Why Do Guest Blogging? What are All Benefits of Blog Posting? 5 Tips on Guest Blog Writing to be a Winner Guest Blogger!

What is Guest Blog writing? Why to care about becoming a successful Guest Blogger? A Comprehensive guide on Guest Blogging for Beginners 

Guest blogging is perhaps not as popular as it formerly was but that does not diminish its significance for writers. The practice basically involves an individual getting their blog articles posted on another blogger’s site.

Top bloggers and trendy products have been elevated by using this strategy. If you want to grow your audience, you can look for guest posting opportunities or invite established bloggers to share a pertinent post on your blog

Finding and effectively utilizing arising guest posting opportunities can make a huge difference in the visibility of your products and general shared content. 

Find here a List of 220+ Blogsites that accept guest blogging. Select blogs as per your main niches. Make sure to read their guidelines properly before submitting a post. 

Also submit your blog to these top notch high PR blog directory websites for better exposure and search engine optimization results.

Guest Blogging guide for Beginners
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Why to write posts on others Blogs as a guest writer ?

Why do guest Blogging?

There may be different reasons and benefits for someone to work towards guest blogging or writing. Some people want to get relevant backlinks for white hat SEO from other reputed blogs while some want to promote their brands and services and want to get good exposure for themselves. 

Here are the main reasons why most of the guest bloggers publish on others sites :-

#1- Simply to improve SEO for their blogs. This is the classical reason why bloggers prefer doing guest posting desperately. This is very beneficial and you have to work a lot for quite a long time. But, this is highly preferable and desired process and you get pretty awesome results, in terms of SEO and web traffic.  

#2- To Get Dofollow backlinks from high PR Sites and hence increasing number of quality backlinks on their blog and eventually improve Google Page Rank .   

#3- To make money online using blogging skills. Such blogger write blog posts on others website on behalf of their clients for a good money. They offer guest blogging services either on their own portfolio website or through freelance platforms and micro job sites . 

Benefits of Guest Blogging

5 Major Benefits of  Writing as a Guest Blogger

#1- The main goal for a blog is to increase the number of people frequently visiting the site. All the advantages that are derived from guest blogging lead to your site getting the right kind of recognition.

Guest posting improves the value of your blog to the search engines. There are complex algorithms used in determining if your web pages have content relevant to the searchers. 

Unfortunately, having all the answers does not automatically mean that you will be ranked top. Relevance also is determined by the popularity evidenced by shared links on various platforms.

When you write a guest post, a link to your site is shared. Eventually, these backlinks accumulate and the search engines recognize and easily locate your blog for related keywords.

#2- You cannot build a popular blog without external assistance. Having relationships with other bloggers can make a big difference on the development of your pages. 

There is no monopoly of knowledge and you can learn from other writers. By sharing content on various blogs and letting others do the same on yours, you get to create strong networks.

Bloggers are a vital part of online conversations and being part of such a group will elevate your popularity. If you have good and meaningful content, the individuals who subscribe to other blogs are likely to follow you. 

#3- Guest posting is a practice that will make you a respected authority in your niche. A serious blogger will already have established a field of interest. The key to becoming a reputable source is to focus on this as you write the guest material. When people love these posts, they will want to see your work. Ensure that you have a solid signature that can be recognized. 

5 Important Tips on Guest Posting

Guest Blogging: 5 Tips to Become a Successful Guest Blogger

There are many opportunities available for guest blogging but many writers do not know how to correctly score. If you want your guest posts to be considered and shared by influential bloggers, use these 5 helpful tips:- 

1. Original Content

Before you attempt to look for a guest blog opportunity, ensure that you can create fresh content. No blog moderator or owner will accept plagiarized work. There are plenty of things to share that are fresh and relevant to the audience.

There are current trends in every field and discipline. Avoid anything that is stale and share thought-provoking insights that people will find interesting.

2. Communication

When you identify a chance to present a blog post, your approach will determine if you will be accepted. Remember that moderators and bloggers read a lot of requests.

If you do not stand out or your proposal is vague and bland, your post will not be accepted. If you are specifically interested in one site, research on the writer and read their blog.

Most bloggers dislike impersonal letters that show laxity. Genuine interest and understanding of their objectives will endear you to them. 

3. Following Guidelines

For guest post websites, there are guidelines outlined. No matter how special your article is, you must read the instructions and follow them. No one is above the protocol and moderators are likely to disqualify you for attempting to get around the rules.

4. Honest Reputation

In almost all situations, you will be required to present your credentials. This may include all the evidence of your online writing as well as the link to your own blog. Give reliable information that can be confirmed.

This will show that your ability to write relevant and compelling work as well as credibility.

5. Baby Steps

Do approach the most popular blogger for your first guest post. Start with smaller platforms and build your way up. You will learn as you grow and eventually, you will find yourself getting invited by other bloggers. Remain optimistic and always present the best content you can.

Guest Blogging, by far, is the best technique used by established expert bloggers to promote and rank their blogs higher in search engines.

Now, you can also make your blog popular on the web by serving your blog writing skills on others blogs. Though, you must also consider this post to find out about 100 ways to promote a blog

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