Media.Net Vs Google AdSense: 7 'Must know' reasons for bloggers and publishers to reconsider the choice! Is it the best alternate to Google AdSense for Bloggers and website owners? 7 reasons to consider for why you should try for your blog sites

Do you make money blogging via content monetization? Have you tried and tired of Google Adsense? Think of -  Today's one of the best ad networks for online publishers and bloggers. Read a brief review about their features and why they are preferred by many to show paid ads on their websites or blogs. Though, there are also bloggers that use other popular methods of monetizing their blog content. is truly the best alternate to Adsense and specially to those whose AdSense account got banned or for some reason they could not join Adsense. The payout method is very easy and smooth compared to Google. Is seriously a viable alternative to AdSense? read on..

Media-net-vs-Google-AdSense-best-alternates-for-bloggers-publishers as a best Google AdSense alternate for bloggers-publishers

Technology advancement is being experienced in every field today, and most of us are subject to inevitable benefits. Bloggers and advertisers are more so affected since they ought to change with the trending world of online business. For a long time now, Google AdSense has been preferred by many bloggers, publishers and advertisers. However, their harsh rules and regulations have seen them lose popularity. They make you lose hope of making money online since they can terminate your account at any time and may as well not approve your next account. At this point you need to consider other better alternatives. stands out to be the best alternate to Google AdSense and other ad networks for both publishers and bloggers. Having to read a Chitika review and comparing it with, you will have no second thought but maybe go for depending on your key objectives.

What is

It is an advertising platform, a contextual ad network which helps in showing paid advertisements usually based on the context of your website. For instance, if you have ads on your page about horses, then your visitors will see advertisements related to horses and their products. This points out the main reason why contextual advertisements are much better than other types of ads. is powered by Bing and Yahoo and they have made the platform so successful among new and old bloggers that it seems that they will soon be breaking the monopoly of AdSense offered by Google. is meant for both small and large enterprises and the only available ads you will be seeing include high paying and quality ads. 
Media Net only accepts websites made of English language content.

Below is a list of the top reasons why you should consider over Google AdSense

Ok, i am not saying that you directly choose Media Net instead of AdSense. But, there could be varied reasons due to that many of the publishers are opting now to Media.Net. I personally know a few bloggers who have reported very well earnings from Media.Net and they are not using Adsense to make money blogging in spite of having an active account from them.

  1. One of the main reasons is that you could not get approved for Google Adsense account.
  2. You had an Adsense account, but it got disabled for some reasons and now you don't want to go back to the same place where you don't feel comfortable due to their strict policies. You are afraid that Adsence could block your account any time. So, you want to a platform that is not so strict and that also pays well too. And, is perfect for the situation.
  3. You have an Adsense account but the Click Through Rate (CTR) is so low that you are not making a decent income that you deserve.
  4. You have many blogs or websites and want to diverse the options of content monetization for them.    


Here are the actual 7 main reasons why many of the online publishers are now opting for Media.Net :-

#1- High chances of account approval

Whether small or large publishers, the chances of getting your account approved are high compared to Google AdSense account. You only need to produce quality content to get high quality ads with better pay. Adsense has a lot of harsh rules you must adhere to failure to which leads to termination of your account. has few rules to follow and it is not complicated to use. It takes around 2+ months to get your AdSense account fully actived due to the address verification process. Majority of publishers complain about not getting the pin even after 3 attempts and they had to submit their documents to finally make their address verified and some of them even get a problem in document submission as well. So, getting an AdSense account fully actived is hell of a task.  

#2- Account manager

Very few, if any, of the ad networks will offer a dedicated account manager to help you get started and follow up to ensure you are making profits. has the best outstanding customer services and your manager replies immediately to any of your complaints. In case you do not like a certain ad that does not match your web content, you can have it removed immediately through your account manager. If you do not have a taste on ads optimization, your manager will help you accordingly. Using adsense by Google and want a complaint replied to, then you will have to wait for years if not a decade.

#3- Mobile ads

With the new technology every day and innovation of smart phones, enables you to earn more with mobile ads which is gaining popularity for publisher’s advertisements. The mobile detection technology by automatically detects smart phones browsers and other phones to serve mobile ads just to add up your earnings.In contrast to that Many of the sites complain about Google AdSense not showing ads to their mobile users. This could be a big point if you take number of the mobile users in consideriation 

#4- Easy payment via Paypal and Just one account and unlimited websites

Once you have your account approved, go ahead to use your account manager who will help you run advertisements on several websites. All you need to do is get your websites approved which is an easy process through your manager. This enables you to earn more cash as you attract more traffic towards your website. Maintain quality content and you will have nothing to regret.Their payment method is very easy. There are among very few ad publishing networks of thier reputation that offer payments via Paypal account. It makes the payment process very easy and smooth.

#5- High CTR and CPC rates 

There are bloggers that struggle to make good money via blogging. They should check what are the main reasons they are not making enough money instead of solely depending on the paid ad networks, like Adsense or Media Net. With most of such networks there is one problem :- low CTR.

Ads being served by Yahoo and Bing have rather high CTR as compared to Adsense ads.The reasons could be many, but some obvious ones are as given below -

#5.1- ads are very new to most of the common users on the Internet and so have high chances of a users seeing the ads in contrast to Google ads which have become so familiar and quite obvious to most of the users. 

#5.2- Their ad format and relevancy is such that they appear very appealing to specially those of users who are visiting a site through search engines. 

#6 Ads usually pop up within your site’s frame.

This is yet another added advantage of using Once your visitor clicks on the text ad, a new window usually pops up with the list of ads normally within the framework of your blog. Your readers do not necessarily have to leave your page which turns out to be a bonus if at all you value the time spent on a single page as well as the total views from every unique visitor.

#7 The partnership between Bing and yahoo.

Since 27th September 2012, Bing and yahoo agreed to merge and work together to develop and improve This has seen platform gain popularity opposed to AdSense owned by only one company. Together they have seen provide a better advertisement pool for bloggers, advertisers and publishers, enhanced customization, quality mobile advertisements and improved contextual advertisements. The overall inevitable benefit of using over Google AdSense is more traffic and increased revenue. 

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