Google AdSense Tips - What steps and precautions to take to keep your account safe and secure for ever?

A question always makes the people worry who have Google Adsense accounts that how to keep their Google Adsense account safe and secure. There is a huge number of users who lose their Google Adsense account because they don't realize what actually happened, and why they got banned from Google Adsense.

Google has a very strong algorithm and fraud click detection system. So, you don’t need to worry if you abide by their simple rules and policies regarding AdSense and your account will always be working finely.Majority of the bloggers do blogging to make money online easily via AdSense. 

And, due to the good CPC of AdSense it is preferred over hundreds of other alternative ad networks for publishers in order to make good money blogging

Google AdSense Account-Safe keeping 5 best tips

These 5 are the most common ways where people happen to make infringement of the Google AdSense policy and at last get their Google Adsense account banned permanently.
Google is very protective towards their advertisers money ( who are using Google AdWords) and they don’t spare any publisher if he or she is caught red handed. There is no second chance or review of your request for lifting the ban.

If Google AdSense is your only way to make money online, then you should take their system seriously and always follow their guidelines. Use the below given tips to save your Google AdSense Account for forever.

Some people are also bothered about what happens if someone with wrong intentions starts clicking the ads on your blog knowingly to get your account banned.

But, you don’t need to bother about this problem as Google has a very powerful system to detect and correct such fraudulent activities on your blog.

You only have to make sure that you don’t make invalid clicks by your own.

And, you only put maximum 3 display ads and 3 link ads on any page of your blog.

Don’t place ads too close to images and never put more than 2 display ads in the upper (front) fold of any pages. 

5 tips to keep your Adsense account Safe and Secure. 

Following 5 tips are expanded in details to keep these details straightforward for simple comprehension.

#1- Place your ads in right places

Google has clearly warned about the wrong ad placement. Avoid putting ads in such places that are not considered to be right.
# Don’t place your ads near the images in your blog posts. Some bloggers don’t bother about this and their ads also get placed nearby an image. Google thinks it as an act of deceiving users into clicking ads placed near by the images. You need to place ads far from the images on your blog. 
# Dont’t let your ads get overlapped with the content of your blog pages. Some people places ads too near the content and don’t give appropriate margin. I think you should place your ads at least 10 Px away from the content line. 

#2- Be Aware about What kind of Blogs or websites you add into your AdSense account

If you have an approved AdSense account you can add as many websites or blogs as you want to this account. But, some people start adding any kind of websites to it. They even take commissions from others and add their websites to their AdSense account without even thinking about the type of the websites.

Google strictly prohibits some types of websites to be added to any AdSense account, such as Adult sites, Gambling, Illegal, drugs related content, and others that have very low quality duplicate content.  This situation invites Google to ban your Adsense account permanently.

#3- Invalidly produced ad Clicks

Google Adsense clearly mentions this in their policies that you won’t click your own ads. This will be marked as a clear violation of their AdSense policies.  If you or any of your friends/relatives happen to click ads on your blog by mistake, fill out this invalid clicks activity form to tell Google about this immediately to avoid any damage to your account .

#4-  Encouraged Clicks / intentionally done clicks

# Don’t encourage other people in ANY way to click ads placed on your web pages. Don’t ask your relatives or friends to click on the ads. Instead, to keep your account safe, don’t tell them about the fact that you earn money when people click on the ads on your blog otherwise they might click on your ads thinking that they are helping you in getting more earnings.

# don’t use paid advertising for getting visitors and hence generating more AdSense revenue. This is called arbitrage. Buying ads from somewhere else and selling it on your website. Some, people think that they can invest X$ in paid advertising and can earn $Y from their AdSense.

Using Facebook ads, Google Adwords. Or any other means of paid ads to get visitors on your blog in a hope that they will click ads on your blog and you will earn much more than what you invested in paid ads. This is like using paid advertising in a deliberate way to earn more AdSense revenue.

Hot Tip-

*** If you want to use paid ads to gain more search engine traffic via Google AdWords, 7 Search, Bing Ads, etc, use a separate landing page where the visitors will be going after clicking the paid ads. OR drive your paid traffic to a page on your website or blog where you are not using any AdSense ads.

#5- Stay away from using Proxies (i.e HideMyAss) and Bots

Some people who are very new to blogging start thinking to make it big over night and who wants to earn several thousands of dollars per month. Rather than improving their blogging skills and organic web traffic to their blogs they try to take the short path of success. 

They fall pray to their greed to earn big without putting much hard work. By hearing from others they try their hands on some fraudulent software or tools that deceptively generate clicks on their ads from different locations using different IP addresses. 

There are such tools, like Hide My Ass, that can hide your original IP.  But, using such tools you can’t fool Google for longer. Sooner or later they are going to discover this thing, and once your unlawfully wrong activities are uncovered, your AdSense account will be permanently banned for sure. 

So, never try to fool Google using such tools or automated programs. Google has calculation for all these situations.

Hot tip:- Don’t place your Google ads anywhere except your websites or blogs. Don’t send your ads in email or to any other platforms, like Facebook iframe, etc.