Top 10 Most Prolific SEO Blogs and Websites on the Internet to Learn and Discuss Search Engine Optimization related Topics and Niches.

SEO is in a great demand ever since the inception of World Wide Web and Blogging. SEO has been a widely loved and respected (and scary) area on the Internet. 

There are lots of institutes and coaching classes in the every city now to teach and learn Search Engine Optimization Process. Most of the web based companies spend a huge amount every year only on optimizing their website or business blog through SE Optimization. 

Ever since the common Internet users started using Google search engine as a tool on daily basis, SEO has become the most widely researched and searched topic on the web world. 

Top 100 SEO Social bookmarking Sites List

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Top 10 SEO Blogs on the Internet to Learn Search Engine Optimization

Today, blogging success heavily depends on Search Engine Optimization. SEO means Success. Period. 

The idea to write this post on SEO blogs came into my mind when i was searching on Google about the best Blogspot blogs on SEO and i saw the below listed blogs as well. 

The later ones are so popular in their respective communities that i got inspired to write a separate blog post about them so that i could tell about such of the pearls on the Internet web to my fellow bloggers. 

Top 10 SEO Blogs and Websites on the Entire Internet World

Let's come to the main point-> Learning SEO.

If you are a blogger, webmaster, or small business website owner whose success depends on how their websites or blogs are performing in various major search engines, then, you must learn Search Engine Optimization techniques; at least to a level where you could easily understand what steps to be taken to make your web pages perform better in SERP's for the desired main keywords and phrases.

Who should visit and connect with these SE Optimization blogs:-  The Popular SEO blog mentioned here are not only good for learning purpose but also very helpful for someone who wants to stay updated with the latest SE Optimization news, updates, and happenings. 

These blog sites are great community for those who use SE Optimization techniques on their own blog websites or who are developing Search Engine Optimization process for others websites, or who want to be an SEO expert for whatsoever reasons.

Are your ambitions based on SEO? Well, this is the desire for the online and offline businesses to make their brands more introduced to the internet users. Learning of this theory for blogs is easier than anyone could ever imagine.

In the recent blog posts, we have emphasized on teaching the basic ways of promoting your blog in the easiest route possible. Thus, this enables every individual to create websites and hire the expertise (an SE Optimizer) to make the website rank high. 

So, due to increasing need for expertise, learning is of great help as it can lead to creation of better opportunities for your web property on the internet.

The 10 SEO blogs and websites mentioned in this list are very popular among readers for many years for regularly publishing SEO related content that is authoritative, authentic, effective, new, and up to date as per the latest news and updates in the industry. 

These SEO blogs are written by people who are established SE Optimization consultants/ experts and veterans for their versatile contributions to the SEO industry.

For an ex- Moz (previous as SEOMoz) is the proprietor of the website ranking factor- 'Domain Authority'. They have designed this scale/ tool to judge a website's ranking value based on many complex parameters.     

To have a powerful knowledge and comprehensive information about Search Engine Optimization thoroughly , here are the 10 best SEO websites that will guide and teach you all the important aspects of Search Engine Optimization from the basics to the advanced level. 

You can get authentic information on any SEO related topic and can completely rely on their astounding practical experience. The experience  that has been collected over many years of hard work in this direction.  

List of Top 10 SEO Blogs on the Internet that reflect rich knowledge, authority, and trust from millions of regular readers.


The websites mentioned here offer great opportunities to learn new things and tips about website promotion. 

They serve as a great helping hand to anyone who has sincere intentions of expanding their knowledge about Search Engine Traffic, Blogging, Google updates, on-page and off-page blog optimization, Internet marketing, content promotion, social media, online advertising, and the ways to be successful on the Internet with your content. 

1) Moz SEO Blog

Moz- Truly the Unbeatable Number #1 SEO Blog on the Entire Internet World

This is the most powerful website where the optimization experts post their experiments, suggestions, thoughts and strategies. Whatever authors post, SEO experts ensures that the article would be of high quality and most suitable for their talented readers.

The readers get the most important information as the authors are of great expertise. Moz is also a great community of bloggers and SEO professionals who share and discuss their ideas and thoughts for making a website more successful in terms of optimization and web traffic.

A great blog to read and know about the thoughts and opinions of experts. And here you could get training, video, and so many other learning tools. Along with SEO, Moz is also respected for their highly knowledge content articles on social media, search engine traffic, and link building.

Moz- Learn SEO at the very best Blog on the topic

2) SEO Book

SEOBook- A High Authority blog for advanced bloggers

The articles posted on 'SEO Book' website are the best, though the content optimization experts are few. The articles are provided in categories, as social media marketing, advertising, blogging, and marketing

Do you have a desire to learn SEO in depth?  Well, you can get training, video tutorial and tools from the expertise and specialized staff by signing to their plans. The English language used in the blog is reader friendly and simple to interpret. The blog is a great community for anyone who is interested in learning 

3) Problogger

Problogger- A Blog for new and advanced bloggers for SEO and Blogging Tips

ProBlogger website is managed by Darren Rowse. He works as a full time blogger, and has been blogging ever since 2002. The SEO tips, advice and strategies are posted in this blog to assist other junior bloggers in making money through money-making blog.

Money making advises, experiments and other important tips are posted to boost the newbies increase ranking, revenue and traffic of their blogs from it. Darren has been a very successful blogger and he is respected by a huge community of bloggers.

After becoming a popular and successful blogger himself, he turned his blog into a professional community where new bloggers can learn from thousands of ebooks, tutorials, and the courses designed by the professional bloggers who are affiliated with him.

But, most of his past works can now be accessed only through paid membership. He is a self-made and self styled blogger who revolutionized the blogging field by leading examples. He has inspired a full generations of bloggers. 

He has successfully portrayed the way of making money with your full time blogging career.  

He has transformed the blog's archives into ebooks.

Learn SEO and Blogging from the Problogger himself.

4) QuickSprout

QuickSprout-4th-best-website-to-learn-SEO- Skills
QuickSprout- 4th best website to learn SEO Skills

QuickSprout is an SEO and marketing blog uniquely designed on its own. Neil Patel, a known SEO expert shares his powerful strategies for improving Search engine optimization and traffic for any website. 

Many of small business owners and companies follow his tips and try in implementing changes with fruitful results. 

The expert also shares a social media optimization strategies and advises that end up in making more lead and attracting more clients.

The blog writer Neil Patel is an Indian SEO expert and he is a very popular face on the web for Search Engine Optimization and Content marketing niches. Listen what Neil has got to say about SE optimization at QuickSprout Blog

5) Clickz

Clickz-5th Best SEO Website to improve SEO Skills

The website gives important marketing news and advises that increase search traffic, online reputation and ranking of any brand or blog that wants to get good visits from search engines via organic and natural ways. 

Clickz also tells on new experiments and strategies used by top ranking websites for themselves to implement new changes and to increase their brand’s benefits online.Click here to visit Clickz to improve your knowledge on SEO niches

6) SEO Chat

SEOChat-6th most popular SEO blog for learning new tips

The website has extremely high numbers of visitors worldwide. It’s a powerful website for marketing, advertising tips, social media and SEO. It an important website as it make an individual receive new marketing tips, tutorials and articles that relate to the concerned topics including, building online reputation and increasing advertising output. 

SEOChat has one of the most popular forum communities across the world who interact about the most popular topics on website and blog development. Their forum has well over 0.28 Million registered uses. 

7) Search Engine Watch

SearchEngineWatch-the 7th Most trusted Brand online for SEO and Traffic
SearchEngineWatch-the 7th Most Trusted Brand online for SEO and Traffic

SearchEngineWatch is a well trusted Website for many things together, like SEO, online marketing and search engine traffic, etc. It’s a website that gives the latest updates and SEO news concerning advertising, marketing and social media. 

The website also gives powerful interviews, experiments and blog optimization tips from long-time SEO consultants and experts.A great place to be for learning basic and advanced techniques that involve optimization tips, affiliate marketing, email and content marketing, 

They have developed the site into a community for many niches related to website promotion and business marketing. You can find lots of tools, training material, and attend Webinars.

Visit SearchEngineWatch to reinvent your SEO and marketing techniques there and watch their most frequently asked questions about blog optimization tips and traffic.

8) Search Engine Land

SearchEngineLand- 8th Top Website for Tips and Techniques about SEO

It’s a website similar to Search Engine Watch which collects the latest marketing tactics, blog optimization tips, blogging news and keeps you updated with the most recent SEO trends, updates, and happenings in the website marketing field. 

It frequently posts latest news that relates to blogging, marketing and advertisingblog optimization tips etc. This enables the individuals who have plans to be the SEO experts to learn strategies that attract more clients. Visit SEL to learn about the latest updates and happenings in SEO community

9) Search Engine Roundtable

SearchEngineRoundTable- a Great WEb For the Most Prolific SEO Related Content

SearchEngineRoudTable- One of the highly authoritative website on SEO related topics. Get latest updates about Google updates, backlink strategies, search engine traffic, online marketing, etc. The blog is online since 2003.

The website revolves on most of the topics which are related to the SEO, advertising, marketing etc., that helps provide more extensive information about their ranking styles. The topics may not necessarily be based on blog optimization. However, most of the topics dealt with relates to it.

Visit Search Engine Round Table Blog to be part of their SEO community

10) WordStream Bloggers and Internet marketers an Authority SEO blog for Advanced Bloggers and Internet Marketers

It’s a website that provides a steady stream of Search Engine Marketing, advertising, SEO, social media tips etc. A community for advanced marketers and bloggers who want to stay updated with latest happenings in Search Engine Optimization field. 

WordStream revolves around the topics that give new marketing tips and tutorials that result in extensive information about the search engine and their respective ranking tactics using on-page and off-page approach.

Visit WordStream blog for smartly explored information on SEO and Internet Marketing

Learning Expectations: "What all will you be able to learn in the web content optimization topics from these high end blogs?" 


The best 10 Search Engine Content Optimization websites and Blogs listed here will enable anyone to gain the highly required knowledge on the topic. By reading these blogs regularly you can become an expert in making powerful content optimization strategies, Internet based content marketing, and online advertising techniques

The techniques that will enable your blog or website to attract more natural and organic search engine traffic, leads, conversions, sales, and new clients. 

The Top 10 blogs reviewed here also emphasize on a wide range of powerful blogging guides, strategies ,and tips that make an individual stay tuned to their website.

Following on the above websites strategies is highly recommended for one to be the best possible Search Engine Content Optimization Expert and so everyone is advised to read the authoritative articles from the above described most popular blogs on the subject. 

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