15 Natural Link Building Techniques for SEO- Things to Know Before Generating Backlinks

Healthy Link Building Habits, Tips, and Techniques to Stay Away from Search Engine Penalties.

15 Ways to Generate Backlinks in Natural Way while Keeping your Online Reputation Intact! 

If you have actually begun developing your links..You must understand exactly what is unnatural or abnormal Link Building and just how you could prevent your blog getting penalized for it. Permit me provide you with details about unnatural link structure.

Use below given detailed tips and techniques in this "safe blogging" tutorial to educate yourself about what are the best practices and methods you must follow to become a successful blogger without any blemishes in your writing and marketing styles.

15 Natural link building tips and techniques for bloggers

There are always chances that we can fall prey to allurance and shortcuts in hope of making it big too fast too quick. And that destroy your long time efforts and labor. So, its always better to be in the know. Its like the same as making notes of side effects before taking a medicine.   

Link Building is finest whenever it's all-natural. The word natural suffices to inform you just what organic link structure would certainly look like. Got that? Allow me inform you just what is my point of view concerning organic link structure.

There are two things you have to consider regarding link building process-

  1. What to do/follow OR Must do things for natural link building
  2. What not to do OR Dont's for healthy link building work ( for this continue reading this post...)

15 Do's and Don'ts of Link Building

[ 15 Important points to remember while creating backlinks for your blog posts. ]

#1 Don't make Excessive use of Keywords everywhere in the name of content:

This is a common trap every newbie blogger falls for. Don't play with your favorite keywords everywhere otherwise it will come to you very badly as this creates a very wrong impression in the eyes of search engines while they crawl your content elsewhere on the Internet.

Some bloggers make use of just key words and key phrases while posting comments or other content chunks on other sites.

Key word density is best when it is between 1-3% in any articles. So, when you do keyword stuffing then looks spammy. This appears unnatural and unhealthy link structure- it will only damage your position.So, avoid keyword stuffing and repetition. 

#2 Don't ever get Low quality Directory links:

Don't just submit spinned article on thousands of directory sites using an auto poster tool. Google is very smart and with their every new 'anti-spam' fighting policy/process they are getting smarter. 

That's why with every Penguin or Panda updates they penalize several thousands webs and blogs that fall in wrong categories. If you are attempting to obtain dofollow links very easily through bulk directory submission, then you are actually inviting lot of potential threats to your search engine rankings. 

You will certainly notice at some point of time that those bulk links from low quality online forums and directories have not proved only wrong and worthless but also have become the central point of concern. 

You can find webmasters who visit low quality sites later to make request to remove their links from there.

#3 Avoid placing your links in Blogrolls:

Don't go for getting backlinks from Blog-rolls as they are very random, irrelevant and not trustworthy. These kind of easy techniques for getting backlinks could harm your natural link building process and search engine traffic.

#4 Don't go for Paid Links:

You should avoid acquiring links from paid channels. There are countless websites that claim dofollow or permanent backlinks in very cheap rates. You may easily think what kind of value these links carry if they are available for so low cost?

Lots of new people easily get penalized by this bad practice. So, don't get caught in this link trap, instead do some real labor on getting quality links. They will be the real worth of your time and energy.

#5 Stay Away from Spam Commenting:

If you are utilizing some software program for auto commenting then it's going to affect your online reputation adversely. You will later understand that you have damaged your blog's really worth with your own hands. 

Comments made using paid tools are very harmful and others are going to discover your comments as spams sooner or later. Bloggers will certainly understand that you are a spammer. And more and more people will start marking your comments (and hence your blog) as spam. Paid links include large spam commenting.

#6 Avoid Creating Spinned/Churned Content:

If you are utilizing content spinner software to create multiple articles from a single article and then sending them to hundred submission sites, then you need to do one thing: stop that!

Google and other online search engines easily discover that your content is worthless and not manually (well) written BY calculating the average amount of time spent by readers in reading your particular spinned articles. And Google wont make any delay to mark your stuff as spam.

#7 Do not follow Link Exchange Practices:

There was a time when link exchanging method used to work to a good extent, but not anymore! Things have changed a lot in the past few years due to the increased link trading, and black hat techniques. Now, it must be used with a lot of care.

First, don't use too many exchanges and never do it with irrelevant blog sites. Rather than using link exchange you should focus on guest blogging, in this way you will get very healthy and natural backlinks without any harm and side effects.

Placing links only on other blogs is not wise, but post an article and insert your backlink in it to support and validate it. A link surrounded by content is considered the best. Don't use too many stand alone links! 


#8 Don't Create Inactive Online Forum Profiles:

It's quite simple to develop online forum profiles. You could effortlessly obtain backlinks from online forums profiles. It is pointless to produce online forum profiles if you are not utilizing your profiles or not being real active on such forum sites.

You should have lot of comments and sharings, so your backlinks from there look real and practical ( as they will be coming from some content and not from anchor words only (or your forum signature )

#9 Mass Social Bookmarking:

If you are making use of mass social bookmarking for acquiring bulk backlinks, you are not only losing your precious time but also inviting lots of troubles. In this way you are 'throwing' ( not building) your blog links everywhere. 

And you get BIG minus points from search engines and the authority of your blog will go down drastically and you will be shedding tears for not seeing the desired search engine traffic.

Getting back the lost online reputation of your blog is 10-20 times harder than making it in the very beginning. 

#10 Create Anchor Texts Wisely:

You must never make use of 'abundant' Anchor texts. The days are gone when anchor texts alone used to be tickets for keywords success. Make your anchor content such that it does not only include keyword phrases, but use long tail keywords and phrases.

You must not use exactly the same key words in your every Anchor texts in the way of keyword rankings through back link building process.

#11 Make a habit of Using Distinct Content Everywhere:

Whenever you are obtaining backlinks from directories, bookmarking, social networking, forum posting, or via social profiling -You must make use of distinctively unique content each time.

#12 Energetic Online Profiles:

If you have actually signed up with online forums or social media sites, then you need to be an energetic participant of that online forum or social site in order to gain real benefits of backlinks from there. 

If your blog gets web traffic from a particular site frequently then it looks very natural and stable and the backlinks from there become more strong.Visit every of such sites at least in a month's duration. Share something out of your comments, views on every visit then.

#13 Blog Commenting:

You ought to discuss relevant things via commenting on others blog with ways that look organic and distinct . Your remarks need to be associated with the blog and topic of the post you are commenting on.

Attempt to resolve others issues with your remarks. It will certainly make your remarks valuable. Blog owner will certainly not eliminate your comments. Backlinks from comments could prove to be very important and healthy for your blog.

Make as much as possible use of blog commenting, but stick to the natural and organic methods of comment posting.  

#14 Keep a Healthy Balance between Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks:

Dofollow backlinks are very important for Search Engine Optimization of your site. But, you need to have mixture of dofollow and nofollow backlinks to make your backlinks appear natural as if they were really required in the place where they are.

If you attempt to acquire only dofollow backlinks, simply it will be worst for your rankings as it's called search engine spamming (unnatural link building). Google strongly dislikes link spamming. You must function as all-natural blogger in order to get high SERP's for your targeted keywords.

#15 Do go for Relevant Links:

There is absolutely nothing additional effective compared to appropriate and relevant link structure. Also, make your backlinks gradually, naturally. If the backlinks are generated very fast they tend to appear unusual and it looks uncommon.

If you build your links in organic ways, you will certainly acquire some additional adoration by online search engines, specifically by Google. As Google loves all-natural looking link structure.

Important note-

Prior to generating a backlink from a website or blog, execute a website/blog assessment to make sure that you are putting your links on right websites/blogs. Start using some useful webmaster and blogger tools on your browser that can provide you a quick/brief Info about a particular blog or website. 

We cant always be 100% right, but we can avoid a lot of trouble if we are precocious!  

Appeal:  I have tried to give as much as details on healthy link building in this article, but it will be incomplete without your opinions. Please do suggest what you think on this topic and what methods and preventions you apply for safe blogging. 


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