Why Alexa Rank is Important & How to Improve Alexa Ranking of your site?

Alexa Ranking Tips, It's Role and Importance for your blog. How you can improve Alexa rank of any blog or website? | 5 Simple Steps and rules to follow to make your blog's Alexa rank better than ever.

I have to say Alexa position of your website is an essential element. In this ranking system, the most preferred website will certainly acquire an excellent Alexa rank. Hence, improving Alexa rank of your blog must be included in top priorities in order to promote your blog

Alexa Ranking:5 Simple Tips to Improve Alexa Rank for your Blog or Sites

There are well over 633 million websites online worldwide. It is estimated that number of websites is increasing double fold each year. So, it's strongly recommended to improve your website or blog's Alexa position for the countries where the potential audience of your website resides. 

For an example, you can further target specific countries you want more traffic, like United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Canada, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, Bangladesh, etc. It is strongly recommended to improve Alexa rank of your blog in order to increase its market value. You can do so by following the 5 simple steps given below. 

Introduction :-

Yet it is very evident that to improve Alexa ranking of your website or blog you should try to improve the number of daily unique visitors and web traffic to your site. This is the single most important factor that impacts the Alexa rankings drastically for any web. 

So, I did a little online research and study to dig dipper into it and have discovered some methods to enhance Alexa ranking position of your blog site. The techniques mentioned here are very practical, real, and achievable.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is an Internet Info based company that provides importantly brief information about websites on the Internet web and the company is owned by world renowned Amazon.

Alexa provides the ranking information of a website based upon a website's visibility and popularity over the Internet. Alexa ranking provides metrics that figure out the top quality of Internet sites in superiority format.

Like a grading device in a school where it chooses the ranking of kids, the greatest grade-maker child obtains primary ranking;.2nd highest grade producer acquires the 2nd ranking, and so forth.

In case of blogs and websites, the daily number of quality traffic, website visitors, and web page insights make a point that helps Alexa decide the rank of a website or blog compared to other sites. Alexa offers a comparative ranking mostly based on the traffic and unique number of daily visitors. 

More the daily traffic on your website, more is the possibility of raising Alexa rankings. 

Alexa ranking is updated on a daily basis and hence it changes everyday for every website or blog.

Alexa ranking is depicted by two types-

  1. Local country based Alexa ranking
  2. Global Alexa ranking

Exactly how Alexa Plays an important role for your blog or Web site?

Even If you are intending to sell advertisement space on your blog site, Alexa ranking plays a significant part. Marketers make use of Alexa ranking to figure out the appeal, number of visitors, web traffic and the scope of your blog/website.

A blog site would definitely have great edge if it enjoys very good Alexa rank. After the Google Page rank, it's the second most important factor that is taken into account while assessing your website in terms of traffic scope, visibility, and value.

Sites with better ranking are considered valuable and other marketers, advertisers, and commentators show more interest in them compared to the sites with poor Alexa ranks. 

The 5 Simple tips to improve Alexa ranking for your blog site are-

#1 Installing the toolbar for Alexa-

Alexa is considered as a benchmark at the time of considering the number of Internet services that are offered to multiple websites. Therefore it is very essential for your visitors to have the Alexa toolbar installed as it directly increases your web traffic. 

Alexa is only known to count the incoming traffic when the toolbar is installed. Thus you need to install the toolbar in your blog for your blog promotion. You should also convince your blog readers for installing the same toolbar in their respective blogs as it is considered as an excellent way of getting more traffic rank.

You can also install this toolbar in your browser along with setting your website as home page.

If you want to get more Alexa ranking you can also recommend your friends to install the toolbar in their browsers that helps in you getting more web traffic.

Keep checking your blog's Alexa rank EVERYDAY using the Toolbar ( you can download/install the toolbar in any browser as an extension or Add-on)

Install the Alexa Traffic rank Toolbar for Google Chrome Browser

Installing Alexa widget- 

But being a blogger, it is not possible to ask every blog readers of your blog to install Alexa toolbar in their browsers and blogs. Rather you can ask them to install only the Alexa rank widget in their blogs which helps your and their blogs of getting good Alexa rankings along with getting maximum exposure online. 

Thus it you get yourself your own dedicated Alexa toolbar on your site or blog and use it on a regular basis, it can be really very beneficial for your website and web ranking.

Thus the more you will get Alexa toolbar on your website; you will easily rank up higher on the rank ladder. Therefore you should be completely sure that you have your own widget on your blog or site and you can even place traffic stats widgets which will look very good in the footer or site bar.

#2 Submit articles, your blog in various top blog directories

It has been noticed the more impression your blog have the more +ve change you see in your Alexa rank. The reason is simple- the more visibility your blog have on SERP's and other referring sites, the better for Alexa rank.

Once you submit your blog or website on many of blog directories or publish articles (with inserted links back to your blog) on article directory sites. In this way your blog gets quick traffic and impressions from these quality referral sites and as a result Alexa also reflects the same good change in their grading system for your blog. 

It is a quick and fastest way to boost your ranks by submitting your site over quality promotional webs, including :-  

#3 Write a good review about Alexa & invite others to review your blog on Alexa-

when you visit Alexa, you must have noticed the review tab and it is a great way in which the Alexa rank to your blog can improve immensely. Like most of the websites and blogs, Alexa also appreciate good back links and reviews and if you are thinking of boosting your Alexa ranking quickly and easily then the best and most simple way is to write a good ranking about Alexa.

When you write a good review about Alexa you can post the review on your blog and give the back links to the Alexa blog to get more exposure and traffic. If your blog have a trusted user base then you can also ask them to write reviews on Alexa regarding your website so that you can get more traffic.

Asking your friends for some good reviews is a good way to start as more and more people will start following it which will increase your web traffic. Thus if more and more visitors give review about your website or blog, it is an excellent way of getting more Alexa rank and traffic.

#4 Publish Quality Content-

Content is the king of all your business endeavors and quality content is even applicable to the Alexa ranking as well. Therefore it is very essential for your blog to have good and quality content so that the ranking of your blog can increase rapidly and quickly.

You can also create a link bait on your blog as it a way of linking the content of your website or blog to other sites. Like the other networks, Alexa also love website that posts content regarding it as it enables their users to know about the value and credibility of Alexa in the current Internet market. 

Thus when you add high quality content, Alexa will help you climb the rank ladder.

#5 Make Full Use of Social Media-

you should always remember to share your posts and website links on a social network platforms as it is an excellent way to improving your traffic ranking of your website or blog. 

[ How to get Traffic from Social Media Sites ]

It is a very effective way of maximizing your reach to millions of people with the social media within a few seconds. When you share your content with a large number of people, it will enable you to get more traffic and better rank.

Therefore share quality content with people for promoting your website or blog to that you can get more social exposure and hence more traffic to your blog. 

More traffic/blog impressions = better Alexa rank.

Hot Tip- Update your blog or website Regularly. It's a fantastic method to boost your Alexa ranking. Alexa consistently monitors every new blog updates. 

And, you have heard a lot about blog frequency and frequent updates. It keeps a blog fresh and new which is a very important property of a blog and this thing drastically differentiates a blog from a website in tradition sense. 

This not only helps in Alexa rank but also in Google rankings. After all, a blog is all about a web place that is always alive and abuzz with fresh new content, social sharing, and discussions.