Why Bloggers should show more Interest in Pinterest? The 10 Ways to get Social Traffic for your blog via Pinterest?

Pinterest social networking site - How bloggers and Webmasters could generate a lot of Interest in their sites with it? | How to optimize social media traffic from Pinterest Pins, Channels, and Boards?

10 Ways to perform better on Pinterest. Tips on making your social media campaigns more Optimized : 
Pinterest is one of the most popular social web and it does not need any introduction. It is very successful among users from every walk of life. That's why it is ranked as #6 in the list of top 10 best social networking websites in United States. Pinterest is a great networking site to get free social media traffic for your blog.
Traffic from social marketing sites is one of the most important factors for the success of any business and due to the change in the search engine algorithms of Google all web designers and marketers are looking for ways for boosting their seo results. Therefore it is very important for every business owner to share and engage more on social media so that they can achieve positive Search engine results.
There are some tips that help you to get more traffic to your website from social networking sites.
Boost your search query volume- there are a large number of social networking sites where you can meet like-minded business owners and fans for your brand which helps in building relationship. Thus it is very important to boost your search results with the help of these social platforms.

10 Ways to promote blog sites using Pinterest Social networking traffic

Content Indexation and social media traffic -

To increase the social media rankings you need to have a constantly active profile of your blog, website, or company on several good social networking websites. Google and other search engines always index a site more quickly if it has good presence over social media sites. By using front most social media tools  you can get a great deal of traffic to your blog and as a result it will boost your blog's earnings. This is one of the best methods described in How to recover a blog from lack of earning.

In order to further increase the search engine traffic for your blog, you must have more quality backlinks pointing to it from good PRed sites from your niche. Plus adding relevant content on your blogsite regularly will help in adding more search traffic to your website.

The 10 ways to get traffic for your blog from Pinterest social networking site -

Follow the below listed tips to increase your blog's social presence over Pinterest. Over the period of some time you will start seeing good results from. You can easily track your Pinterest traffic record from your Google Analytics account.

#1 Post according to your reader or customer groups - 

Social media platforms help you to drive more traffic to your website and therefore you should be present where your readers or customers are so that you can get more traffic to your website or blog. Today, Pinterest is being visited by every kind of visitors, so there are 100% chances that there are good number of visitors who are interested in your niche and hence in your content. So, search, browse, explore, follow the places on Pinterest that share the same content like yours.
You should follow and repin others in the initial phase of your establishment at Pinterest network. Share and Comment on others content and they will also share yours to return the favor.

#2  Add your website to Pins

Add every page of your blogsite on Pinterest and arrange them as per their topic and subject. Don't put all of your web links in a single board. It is very important to add your website address to your images as it is way of free promotion. When your pin is re-pinned along with your website address, it gets noticed by thousands of people. Thus your website should be visible to people for them to see. Pin address also prevents people from stealing your images and adding logo to your images helps in getting more traffic from Pinterest to promote your blog.

#3 Create eye catching images- 

Always include images in your blog posts so that you can share them on your Pinterest Pin Boards. The featured image for your article can help you get it pinned on the Pinterest boards. You can also add titles of your blog posts to these images which depicts the consistency in the images used on your Pinterest page.

#4 Add URL to pin description- 

Pinterest adds a link to the image of your website automatically where the user only need to click link to visit the page where the image is located or to your pin description. This is a simple process to getting traffic to your blog with Pinterest.

#5 Write pin description- 

This description is appeared under the pin image and even provides additional information regarding your blog post. Therefore you should always write an excellent pin description which is visible to the users about your blog posts to get more traffic via search engines->Pinterest->your blog . Pinterest is consistently indexed and visited by search engines and even it appears in search engines result pages for the relevant keywords.

#6 Create a blog board- 

Creating a blog board specifically for your blog is an excellent way of highlighting your blog. You should also use your unique blog name as board name.
Include board description- you should create a board specifically for your blog and add a board description so that you can get noticed in searches. Adding varieties of your niche keywords relating to your subject is very important so that you can get more traffic to your website.

#7 Include call to action- 

Adding "call to action" items can work in a positive way to get more traffic to your blog post as you will get higher click through rates when a large number of people click on the link provided by you.

#8 Add board categories- 

It is an excellent way in which a large number of people see your pin when you add categories to your board. Along with appearing on the feeds of people following you, your blog will also be visible to people who are connected to you. This even provides more exposure to your blog post so that you can drive more traffic to your website.

#9 Link photos to your blog post- 

It is very important to link your pins to its original source. You should also redirect the pin to your blog so that more people can visit your website and your blog.

#10 Track traffic to your blog post from Pinterest- 

The pins for your blog posts are in your sleeted board and appear in your pins which makes it easy for people to see your pin who are following you. When people find your pin interesting they are directed to your blog post and they can even repin your blog post for sharing it with other people following them. 

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