How to successfully promote and advertise your small business using forum Internet marketing.

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Forum marketing is one of the best online advertising methods to make your business stand out from the crowd. This is because a large section of forum users are open to online purchasing. 

Further, 22% of business forum users (according to a report by Google in 2013) are accomplished bloggers and experts in their particular niches. 

So, it really pays to promote your business through forums. It's easy, effective, quick, simple, and FREE! Forum posting is one of the best business marketing techniques that are used solely over the Internet.

7 tips for business marketing via forum posting

Forum advertising is return on investment strategy. Showcasing your products to this savvy and influential clientele helps in getting your message far and wide. 

But how do you make the most out of this internet marketing technique

Which are the best business forums to conduct your campaign in?

Just read on: This article will give you top tips on how to effectively conduct forum marketing. It’s a comprehensive guide.

7 simple yet effective Tips for the betterment of your business marketing via Internet forum sites 

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#1. Find the Appropriate Forums

Not that not all business forums are worth your time and energy. Commence by asking your suppliers, employees, and customers which forums they use. You can also get some ideas by searching from forum hub sites such as Big Boards, Board Tracker and Board Reader using your niche specific keywords.

To help you narrow down your search to the best 5-10 business forums, apply the following criteria:

· Search for online advertising forums with at least 10,000 posts and 1,000 members.

· Ensure the forum receives at least 10 to 15 posts daily.

· Avoid using forums that are directly hosted by your competitors

· Ignore forums that seem to be loaded with spam.

To give you a good start, i have a list of best 100 Internet Forums in the World for online advertising, business, marketing, SEO, etc

#2. Create a Forum Account

In most Internet marketing forums, seniority pays. Users with old registrations are given more preference than fresh members. Some forums even block newbies from posting for the first couple of days.

Create a forum Account0400x200
Creating an Account at a forum

Given the enormous benefits of early registration, it is advisable that you create your account ASAP. However, don’t let this point lead you to conclude that forum marketing is just one of the many targets to help you kick start your hot new advertising targets. 

It is a long term advertising channel for your enterprise. It will take time before you start seeing results, but once they start streaming in, you will have all the reasons to smile.

#3. Review the User Agreement and Posting guidelines

As you create your account, you will be requested to sign your user agreement. Read these rules and guidelines carefully. I know there are a lot of legal stuff in there but don’t be tempted to tick and move on to the next page. 

Some of the vital issues you should check out include:

· Are users permitted to place link in posts?

· Are users permitted to promote their businesses?

· Are users permitted to establish contact with other members for business reasons?

· What are the special status and privileges offered to veterans?

· What restrictions are imposed on new users? Etc.

#4. Pick a Unique Avatar and User Name

Your user name and avatar are the first real thing new users see the moment they start reviewing your work. Ideally, use a name that identifies your brand. 

It’s more helpful than using your real names since your intention is to market your business. 

Avatars are small photos attached to your product, a high resolution picture of your head, pet or product is the best. Avoid using photo that might be regarded controversial or offensive.

#5. Create a Great Profile

A good profile can easily help you command credibility in online marketing. Give a solid and consistent description of your experience and expertise. Ideally, add a couple of elements that humanize your profile.

Create a Great Profile at forums-600x400
Creating a Great looking Profile at Forums has immense effects

For example, talk about your hometown, your favorite sport, your pet’s name and so on. Stay away from polarizing information; for example, your religious and political affiliations. 

Above all, don’t forget to provide contact info so that other users can reach you if they are interested in learning or doing business with you.

A word of caution: spammers and identity thieves utilize business forums to steal personal information. 

To keep safe, only share as much information as you would not mind being made public such.

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#6. Spend Time Lurking

Resist the urge to commence posting immediately. Forums are tight –knit communities that tend to shun newcomers. Spend a couple of hours reading through the forum to get a sense of what sells. 

Note who are dominant users are, and befriend them. You should also learn the preferred topics in the forum. Lastly, give quality post.

#7. Don't shy away from taking the paid/premium opportunities-

Generally, Internet forums offer exclusive marketing opportunities to their premium or paid members. They either allow you to create threads with your sales pages or business marketing banners, or simply a dedicated space where you can showcase your services to the forum members and guests.

Some forums even let you submit articles or blog posts for free or for some nominal charges. Take the premium membership or paid plans if you have a good sales page or service that you can advertise in front of several thousand members.

This could be great opportunity to market your business to targeted audience. And, the return on investment is always good as your services will be read or seen by the people who are already having the same background and business interests as yours. 

For example, you are a small web designing company and you find a good forum that is based on web designing niche, then you have very good market for your products as the forum has the members most of whom are already interested in web designing 

So, you may stand really good chances to develop good leads and sales from there by investing only a very small fraction of what you get in return for the premium memberships or paid plans.

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Over to you: 

Well, these are the seven tips on Internet marketing through business forums. Do you feel like you can now successfully deep your feet in it? Feel free to put down your comments and let the world know your opinion.