10 Best Social Media and Networking Websites for United States where you could spend your quality online time rather than being visible only on Facebook

With new social media platforms appearing every now and then, it is becoming hard for Americans to know exactly where to commit their time and resources. Don’t worry,  
this article will give you the list of top 10 best social networking websites in the US of 2014-2015 where you could spend your online time while interacting and connecting with the like minded people. 

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Just read on. We have these networking media sites listed in ascending popularity order. Also read about the top 10 best social networking websites in the World
10 Greatest Social Networking Sites in the United States for 2015

#10 Badoo

As you read though this blog post, you will appreciate that the period between 2003 and 2006 appears to have been the most suitable time to launch social networking website. 
Badoo was launched in this period. It’s a great networking site for people who want to date, interact or chat with similar minds. 

Badoo has more than 180 million registered users, and its Facebook page has well above 8.7 million likes. Badoo.com scores more than 0.5 million likes on Google Games apps. This gets it in the list of the top 10 social media websites.

#9 Flickr

Flickr social networking site is fully dedicated to photos, pictures and image lovers. Further, artists, bloggers and professional photographer will find Flickr to be among the best website in the US. Flicker is owned by yahoo. 

Although it’s relatively new in the social networking arena, if compared with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, Flicker is great for one thing; photos. If you love different kind of photography and pictures, then you would love Flickr. Photos are posted by ametuer as well as expert photographers. 

#8  Hi5

Hi5 was recorded as the world's fastest growing social networking website in the first half of 2008; it is the largest site of its kind that you may have never heard of. It grew 78 percent in the first half of 2008.

Hi5 was launched in 2003 and it is based in San Francisco, USA. It is one of the best social websites for United States America when it comes to social networking.

#7 YouTube

Actually, YouTube is not one of those websites you would traditionally call social networking website. It used to be a place where people could go and upload video or view videos. However, it has become one among the top 10 best social media websites. People interact and react on YouTube through video, comments, likes and text. 

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#6. Pinterest

Of course, people like pictures and this being the case; they are bound to share them with friends and families. This is one the largest part that made Facebook very successful. Pinterest has some of the attributes of facebook such as uploading photos, sharing comments, likes etc. Further, it combines the elements of Twitter where you can follow others. It’s a great social networking website. Actually, it’s among the top 10 in the US.

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#5. MySpace

MySpace was the very first best websites in USA for social networking before Facebook became what it is today. It was the first website that gave people a real sense of what online social networking is. It was noticed in 2003 while Facebook was launched in 2004.

#4 Google+

Google was quick to recognize the high attention the top 10 networking websites were enjoying. What happened then? Google launched Google Plus and has so far managed to get it in the list of the top 4 social networking websites in only 3 years. Kudos!

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#3 LinkedIn

After spending a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook, what do people feel they need? Well, they become serious and get into commercial activities to generate income. They behave as professional and talk in business language. This is what you get on this social media. Actually, LinkedIn ranks number 3 in the list of the top 10 best social networking sites in USA. It claims a membership of 35 million individuals, and profiles from all executives in the Fortune 500 companies.

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#2 Twitter

Part web services, part website – Twitter is an online social site where members can create profiles, and then build a network of people they follow. The messages called tweets are very short SMS. Normally, not more than 140 characters long.

#1 Facebook

In 2004, Mark zuckerberg launched Facebook from his doom in Harvard University and started asking his fellow student to fill in profiles and search those of their friends. It was a smashing success almost instantaneously. Today, Facebook ranks as the best social media website in the US and is the No#1 networking website of the World around.

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