learning content writing is a great step towards growth and development in your freelance career.

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