Online Forum Discussion Board: 7 Best Software for Creating/Designing an Internet Forum Site.  

Internet Forum Software. Create your online discussion board easily. Learn How to start an Internet Forum. Top Paid and Open Source Software for Designing a Forum.

The Practical Details on Forum Designing:

Forums offer open platforms where like-minded people share information about a certain topic. Hillary Clinton once said that you have to test your ideas in a public forum. This underscores the importance of forums in modern day communication. Internet forum boards have provided solutions to many problems as people discuss several things openly. 

Internet Forum Designing Made Easy- Choose from the leading Forum Software

Open Source Software for Discussion Forums:

Forums are very popular types of websites on the Internet and from the business point of view they could be a real money earner for anyone. Yes, Internet forums could generate a good amount of money every month for its owner webmaster if developed and maintained properly. 

Professional People use forums not only to discuss their thoughts and views but also to market and advertise their business as well.

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Perhaps you may be wondering how to start one and what the details are needed to know about the primary forum making software. 

How to Start an Online Forum?

The above list introduces both free and paid online forum software versions, and it is always up to the individual to choose which plan to go with. Having made that choice, the rest of the process is easy, as most of these software packages have ready made templates that you can just customize and create your forum in a few steps. 

Once the forum is up and running, you must remember that being the owner, you need to contribute to active discussions in order to make the site busy. 

Initially, when there is no activity on your forum, you can hire freelancers to create interesting and relevant discussions in your forum. Slowly and steadily your forum will start having good number of registered members every day!

Indeed, creating a forum is not a mountain to climb, especially if you have an idea of the software that is suitable for your needs. Forums have really changed the way we communicate and get information from each other, as it is said that the first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum. (Adlai E. Stevenson). 

You should also visit other popular forums and take inspiration from them, in terms of design, marketing, and management. 

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7 Most Popular Forum Designing Software Online

Learn How to start an online Forum Board for Free. Get details about 7 Best Software Websites to create an Online Forum easily.
Well, here are the best software tools for forum designing and a brief insight on how you can use each one of them to make an internet forum

1. VBulletin

This is one of the greatest premium online forum software that has both flat and threaded features, user selectable themes, calendar and full unread message tracking capabilities.

It also has a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor if you used the MySQL data storage plan. It comes in three versions, a publishing suite version, classic version and the mobile suite version. One can choose either of these versions depending on need. 

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2. Advanced Electron Forum (Free)

Advanced Electron Forum from Bulletin Board Software AEF is a free online forum software that is written in PHP and MySQL. Installation of this software is a walk in the park, and it features Domdrag for reordering Categories, Forums and emoticons, which is a new feature in forum software.

The Other features of the software include:

  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • UTF-8 Supported
  • WYSIWYG Editors
  • News System with articles
  • Customizable Themes
  • Threaded Mode for topics 
  • Multiple Languages support
  • Automatic Updates 
  • Time Zone Adjustment
  • Export Files and Database

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3. MyBB (Free)

MyBB is a free MySQL and PHP forum software with a LGPL license that is both flat and threaded. Its intuitive discussion board structure allows users to customize themes and upload images with the messages they post.

It also features full message tracking capability and a WYSIWYG editor

Download MyBB

4. bbPress (Free)

bbPress allows you to run an active forum on your powered site. Messages can be posted on a bbPress powered forum with or without regard to the previous posts, and the data storage method applied by this software is MySQL. It uses the TinyMCE as its WYSIWYG editor

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5. phpBB (Free- Open Source) 

With this software, you can make a flat forum where members will post messages without special reference to the previous posts. 

You can also customize both the look and feel of the forum by using the selectable themes option. 

Image attachment is allowed, meaning that posts can be accompanied by relevant images. You can also track both the read and unread messages, irrespective of session expiration. 

Design a forum with Free phpBB software

6. punBB (PhP powered)

With punBB, there is less support of heavy graphic objects in a bid to make the forum faster. Indeed, a plugin is required for the calendar, image attachment and WYSIWYG editor features. You also need a plugin for the forum to run in the threaded mode. 

This PHP-powered software is thus a lightweight software that engenders fast flow of graphically light data. 

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7. Simple Machines Forum (SMF)

Simple Machines Forum 1 and 2 are professional but free software versions that are based on PHP and MySQL. They provide a myriad of user friendly features such as customizable themes, calendar features, image attachment capabilities and full message tracking. 

Both of these versions are almost identical, except the fact that simple machines 2 has a WYSISYG editor but simple machines 1 does not have. 

Create a forum using SMF Free software