Top 5 antivirus programs or Security apps for mobile users.

Which Anti-virus Software Programs offer Great Online Security for your Phones? 5 Mobile Apps for Safer Web Browsing.

After seeing the overwhelming response to our list of best free antivirus software programs for PC and Mac computer systems (or for Windows and Linux operating systems) we decided to publish the similar list for mobile phone users. 

If you are using an Android or iOS smart phone then you must take full care of your mobile in regards to its online security. A sophisticated and strong antivirus Mobile Application is what you should use in your phone to keep it fully secure and safe from any kind of spam, hack, or online insecurities that may arise due to some of unwanted programs, files, or phone viruses. 

Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Mobile Security

Since online security is a big concern among online mobile users and that's why there are many mobile app development companies that are constantly involved in developing and innovating mobile securities. 

They are regularly updating and adding more features to their mobile anti-virus programs and software. 

So, there exist hundreds of antivirus app designing companies in the online market, but we have picked here only the best 5 of them which are used most widely and are very popular in Google Play Store.

#1. CM Security Antivirus AppLock

If you have been looking for an anti-virus program for mobile devices that has gained worldwide recognition due to its great performance, then CM security is the one. 

CM security software allows the mobile device user to hide photos, take a photo of a person who may have entered the password to your device more than once and secure your privacy. 

#1 CM Mobile Security Antivirus App

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are some of the most popular apps, and CM security ensures that they are safe in all the aspects of the word. 

Multi-layer protection, fast and handy virus scans and removal, anti-theft application and call blocking are just a few of the services offered by CM security to its users. 

Perhaps that is why it tops the list of the top 5 mobile antivirus software apps.

#2. AVG AntiVirus App

AVG AntiVirus App
AVG Antivirus is a top-notch anti-virus software by AVG Technologies (UK) Ltd that protects mobile devices from harmful malware, viruses and spyware. By so doing, it keeps your device safe. 

Some of its advantages include:

Real-time scanning apps, files, setting and media, thereby keeping malicious apps, malware, spyware and viruses at bay. 

Tracking lost phone through Google Maps™. One is required to use AVG’s text messages (SMS) or Remote Management Console to locate and lock. You can also wipe the content of your phone.

Privacy protection through locking of the device. This prevents access of personal information by unauthorized users. 

Killing of tasks to enhance the device speed. This enhances the device performance. 

Safe browsing without fear of phishing of personal information

Monitoring battery, data package and storage space usage. 

The fact that this software is available in more than 30 languages adds color is an extra feather to the hat. The free version is particularly popular, though it has limited advantages.

#3. Avast Mobile security app

Avast Antivirus by AVAST Software keeps Trojans, malware and spyware away from your mobile phone. It also offers anti-theft and anti-phishing on top of the anti-virus qualities. 

Avast comes with a virus scanner, virus remover, SMS and call filter, web shield, network meter, protector, firewall on rooted phones and app manager, making Wi-Fi based threats and general infections.

Avast Mobile Security App

You can schedule automatic scans to ensure that you get rid of all the unwanted material from your phone even if you are asleep. As if that is not enough, you can also identify and lock your mobile phone remotely and locate it if it gets lost using the web-based phone locator feature.

#4. Norton Mobile Security

Norton protects your mobile device from all sorts of viruses and malware. It also helps you to lock your phone if it gets lost. 

There are websites that have been designed to steal crucial personal information or money from you, and Norton is keen to protect you from such activities. 

Norton Mobile Security App for Android Mobiles

In short, Norton Mobile security allows you to be in charge of your own mobile phone in terms of security, safety of apps and improved performance. 

Other advantages of Norton Mobile Security include:

The premium version has more advantages, such as app advisor and anti-malware, both of which are powered by NortonTM Mobile Insight. 

Blocking of phone calls and text messages from unwanted persons. 

Deleting all the information on the phone remotely in order to maintain data integrity and keep private information safe. 

Norton Mobile Security also enhances the performance of the device by allowing you to sync contacts and share them across other devices, battery power management and ability to lock the phone once the SIM card is unmounted, among other features. 

#5. Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky has been the anti-virus of choice for both computer and mobile users for a long time now. 

For tablets and mobile phones, Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security feature the latest security technologies in the mobile and tablet industry.

Kaspersky Mobile Security app for Mobile users


This allows the software to offer protection against spyware, viruses, Trojans and more, not to forget the Advanced Anti-Theft protection, Anti-Theft Web management Portal and call/text filter for smartphones. 

Moreover, if you misplace your mobile device, you can remotely sound the alarm so that you can locate it

Real time protection, cloud-enabled protection, web protection, text anti-phishing and privacy protection all work in tandem to ensure that the mobile user is fully protected. 

You can choose between the free and the paid version, depending on your ability to pay and the features required. This means that no one is locked out.