5 Best Methods for Increasing LinkedIn Social Media Traffic to Your Blog

5 Top Free advertising Techniques to increase LinkedIn Social Traffic to Your Blog site.

How to use LinkedIn to drive more social traffic fro your blog? | 5 Social Media Optimization tips using LinkedIn to Promote your blogs|

LinkedIn is a social networking sites that is helpful in connecting with the professional peoples in your niche. Any entrepreneur or person working with blogs can make use of the intense capabilities of LinkedIn for making the adequate amount of traffic to their blog or website. 

LinkedIn social media traffic optimization Tips & Techniques

The profile in LinkedIn can be helpful to be used as a referral source in the case of your blog. There are good chances for you to make a lot of social media traffic to your blog. 

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LinkedIn - a Great Source of Targeted Social Media Traffic:

By increasing the visibility of your blog on LinkedIn it could improve the overall traffic substantially as social signals from high authority media sites are highly valued by Google and other top search engines on the Internet. This is another good way to promote your blogs FREE.

So, if you are willing to improve social media traffic to your blog, you must also include LinkedIn in your " Social media: To Do" list. This can make your blog more visible socially. t of time for making your profile get enhanced for making it more attractive. 

There are certainly lot of things that you can do to grow the social media traffic to your blog from Linked, but we have picked the best 5 techniques of them. To read more on social media marketing and traffic read one of the best social media blogs- Social Media Examiner 

Social Media Optimization Tips for LinkedIn to get Social Traffic to your Content:-

Follow the below listed tips and i am sure you will be happier than before when you check the social stats of your blog. To analyse the social media traffic for your blog use Google Analytics.

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#1. Adding Links in Profile

Links in your profile is the important point that can help in increasing the traffic back to your blog. There are chances for the individuals who are interested in learning more about you by clicking the links. 

Showcasing interesting and descriptive links in your profile can make your visitors encourage to go through that by clicking it and thus you can make the traffic to your blog. 

To further increase traffic substantially, i would suggest you to publish articles, or brief details about any topic on your blog via " Publication Feature" in your LinkedIn Profile ->

 <- See the Icon on your profile page. Here you can publish small articles related to your blog's niche and get backlinks from there.

Through this way, there is a lot of possibility for your profile in LinkedIn to act as a gateway to the posts from your blog. It makes it necessary for you to have LinkedIn profile for better exposure to your blog. 

#2. Building More Connections that share skills & Interests similar to you.

If you are really interested in making your blog get much amount of traffic through LinkedIn, make sure that you make numerous connections so that the blog can get better amount of traffic once you share anything on your LinkedIn Profile page or in Groups. 

It is important for you to make your connections as much wide as possible so that you can be visible to many people and thus your blog traffic can be increased. 

Make sure that you are connecting with all those individuals who can be of some relation with your niche or whom you think can be helpful in promoting your blog in one way or another. 

#3. Get Engaged for Driving Views to the LinkedIn Profile and also Get Active in the niche Groups.

It may not take much amount of activity for you stand out in LinkedIn. All that you need to do is to spend some time on the network for making sure that you are active and visible there. 

It is necessary for you to keep updating your profile. You can also make postings on your status update. Posting to the LinkedIn company page of yours, commenting on the status updates by others, etc are some activities that make you more visible. 

Join niche Linked Groups and try to drive some good traffic from there by making quality discussions. You can also create your own LinkedIn Groups for social sharing. 

#4. Try to be Visible on LinkedIn to the Maximum Time you can!

It is always good for you to be online on LinkedIn to the maximum time possible. There is possibility for you to use the mobile application of LinkedIn so that you can always stay online and connect with your members instantly which is a good factor that can increase traffic to your blog immensely. 

Try to reply or comment on others content and like their posts and in this way you can get good exposure to your profile page.

#5. Posting the Blog Articles in the Form of Status Updates 

It is always good to make the blog articles posted in the form of status updates and also make sure that you provide link to the articles. 

This will be posted as status update on profile and it will be visible to your connections, and anyone else who ever comes at your profile page. 

Hot tip:  By going to your privacy settings, make sure that you are not restricting anyone to view your status updates and other important things on your profile page. 

If you are using LinkedIn to promote your web pages, then you should make everything on your profile visible to anyone and everyone.

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Over to you- 

Different people use different techniques. Please share what creates good LinkedIn traffic for you and what are the other methods you use to drive traffic from social channels.  

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