4 major things you can do to keep your blog safe and secure from content theft 

No doubt, plagiarism is a big concern for many bloggers now-a-days.And why not when people steal your content so easily that you had created so hardly! 

And, worst yet, sometimes a stolen content can rank higher than the original one.

I have written this post keeping in mind all the bloggers and content creators who are always afraid of content theft.

You will find here some unique safeguards against plagiarism that will be helpful in providing the much needed peace of mind.

Follow these tips to stop content theft. Though, you can always check duplicates of your blog content using Copyscape, and can display content protection badges, but, still it's not enough to stop people from stealing your articles.

So, how to handle this situation and what steps to take to keep your content safe from thieves? Read on... 

4 Best Ways to Stop Blog Content Thefts-All Possible Options for Total Content Protection
What is to read in this article?  How to avoid content theft + Ways to protect content + How to copy protect or disable context menu.
Is disabling right click ok? How to protect blog or protect all your posts from getting stolen. DMCA Pro. Google Dashboard for copyright content removal. 

4 Ways of Total Content Protection 

The below mentioned 4 best methods include all the possible ways to protect any content, website, articles, or blog posts. From easiest to finest ways to secure your blogs or websites from content theft.

#1 The best way to stop people from stealing your blog articles is to give all your content away for free

Think about it...

If your content is free, then taking and using it is no longer theft. You can't steal something that's free.

If you want to be successful, you need to embrace this mindset.

You can't worry when someone steals your material. In fact, you should feel humble. You should feel complimented. Most of all, you should feel motivated to write more stuff people want to steal.

When people steal your content, they are marketing for you for free.
They are helping spread your ideas and your voice.

... and let's face it, it's obvious when a site is scraping content. Scrappers will not be successful, they will only end up promoting you, and sending traffic to your website because they are lazy.

The thief's are so lazy, they don't categorize, tag or import logically, chronologically or do anything besides re-post.

They usually copy your content word for word, preserving all your backlinks...
They are so lazy, the end up promoting your site for free!

As long as you remember to link to your internal content, or recommend your newsletter, it's awesome if people spread that content all around the internet!

Some people pay money or beg for the opportunity to guest post. Thief's are giving you this for free. It's time to stop calling these helpers thieves! Change your website policy to 'Creative Commons Attribution' and encourage even more people to share your content!

Let everyone know they are welcome to take your content, do whatever they want with it, even make it better or sell it. As long as they keep attribution, recognizing you as the source, this can only be beneficial. This can only help your marketing.

It's free promotion. Take advantage of it and profit !

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#2 Use 'Google Fetch' to index your content before anyone else

Google Webmaster Tools has this very useful feature that helps you index your content within 1-2 minutes. 

Yes, Visit your webmaster tools and go to 'Crawl Tab' and there you will find "Fetch as Google" tool. Use this feature to fetch and submit your newly published post there. 

And, you can search in Google about the post within 1-2 minutes after fetching and submitting it in GWT. 

This is a very strong tool to fight content plagiarism. 

Now, your content will be indexed first in Google and the thieves will be using your content as 'duplicate' and they will be penalized for doing so, not you!  

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#3- Use scripts, codes, or plugins to disable 'right click' (or from copying it) on your web pages

Yes, you can simply disable right click on your pages using a Wordpress Plugin to prevent copy paste your content  (related post- Best AdSense Wordpress Plugins)  for that and no one will be able to copy your texts, but this is not much recommended by many. 

This will stop your readers from browsing freely on your blog and they might not like it. And, sometimes it may seem very crazy someone not being able to copy a peace of useful information when they need it for personal use. 

Moreover, there are tools and programs that can scrape a content from such pages. So, this is not highly recommended step, but this could be specially good for an instant relief from such problem.   

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#4- More aggressive actions that will ultimately save your blog content from spammers and stealers 

If you have been unsuccessful with the above mentioned methods, then try these ones-

DMCA premium services and Google Webmaster Tools for Copyright content removal.

There is this Tool in Google Webmaster Tools where you can provide the details about your infringing urls and your own original content. 

#1 How to send content removal Notice through Google Webmaster tools?

Google provides a separate DMCA Dashboard to web masters where they can file actions against their content theft. ( i have done it myself many times and have been successful in getting my content removed from the websites that had shamelessly copied my original content). 

Visit here to login to your DMCA Dashboard in Google Webmaster Tools to file a notice to remove copied content.

#2- Protection Pro by DMCA - Let DMCD do all the work for you

Be relaxed and tension free by subscribing to paid services offered by DMCA. Protection Pro provides you with all the necessary tools and it can take care of your content without you worrying about your blog content.

They will take all the steps to remove the infringed content and your blog will be 100% safe from content thieves and spammers.  

Website-Protection Pro