100 Blogging Tips to Promote your Blog Posts- Part 3 ( Some Thoughts, Suggestions about Blogging, Social Sharing, Networking and Connecting, Quality of Content, Blog Posting frequency).


Promoting via Forums, Web 2.0 Sites, Search Engines, Backlinking & Guest Blogging.

If you are reading this blog post, it's enough to understand that you are already aware about how important it is to promote your blog apart from writing unique and interestingly useful content regularly without getting frustrated even when your blog is not as much rocking in search engines as you had planned for it. 

And, there could be many reasons why you are still not making good money out of your blogging. Read our blogging tips to solve money making problems with your blog.

Blogging is a part about writing and a part about how well you promote, advertise, and market it over the Internet like you would done to a business, products, or services. 

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100 Ways to Promote a Blog- Part3

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100 Best Blogging Tips: Part 3


Making your presence online known can be quite some tricky business. With the multitudes of other blogs that have already established their status online it can be easy to get looked over.

However, you can make sure that this does not happen for long if you know how to use the proper channels available to expand your reach. Some of these channels include search engines, backlinking, social visibility, web2.0 sites, social profiles and circles, blog commenting, article submission, forums and guest blogging.

Promoting your blog heavily depends on two fundamental ways :-

1) On page blog optimization
2) Off-page blog promotion

Here is how you can use these some of primary ways to promote your blogs over the web as well as enhance your online presence and reputation as an expert blogger. 

100 blog promotional tips-part3

#16. Update your Content Frequently.

The key to being relevant and making your mark is making sure that you’re constantly adding new content to your blog. In this way RSS feed directories, content syndication platforms, etc will start prioritising your blog.

This is the case if with forums also. Many of the forums publish links to your latest posts from your RSS feeds that you have updated their in your profile page. But, make sure you appear selfless and give more than you take. 

The only way you can make people know you are present is by making sure that you create your content. While using the web 2.0 sites, constantly ensure that you use the keywords that are related to your blog and that you stay connected to your followers.

#17. Create New, Original, and Engaging Content Regularly

The reason as to why you want to create content first before you start putting up your promotional adverts everywhere is because the last thing you want is to have people streaming in to an empty pages.  

If you’re to survive to let your blog see another day, you have to be able to create new and engaging content for your readers. This is where guest blogging can come in handy as then you will be able to get someone who has a better understanding of a preferred topic.

It will also help search engines rate you better since you will have more diversity. Forums are a great place for you to find the kind of content that could be relevant and using the search box in search engines can give you ideas on what is trending. 

#18. Only Try to Make your presence known/felt when you are really present there

Most of the new or intermediate bloggers don't care about answering their readers be it on Facebook, Google Plus, twitter, or or their own blog. They keep sharing things blindly but don't care about engagements with their readers/fans/fellows.

This is one of the basic signs that helps in predicting that most probably you won't have a strong user community of your own in your social networking and blogging circles.

How you could be more social friendly and more visible face in social networking circles that you can say to be your own?

Listen. Reply. Share others. Yes, the first thing towards becoming more social is listening to others and showing interest in other bloggers content. Talk about their writings and blog posts. And, 99% of the people whom you mention will respond back.

Another most important thing is that you should be eager to reply to every comments made on your own stories and blog posts. (what? you don't get real and genuine comments? start writing from the heart instead of being fully mechanical!)

Whether you are on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or on a blog website, people won't show much interest in you and your content unless you care about their presence and share their content. Show them that you care about their views and writings and they will surely return the favor and in long course you will become more connected to the similar minded people in real sense!      

#19. Want to cover more ground? Get help!

If you want to cover more ground, it is time you enlisted your friends. Virtually everyone right now has one or another of not all of the web 2.0 sites accounts. Ask them to help your reach out to their friends and followers.

That way you have a wider reach. If there are any that have websites, they can post your links for backlinking and those that are knowledgeable in the same field as you can be your guest bloggers. 

#20. Make use of SEO, moderately.

The only way you can get better rating on search engines is to make sure that you optimize your content for specific keywords to ensure that the search engines have an easier time while looking for you. Also ensure that you also optimize for the same in forums and also in your social websites.

It will not only help you get better rating but also help people understand what you’re doing. But, go easy on search engine optimization. Never try to overdo it.

Get quality backlinks steadily and in natural ways that are recommended by expert bloggers. Never try to get only dofollow backlinks, instead create a good mixture of dofollow and nofollow from quality sites.

While browsing other bloggers quality blogs you can check how they are composing their posts, writing titles, and how smartly they are using keywords without disturbing the rhythm of the topic at hand.  

#21. Be There!

The only way you can get all these done is by being participatory. Don’t expect things to be easy. Indulge yourself in the forums, social pages and even in the blogger groups you will get better experience and improve on your ideas.

Use a profile page on your blog where people can connect with you and in the same way subscribe others blogs. Connect with the bloggers who write about the same niches as yours.

#22. The audio visual platforms. Grab your share of Video marketing. It's in and it pays well. 

Sites like YouTube are great places where you could promote your blogs with the help of videos. Make use of them to cover your ground comprehensively. Furthermore, people love seeing the same talked about content being played in Videos. Embed relevant videos in your posts oftenly. Uploading videos there are relevant to your content is a good part of online marketing techniques.

Video marketing has been very prominent on the Internet ever since their inception. And, Videos being showed from You Tube, Vimeo, Daily Motion in Google SERP's is a proof to the fact that videos rank much better in search engines.

And, if you have links from your blog posts in videos description pages then it helps a great degree to rank higher your blog posts in search engine ratings.

You could do a lot better with video marketing to rank your individual blog posts.

#23. Be creative. Be unique. Be different- In real sense.

If you’re going to make it, you need to be creative, find interesting ways to format your content, new places to place your links and new ways to reach out to your readers. Even though search engines like Google have tools that help with some of these aspects, you have to put your brain to work.

Always try to say things in different and unique ways. Specially for titles and headlines: they should be differently phrased. Always. Make your H1, H2, or H3 headings and sub-headings as interesting and catchy as you can!  

#24. Avoid mistakes in your writing. It shows either you are careless or lacking in basics.

The last thing you want is to have your readers thinking about you in a way that indicates they are dealing with an amateur. They want someone that they can be confident in and one that appeals like a pro in their particular field.

To build trust with the readers, you have to sound like someone who knows what he is doing and dealing with, and avoiding mistakes is one way to go about it. 

#25. Avoid blogging suicide. Don't be an extremist. Take the middle route.

With all these tips, you may tend to go for the more the merrier approach. That is what you call blogging suicide. You don’t want to overdo some things and there are others that you want to avoid entirely. Some of those that you should minimize is the number of links that you post as you don’t want to get penalized for following unnatural link building.

On the other hand, avoid spamming and above all, remember there is only one way to get to the top and that is the hard way. 

Hot tip- Submitting guest blog posts on high authority niche blogs has always been a great technique to promote any web content, include blog posts.