Understanding Basic Google Focused SEO Techniques - 10 Fundamental Blog Optimization Tips

We often include plenty of Google-focused Content optimization techniques in any SEO effort. Almost everyone knows some of the basic ways to do this, but some of the techniques may not be so obvious. 

This a small guide or tutorial created for novice and intermediate bloggers. Some 8-10 blogging techniques mentioned here are very fundamental and i think every blogger should be knowing about them.

This post is made for those of new as well as moderate level writers and bloggers who don't belong to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web promotion fields, and so they know very little about these crucial points which play an important role for ranking any content on search engine result pages (SERP's).

10 Basic Google Based SEO Blog Writing Techniques for Bloggers

In this article we will BRIEFLY focus on- 

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Common on-page SEO techniques to gain higher ranking in Google pages include :-

  1. Creating keyword meta tags with our primary keywords. To avoid making the content looks spammy, the keyword density should be around 3 percent of the total words.
  2. Adding primary keywords in the URL, main title and description.
  3. Create backlinks from highly relevant inner pages to the webpages we want to optimize, using the relevant keywords as anchor texts. 
  4. Using ALT tags in your article whenever you use pictures in your content and also giving proper title and caption to them.
  5. Creating articles that are related to your blog or website niche and adding them into proper 3-4 related categories ('Labels' in Blogspot blogs). Each article should be of minimum 500-600 words to convey the important aspect of a topic. Learn Content Writing FREE from these best websites

These were basic on-page techniques to give Google a good idea of what we want of our website to be ranked for.

Obviously, our job doesn't stop here and we still need to build authority to show Google our credibility. Learn here 15 tips for Natural backlink building techniques

We could do this only through off-page SEO techniques :-

  1. Build many quality do-follow backlinks that come from high page rank webpages, preferably with PR3 or more. Read: 30 Blogs to get free DoFollow backlinks
  2. Use relevant keywords as anchor texts for our inbound links.
  3. Add multiple inbound links to important inner pages, not just our primary landing page. This will make the linking campaign looks much more natural.
  4. Build backlinks from different unique IP addresses.
  5. Work on social media optimization process for your website. Increase social signals for your blog posts and engage in overall search engine rankings for inner pages as well.  

These were some basic off-page techniques that form typical SEO campaigns. 

However, many website owners often ignore one final step to produce much better results. 

We need to make sure that webpages that contain inbound links to our website are indexed by Google. This is important because we need these links to carry some weight in the ranking algorithm. Read on how to properly index your content via Google Webmaster Tools

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One very easy way is to use pinging services to make sure the webpages are indexed by Google’s bots.  

Another important element of Google-focused SEO campaign is content, because improper use of content could cause penalization. 

Content is still king for both average users and search engines. Our website should be regularly updated with valuable content that could attract both users and naturally-created inbound links. This is an important step towards using Content optimization techniques.

It is also important to avoid using bad SEO techniques, such as hidden text that’s purposely intended to match the background color. The hidden text typically contains primary keywords that are aimed to enhance keywords density, without ruining usability. 

Unfortunately, it is perfectly easy for Google’s bots to detect such a technique and this may cause immediate penalization.

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