4 Important facts about How Facebook collects Information from you . What are the things Facebook knows about you and how it utilize it . 


There are a number of key things that average Facebook users usually miss. In fact, experts often miss them too, although they have been mentioned in the particularly lengthy T&C (Terms and Conditions).

We should know that Facebook’s could potentially rip away our online liberties. Facebook proudly says that it is a free service, but although it’s free from the monetary perspective, we it may not be true when it comes to our privacy. 

By signing up, we agree to their Terms and Condition, which may require a degree from law school to understand. In fact, average people with bachelor degree may find it difficult to understand Facebook’s T&C. (Useful read- 25 best Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Content Marketers

Four must know facts about Facebook Privacy policies

It may take us all day to wade through the jumble of text in the T&C, which is consisted with a dozen pages with various sections, subsections and links. Navigating it can be particularly difficult, so we have done that for you and these are a few facts that may surprise you:

#1. Username, friends, gender, cover photos, profile pictures and name are treated as public information:

When we post this basic information on Facebook, it is comparable to putting it on major newspaper outlets. Because it is a public access, everyone will be able to see it.

This can be frustrating because many Facebook users actually don’t want to make some of this information public. 

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#2. Facebook shows us age-appropriate advertisements and content based on our date of birth:

Facebook sends us targeted advertising messages based on our age. Happy 15th Birthday and here are ads on latest concerts. Happy 45th Birthday and here is information on hair loss treatments or something like that. Advertisers want to provide age-relevant advertising and Facebook allows them to obtain detailed model of consumers.  

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#3. Facebook shows communication and network information:

This includes our mobile phone number and IP address, as well as other relevant information, such as type of browser we use, type of device, geographical location, operating system and internet provider.

Facebook also puts cookies in our computer and they work like online trackers that show Facebook where we have been in the online world and even in the physical world, based on GPS data and IP address.  

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#4. Facebook suggests people to tag, picks stories for our News Feed and makes friend suggestion:

Based on the collected information and tracked identifiers, Facebook picks our news stories. They can choose news we get to see and this may provide them with effective information control.

Often, people get articles and news that they don’t really want to read, especially those with light sexual content. Will we allow our teenage children to see them? Of course not!