Google Trends : One of the most used tools by bloggers, Webmasters, and website owners for SEO, Keyword research and search analysis.

5 Reasons Why Bloggers should use Google Trends Frequently!

Google Trends Blog Post is a new addition in the series of the articles related to Webmaster Analytics tools and resources. We have briefly mentioned about Google Trends in the blog post- Top 10 Free SEO Analytics and Webmaster tools .

Introduction- In the process of successful blog writing one has to use several useful tools in order to get the desired results in terms of on-page SEO and off-page optimization , web traffic, content optimization, analysation. 

Today, we are going to an another important tool for blogging. You may probably have heard of Google Trends, but the chances are you’re not using this service in its full capacity. With the right approach. 

This simple SEO tool has the possibility to enhance our blog in many different ways, and with it your complete blogging profession. 

Google Trends- Free Keyword Analytics & Researching Tool for Bloggers & Webmasters

In short, Google Trends is a way of researching the presence of any given search term and then comparing it to the entire volume of search in particular regions on in particular languages.

The results are presented in the form of graphs, which showcase time span on one axis (the measurement began in 2004 and continue to the present), and the other one represents the search volume.

Other parameters like cities or countries can be added to the equation, and in essence, this service is a way of measuring the popularity of any specific search term.

In other words, Google trend can be a fantastic way to promote your blog, so here are 5 ways in which you can use it for your advantage.

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5 Benefits of Including Google Trends in your Webmaster Analytics and Research Tools

Read on why you should start using Google Trends frequently for researching new topics, trends, keywords for your blogging content.  

#1. Finding Ideas for New Content

You can use Google Trends as a sure way of boosting your creativity when it comes to blogging. Instead of banging your head for a great article, this service can become the ideal brainstorm blender through the use of the “Explore” option. 

Adding random search terms will show you how they are related to your field of interested, and related terms will open up new possibilities. Continue to do this while you watch how ideas begin to form in your mind

By doing this you will find many terms which are rising in popularity and which you can exploit for your own blog.

#2. Boost Keyword Intelligence

Researching best keywords is a key to any kind of search engine optimization along with other SEO tools like Google Webmaster. This is the factor that makes a difference between a popular blog, and one that isn’t fulfilling its potential and isn’t getting many visitors.

After the initial keyword positioning, Google Trends can be put to use to define and check the choices you made with SEO. The trending search inquiries should match your basic intent, and if you see any possibility to make a few changes, this service will highlight them.

Here, i found this list within seconds when i add "blogging" word as the 'search term' to the 'add items' tab in Google Trends.

#3. Adding Charts to Your Content

Google Trends has a very flexible way of exporting its results. You can embed the charts and customize its dimension before you receive your HTML code. 

Using this graph will greatly add to the value of your posts and opinions, because your audience will be able to see the proof of your argument in the form of the Google Trends graphics.

This is an especially important option to any specialized SEO blog out there.

#4. Blog Branding and Feedback

When it comes to checking up on your blog’s brand image, Google Trends is invaluable. 

By using this service, you can see how your content matches up to the content produced by your competition.

Check out what topics you cover, and find out what is the focus for content produced by other blogs in your niche. Through this use of Google Trends, you will be able to recognize your strength and weaknesses, especially those related to ways you promote your blog and its content.

#5. Get into Video Production

Now it's the perfect time to start thinking about the video market, and do it in every possible sense, from promotion all the way to full video content.

Videos are a very valuable medium for any kind of blog, but before you start making your own, use Google Trends to find the ideal spot where you can position your video content

By finding the right topics to include in your next video project, you’re making sure it will get the public attention immediately.

By using Google Trends, you will surely receive many substantial benefits in your blogging enterprise.