Ten Things About Facebook That Make It Addictive

Facebook Website as Social Networking: Why Facebook is so addictive? 10 reasons why Facebook is so popular among Bloggers, advertisers,marketers &  business owners.

Last Updated- March 2016

Social media has us hooked and the thought of deleting our accounts permanently may never cross our mind. Facebook is, not doubt, is considered Number one among top 10 best social networking website in the World.

Facebook is often considered as the primary tool to keep in touch with friends, work colleagues, and family. We all know how addictive it could be.

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Though, we should always keep a healthy balance between how often and what things we share on Facebook. Facebook has lots of cool and unprecedented features that make it the most addictive social networking website on the entire Internet world.

Whether you are a regular blogger, online freelancer worker, artist, advertiser, marketer, or business owner, you must accept that you had never thought that you would be spending as much time as you are spending now on Facebook. 

10 Reasons Why Facebook is so Addictive

Here are ten things that make escaping the social networking giant impossible:

#1. There’s no better way to stay in touch: 

Facebook helps us to stay connected with one another, despite the vast distance between each individual. The major reason we are use social networking services is to constantly stay in touch with family members and friends.

Facebook allows us to deliver more textual information than Twitter and like YouTube, it is also possible to upload videos as well as photographs. With Facebook, long lost friends have reconnected, high school crushes have rekindled and families have been reunited.

#2 It allows us to stalk: 

Facebook allows people to silently keep tabs on their ‘frenemies’ and exes. By visiting their pages, we know whether they have been engaged and about details of their wedding dress. Facebook provides us with a wealth of social-related information, which helps us to catch up on our friends’ lives.

#3 It is a journal of our lives: 

Facebook preserves our old notes, posts, photos, videos and others. It is quite comforting to know that trails of our past sit there if we ever want to revisit them. As an example, people can go back in time to the moment their first child was born and pinpoint other major events in their lives.

#4 It helps us plan events and invite people: 

With Facebook, we can get word around about meetings, parties and other events. It is possible to invite more than 100 friends in a couple of minutes to our housewarming party. The event invite feature help us to stay up to date with everything that happens around us.

#5. It is a social news aggregate: 

Much like in real life, Facebook is a social environment that’s filled with people we actually know. It’s easy to find out things that matter to them these days. We can easily get to know what is hot things in Entertainment, digital, or art world.

It provides us with trending news/ topics/ socio-economic activities or any kind of buzzing events. We can stay updated with so many things of our interests by being actively present on FB for half an hour a day. 

#6. It helps us remember friends’ and family birthdays: 

We surely don’t want to be one who forgets to greet our friends and family a happy birthday. Instead of sending “Happy B’day!” message on their walls, we could also text or call them. For this reason, the notification feature of Facebook could serve as a very helpful reminder.

#7 Its private groups are good for networking and work: 

In Facebook, we could find groups with specific topics, interests and preferences. We may also create a unique group to attract like-minded people. It helps us to communicate easily with people, classmates or co-workers in the same professions.

Different Professionals of a same field may can connect and discuss things and share their ideas under a common roof. Find here a list of best Facebook Groups.

#8.Humble brag posts allow us to share our lives: 

From time to time, many people love to make their lives a little cooler than they really are. Every day, we could politely share about how wonderful our lives are.

People love to share whenever they find something interesting and this was the basic thing Facebook was started in the first place. 

#9  We can show how hilarious our thoughts are: 

Facebook can be fun. It is a place where we cackle over hilarious posts, statuses, photos and comments. Because Facebook can integrate text with videos and images, it’s easy to publicize our inner jokes with any of our best friends. 

#10.  We don’t want to be called weird: 

People would look at us with a little suspicion if we tell them that we don’t have a Facebook account at all.

Online social profiles are important part of our lives and careers. Companies may study prospective employers through online presence and their absence on Facebook and other popular social networks could raise a red flag.

Apart from all that said above, Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites for getting free traffic for your blogsite.