Why your blog is not making you money? How to improve your blogging to make it a success. How you can can grow your blog to the next higher level?

[Problem solved! 10 common reasons and causes for why you are not making good enough money from your blogging? Blogging Tips and answers on some common problems, as listed above]

Most people start blogs hoping to make online income quickly. Unfortunately, a research by Google tells that only 70% of bloggers manage to make money blogging: This is the percentage of individuals who receive at least $50 per month form their blogs. So, which are the mistakes that the rest 30% make? Why are they not making money from their blog? Are there blogging tips you can learn to help you improve your blogging and start seeing income stream in at the end of each month? Fortunately for you, this post will give you answers to all these questions. It will give you reasons why you are not making money from your blog and possible solutions. Just read on. 

# 1 - The money is in the Blog Traffic. Are you getting enough of it? 

More web traffic = More money blogging

This is perhaps the most vital issue with bloggers not making enough money from blogging. Whether you are earning through AdSense, referral, or Amazon, Web traffic is the single most important factor responsible for your blog not generating enough money for you. This is a general fact. And, the universal rule is, more traffic =more money. But, comparatively, there are other factors that may play bigger role. For an example, Blogger A gets 100 visits and make $10 per day while Blogger B gets 200 visits and only makes $7 per day. The reason? simply because the traffic is not the only factor that contributes to the money generation process. 
May be the 'Blogger A' in the question has -

  • Highly paying Niche (better CTR or CPC)
  • Better Quality content ( so higher CPC)
  • More number of visitors coming from the countries where users buy more or click more than others and/OR have high CPC. 
  • Better quality of traffic. 
  • More number of visits through serach engines.  
And, still, there could be many of other possible reasons that may play prime role in deciding the fate of your earnings from blogging.

   So, how to overcome the problem of les traffic?

Well, there are 100's of ways and methods you can use to improve the blog traffic drastically. But, always use white hat techniques (though, you can do away with Black Hat techniques very well provided that you are solely earning from affiliate marketing or (re)selling services.).

For a quick start, use these 12 helpful posts to drive huge traffic to your blog or website-

#2. What methods do you use to earn money from your blog?

Best Ways-methods to Earn Money via Blogging

Well, this is the biggest factor that helps to determine how much money you may earn from blogging. There are several ways to monetize your blog or generate revenue from your blogs. But, you must correctly decide what are the best suitable methods and ways to earn money from your blog. While most of the bloggers make money blogging via AdSense method, wherease some people earn really good income from affiliate marketing, and others use banner or paid ads on their blogs to monetize them. 
Firstly, decide which way you want to make money and then make your blogging according to that. Read this post to know about what are the best ways to make money blogging Some bloggers don't make any strategy for how they would make money through their blogs. They don't have any plan and so they can't get focused, and ultimately they fail to deliver the result due to the lack of determination and well planning. As like other professions, blogging also need to be well thought over before making it a reality. So, your first step should be to think about how you are going to make money blogging. Adsense? Affiliate marketing? reselling? or paid banner advertising ?? Offering services to others?   

#3. Think about your blog's niche

Decide what Niche is best for you to make money from Blogging!

The Niche of your blog is the single most important factor in determining on how much money you can make with your blog, apart from web traffic and the advertising you use to monetize it. For an ex. If two blogs are getting the same traffic from the same locations and are using the same advertisement options, even then they may generate very very different earnings. Why? The answer is: "Niche" or "topic" of the blogs. Niche may effect a blog's earnings in two ways- 
  1. Your niche is low/high paid. Every niche has their own keywords value. For an ex, the keywords related to finance, insurance, credit, loans, etc get really high earnings per click while certain niches get very low rates, like games, music, etc.
  2. You are not targetting your niche very well. If everything is fine except the fact that your blog does not have a targeted niche, then your earnings might be down compared to the blogs that focus on a single niche. These bloggers write posts based on their niche and they don't divert from it. In this case your blog gets good targeted traffic from a certain niche and your keywords carry good value. So, you must choose the right niche for your blog.      

#4. Blog posting frequency

Web traffic V/s Blog-Posting Frequency

Not Posting Enough
This is the surest way to lose traction as a blogger. If you want to generate regular readers and comments, you have got to post regularly. It keeps your blog updated and fresh among your readers and search engines and many other content burning platforms. So, try to publish posts regularly on your blog and it will start growing steadily, thus, it will result in more money for you. Your blogging money can only increase when you have your blog growing by publishing quality content consistently.

Posting too much

Quanity is not counted much, it's the quality of your writing that matters most. I have seen many bloggers who just pump out blog posts in every hour of 200-300 words. They just care about numbers and don't want to dive deeper on a topic at hand. So, instead of writing low quality countless posts, focus on writing high quality posts that are written directly from your heart. Let your readers know who is behind the content. Your personal glimpses found in your content is must have ingredients to include.

Write some impressive and authoritative blog posts. These posts will work as an anchor for your blog and will drive lot of traffic and sights to your blog. Give your readers some good reasons to connect with you by writing high quality interestingly useful content.

Posting too often does not give your readers an opportunity to comment. It only gives the impression that you do not care about their opinion, and that you have moved on to the next topic. Of course, the question now comes, how many post should you make in a week? Well, there are no hard and fast rules around this, but posting at least 4-5 high quality posts is the best. It is what will give you the traffic and a check at end of month

Hint : More blog posts/day = More traffic (given that the quality of your posts is maintained and not compromized)  

#5. Blog template- is your's good enough? 

Better Blog-Template = More money Blogging

Your blog Template : effect on your earnings- 
Whether you are earning from Adsense, infolinks, Chitika, Affiliate marketing ( Clickbank, eBay, Amazon, CJ, etc) or from any other ways, the template of your blog may contribute a lot in improving or spoiling your earnings. For ex, Adsense ads are highly dependant on their palcement and sizes and, so you have to make sure that your blog template is fully supporting these formats and selections and has all of the capabilities required to showcase your ads/ products in very apt manner.
: Effect on your readers-
Ensure your blog is simple to navigate and easy to read. Content text tool small or big? Is it clearly marked where your readers should click to comment? Is your blog loaded with adware? If at all, you are hoping to make money from your blog, make it a nice place for people to visit.
A template is as important for a blog as the body for any human. A template or theme is like a body to any blog. And, off-course, content is like the soul for a blog.

If you are using Blogger Blogspot blog, then find this post to get Free premium Blogger templates

#6. Problem: Not commenting on other community blogs. Help: Comment. Connect. Share others work

Make Comments.Connect with others. Share on social media

If you want returns, you have got to invest. It is a, “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours kind of world.” Start by finding bloggers with similar interest as you and leave comments. Don’t worry about commenting on someone else blog that you don’t know. Almost all of the bloggers are in the business of making money blogging and earning comments is among the things that will ultimately lead to the dollars. If they didn’t want you to comment, they would turn off the comment box or make their blogs private. There are lot of benefits of commenting on relevant blogs.

The direct and indirect benefits :-
Direct Benefits:  By commenting on the other blogs that are similar and relevant to your own blog you get good amount of consistent traffic, quality backlinks, and online reputation.
Indirect Benefits: You learn new things from other bloggers by reading their content and it could open new doors of opportunities for you that may have been unexplored earlier. You get to build up your own community where you could connect with similar minded people and that could be very beneficial in long run. Getting the desired Inspiration and Motivation are other added advantages you receive when you connect with other poeple who are also write blogs for making a living on line.  

#7. Problem: Writing too much about yourself. Fix: Give others and you will get more in return.

First you give and then you get much more of what you gave!

Face it here. Your visitors don’t want to hear all that stuff about how intelligent you are, how rich you are etc. Not unless you are Hussein Bolt or Beyonce Knowles. Sound blogging tips tell that you should concentrate on giving your readers quality content that is inspiring and informative. This is what will give you money at the end. People are visiting your blog because they find the content that they are interested in, and some way or the other, people like the blogs that provides them with the expert insights, advices, guidelines, free stuff, useful Info, techniques, tools, and a reason to read further.

All of the succesful bloggers know the fact that you only get something when you start giving others. 'Give and take' policy also works wonders in blogging field as well as anywhere else. So, always ask yourself before posting : "what are you going to deliver with this post?", "why would someone read the post?", etc. Give your readers the reasons to come back to read your blog again, and again, and again!  

#8. Not networking’ it? Be social! make worthful connections and engagements on social spheres.  

Connect. Share. Make meaningful engagements with your social-ciccles
Connect. Share. Make meaningful engagements with your social-ciccles

People who make money blogging, network with one another. The best way for you to do this is to have a blog roll. This is simply a list of other bloggers on your sidebar of bloggers you like reading their work. This makes it easy for readers to find you and for your readers to find them. In addition, join bloggers web rings in your niche. This makes it easy for other bloggers with similar interests to link-up with you. Follow similarly like-minded bloggers and people who belong to your niche. Make a good network of the the people in your community. Connect and follow them on social networking sites and most of them will follow you back. Leave comments on the shared stories or posts by your circles. Engagement is the key while networking on the social spheres. You can even generate good traffic or leads via social connections if you are connected with them very well.

Ignoring your readers

A good blogger asks his or her readers for their opinion. Simply share your story, complaint, thoughts and ask your readers to comment. Apart from making them feel appreciated, it is a great way to keep them engaged. We all feel good when our contributions are appreciated. Don’t we?

#9. Problem: You write purely for SEO. Solution: Stay natural and use Healthy SEO techniques

Healthy SEO Practices for Generating backlinks $ Blog Traffic Naturally!

Writing exclusively for search engine optimization will boot off our readers. Writing purely for SEO does not make a blog better in terms of monetizing it. If you are only writing for the robots, then human readers will have little to no benefits from your content and they will never visit your blog again. In simple terms, do not let Google turn your blog into a keyword processing machine. A great blogging tip is to always focus on generating content that is SEO friendly and useful to your readers. It’s the only way you are going to make money blogging.

Write for your audience first, then optimize for search engines later. Many of the bloggers who try to overly optimize their blogs may initially get good traffic, but in the long run may loose the traffic suddenly because of the strict quality rules by Google and other major players. Sooner or later, your blog going to get penalized for being too much SEOed. Now, the time has changes and so should you if you want to stay in the good positions. Maintaining Online reputation is becoming more common norm among online publishers. A must read for the same- Natural SEO and healthy back link building tips 

#10. Problem: You focus on word count. Answer : Count on Quality and relevancy 

Let the quality be well over the quantity

Does this sound familiar to what you have been doing on your blog? The idea that long content is better has been heavily promoted by some, but this is wrong. Unless you can make it useful, I would advise you to stick to shorter post that gives value to readers. Ideally, let your blog posts be around 400-700 words. If you can make them longer and maintain the content, that is great!

Best of the blogging tips tell that your idea should be to communicate a message. Not to provide poor quality articles that goes on and on…no human reader will waste his or her time on such staff. Your readers are looking out for some useful information or tips that they can use themselves to their own goodwill. People visits blog due to their own reasons, so provide them what they are searching for. A successful blogger always try to serve others with his blog writings.

Quality over Quantity:

I would suggest you to visit Seth Godin Blog - a marvelliously popular blog. And, see the word counts in his blog posts! I was shocked to see that initially, but later i got to understand his way of writing and his stature among the blogging community. He has more than 0.25 Million Subscribers and adding 500-1000 everyday! I know very few poeple can create this magic, but, still it's a good idea to get a glimplse of his writings and surely you will learn some thing and could make yourself very successful if you can do even 10% of what he does there!   

The bottom line- making money blogging is all about providing value to the human readers, when at the same time remaining SEO friendly. Remember- "small may be more".
I suggest you check out Google panda rules. They will help you further. Read more Blogging related useful content on our blog.