SEO Blogging Tips- Analysing a Website or Blog - 10 SEO Tools for Webmasters and Bloggers

10 Best Free SEO Tools for Analyzing Blogs and Websites 

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List of 10 Best SEO Tools for Webmasters and Bloggers for optimizing a blog or website in terms of Keywords, Web Traffic, referral and Search Engine Traffic, Social Media Presence. You can check anything regarding your blog from simple things like Page rank, backlinks to the whole traffic and demographics of your site. This practice is very good SEO techniques for blogs and websites.

These are great SEO tools that give you a thorough knowledge about your websites ranking in search engines and its popularity among the readers. Optimization SEO Tools, like Google Webmaster, G Analytics, and G Trends are being used even by expert Internet marketers and SEO Consultants to dominate their niche market on the internet web. 

It is always good for your websites and blogs to get SEO optimized so that they can get the better possible exposure. Maximum exposure is a factor that determines the conversion rate. There are many free SEO tools available that can help in providing better analysis if your blog and website so that you can get the exposure that you intend to have and thus get better rate of conversion. Know about these tools so that you can consider them for your purpose. 

10 Best Free SEO Tools to Analyse any Website or Blog

List of top 10 Best FREE SEO tools for webmasters, website owners, and Bloggers to analyse any Website or Blog On/off page SEO wise 

Use the below listed free SEO tools for your website or blog for knowing the error prone areas on your web pages and to correct them and improve your site's rankings drastically by simply following the reports provided by these great tools :-

#1 Google Analytics

This is the major thing that is needed for SEO. There are various things to consider that include their qualification program. This is the tool that does all the possible things for marketers. It can provide the website owners with the idea about the sources of traffic and also the amount of traffic that is reaching the website. There is possibility for availing these details from a single click on dashboard which can make it possible for you to view these details at any point of time. You can get the details about the audience who have visited your website on the basis of the geography. It can also reveal the sources of the traffic along with the details of the contents that attract audience. And, you can also integrate your Google AdSense account to GA to optimize your AdSense earnings. 

The 5 Top most important basic things that you can know from Google Analytics (GA) are-

  1. Total number of daily/ weekly/ monthly visitors of your blogsite (New/returning).
  2. Total number of page views and page views per visitor.
  3. Bounce rate.
  4. Average time spent by users viewing a page of your site. 
  5. Social value of your blogsite in terms of visits, and social traffic.

#2 Google Webmaster - Tools

Google webmaster is a very basic and fundamental free SEO tool used by almost every webmaster and blogger. The first thing you do after setting up a new blog or site is that you verify it in GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) and then submit sitemap of it to get the most important stats of your website. There are tools that are available for webmasters for checking the index of their website with Google. 

These tools can allow submission of sitemap, checking crawl rate, getting the list of broken, external and internal links and also what keywords people use for finding the site. Via 'HTML Improvement' tab you can see whether your site is facing any duplicate content problem or similar others. 

5 Main things you should do while using Google webmaster Tools :-

Verify your blog or website and submit all kind of sitemaps in it by going to 'Crawl' tab.

#1- You should frequently check "links to your site" tab to make sure that your website has good backlinks. If you find bad or spammy backlinks then must try to remove them. And, recently Google has launched a new feature to fight spam and bad SEO practices. 

#2- Search Appearance Tab- use this place to find out common HTML errors regarding on-page SEO of your web pages. These are the some common web properties you will find details about them in this tab- 

Meta description:   
Duplicate meta descriptions
Long meta descriptions
Short meta descriptions
Title tag:

Missing title tags
Duplicate title tags
Long title tags
Short title tags
Non-informative title tags

Non-indexable content:

#3- Search Traffic Tab- Here you will find the basically most important things about your web pages.  There you will find these important items regarding search engine traffic for your website or blog :-

  1. Search Queries - Provides a full view of all the search engine queries and traffic originations. You can check what keywords are ranking good for your web page, what are the most prominent search engine queries and pages for your blogsite. In brief, it offers the full details about SERP and ranking of your web property.  
  2. Links to Your Site- It tells about which external websites are linking to your website and how many links they point towards your domain. A complete list of backlinks to your web. You can download them in excel sheet and analyse the backlinks to your site..
  3. Internal Links- This tells about the interlinking structure of your web pages. It speaks about what are your most linked pages and how many internal links they have individually.
  4. Manual Actions- most of the site see this line when we open this tab : "No manual webspam actions found." You can easily understand what is it all about. 
  5. International Targeting- You can target your users based on their location and language settings. If you want to target a particular country or language then use this tab to set the settings accordingly. Leave it untouched unless you are very specific about these options. 
 #4- Crawl Errors. Crawl Stats. robots.txt Tester. Sitemaps 

This is a very important place in Webmaster tools. Here you get notifications for crawl errors and indexing status. There is this 'sitemap' tab inside it where you can submit and resubmit sitemaps for your blogsite. Here you will find sitemap urls and details about url submission and indexing. There you will notice two important things:-

  1. Web pages : submitted (these are the number of total pages submitted to Google Webmaster Tools) 
  2. Web pages : Indexed (these are the number of actual web pages that are indexed by Google) 
Your indexing is great if both the numbers are same.  

#5- Fetch as Google

If i had arranged these things as per their importance, i would have placed "Fetch as Google" tab higher than this one. This is a very crucial tool in Google Webmaster Tools. You can instantly index any web page by submitting it here.Most bloggers complain that their web pages are not being indexed properly or quickly as expected. What you can do in this case is that you can submit your url by going to "Fetch as Google" tab. Here, you are given two options:-

  1. Crawl only this URL : If you fetch a single url then you should click this option. Here you can fetch 500 urls per month per webmaster account. This option recrawls a single url. It's a good practice to use this option every time you publish a new post. In this way your blog post will be indexed within minutes after the submission. On an average your url gets recrawled in 5 minutes. 
  2. Crawl this URL and its direct links : This option lets Google recrawl the url and the pages linked to the url. You get only 10 such submission per month per Webmaster account.   

#3 Bing Webmaster Tools 

This is something that is almost similar to the Google webmaster but it is useful for Bing Searches. Google is obviously the monster among the search engines, Bing also got a good amount of audience which makes it important for you to get the website optimized for Bing too. This SEO tool can help you in seeing data that are related with keywords, crawl errors, backlinks and also traffic sources. You can use the fetch as bingbot tool for seeing the page in the way Bing sees it so that you can troubleshoot the existing issues. You should definitely submit your website to Bing Webmaster tools as Yahoo and Bing have collabrated their search engines. Now Yahoo does'nt offer any separate 'add url' or 'submit a website' option, but it picks the indexing from Bing. So, if you add your blog to Bing, it also will get crawled by yahoo automatically.  

#4 Google Trends 

This is a free SEO tool that is relevant to be used by those individuals who are in need of searching some keywords that are relevant to their website. If you have a blog or website on any particular niche, you obviously wish it to get better ranking among others which can be accomplished by incorporating the most used keywords related with the niche in the contents of your blog or website. Google Trends, as the name suggests, actually tells you about the trends for a given keyword. It provides a comparative analysis of a given keyword. It presents a trend in graphical form for a given keyword in reference to time and location. You can even subscribe a search term or keyword from Google Trends .

Google Trends can give you a very comprehensive idea in a very short time about a keyword. If you put a keyword in "add an item" tab, it gives you a list of the top keywords (top searches) for the relevant searches. It also tells what are the top relevant keywords for a word and also tells where are made (countries and cities) the highest number of searches for them. I personally recommend this tool to fellow bloggers as this keeps you informed about your niche and it don't take much time to explore. Subscription feature in Google Trends works like 'icing on the cake'. 

#5 Google Adwords – Keywords Tool 

This is a tool that is made to be used for creating advertising campaigns that are paid and also for greater applications related with SEO. Small as well big advertisers around the world use Google Adwords for PPC advertising on Google and its connected networks of online publishers. Apart from paid advertising AdWords is widely used for researching keywords and search volumes for any niche for any location in the world. 
Google Adwords is a world renowned free tool unless you create paid advertising campaigns.  So, you must use this tool even if you don't intend to use paid advertising via it. Google Adwords is such a webmaster tool that is equally used as a free or paid options.

#6 SEOQuake 

This is a popular SEO plugin that can be used for both Firefox and Google chrome. This is helpful in displaying various SEO parameters that are related with the webpage which include Meta Info, Alexa rank, Bing Index, Google Index, Google Page Rank, Density, Diagnosis, etc . 
The first thing i use for checking meta titles, description, and keywords for any web page, is this this plugin. SEOQuake is a great help for webmasters and bloggers. 

#7 MozBar 

This is another great plugin that is used by expert level SEO consultants, bloggers, and webmasters around the web. It can be used on both Firefox and Google Chrome. It is available with many features that are advancer than SEO Quake. There is paid version available for this which can provide access for additional metrics as well as links for various other tools. Mozbar provides in-depth analysis for any page and it offers comparative view. Plugin highlights major on-page and off-page SEO problems with any web page and also offers some common remedies. 

#8 Open Site Explorer 

There are numerous online tools available for free which can be useful for checking the backlinks of websites. This is much popular because of its clean appearance and absence of popups.  5 Great free SEO tools offered by Open Site Explorer:-

  1. Open Site Explorer -Great tool for Researching and comparing backlinks with your competitors to improve your back linking power. A full report about backlinks.
  2. FollowerWonk-  For Twitter Analytics it provides full reports about Optimization and Social Growth of your twitter account.
  3. MozBar- An extensive and effective plugin for Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  4. Moz Local - Use this tool for Local Marketing. You can Check your business listings on Google Plus Local and other major local search engines.
  5. MozCast - To know about Google Changes and rankings of your blogsite. 

Explore the SEO benefits using these great SEO tools at OSE

#9 Hubspot Marketing – Grader 

This is the free tool that can provide details about the effectiveness associated with the marketing of any website or blog. The only thing that you need to so is to enter the URL that is related with the website and within seconds, the Grader can provide the marketing score of the website on the basis of 30 various factors. You can improve your website by the provided reports and results by the Grader. Check your website's online marketing grade 

#10 LinkChecker and Check my Links 

These are the tools that are much helpful in examining the links on the webpage and give the information to the owner regarding the links that are working and the ones that are not working. This is really a useful tool as links play a greater role in providing better conversion rate.Broken links could be very harmful for any website. You should use these tools to make sure that your website's links are working fine. Specially, the websites that have thousands of links are more prone for link breakage. 

Add on for Link checking- Link Checker
Link Checker and Validator 
Free Download link checker software that you can use on your computer

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