25 Useful SEO Tips to Market any Blog Online. 

How to Promote your Blog with the help of SEO, Social media, advertising, and marketing.

SEO tips- Online Advertising tips for blogs - With numerous blog sites being developed every day, it's a secret to lots of blog writers just how to make their blog site stand out on the Internet. Marketing your blog is very important just like any other business, product, or company. 

Peoples and search engines must be aware about your blog if it has to stand out in the relevant niche market. And, we have to market our blogs in order to get that traffic, and to make our blogs visible over the Internet. 

There are numerous kinds of blog sites but the methods to market them almost the same.

When we think of promoting our blogs there are 3 main broad ways or methods to do it : SEO + advertising + Marketing. 

We have to follow every method to get that traffic and popularity level. Also Read other post on this blog about SEO tips, online advertising tips and techniques

Blog Marketing Tips - Learn how to Promote your Blog

25 Good Ways to promote and market your blog for free:

#1 Build your Blog on the right CMS

Make your blog a reliable and consistent site, write at least 3-5 new posts each week, yet each blog post should be unique and different to previous ones in some sense.

Get your blog on a good CMS/ blogging platforms : WordPress, Blogger and Moveable Type are great ones and have their own advantages over others.

#2. Give your Blog an Appealing Design

Customize blog site feel and look, take a professionally designed template or theme and customize it as per your content appeal.

#3. Use most suitable Keywords in your Blog

Study key words and create a good list of Keyword phrases and words best suited to your blog . Use WordTracker, SitePoint, SEOBook to analyse main Key Phrases that are dominant in your content.

#4. Always follow the present SEO Rules 

Enhance your blog site with respect to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- use relevant keywords in title, url and first paragraph of every blog post. 

They are the most important points for SEO. Use nofollow tags for outbound links to the sites that are not of high authority.

#5. Always Use Alt tag for Images on your blog

Never forgot to use Alt tag for images. Do not over do use of key words. Key word density must be between 1-3%.

#6. Use a smartly Crafted Template on your Blog

Template designing - Make your template a search engine traffic friendly template using the Technical optimization tips. This comes under on-page SEO.

A template is good if it Provides RSS membership/ subscription alternatives, social sharing options, options to save your blog's web links, and a good commenting system.

For comments on your Blog: Use Facebook comments, Gplus Comments, Disqus comments, etc to fight spam.

#7. A Sitemap is very crucial for your blog

Prepare a blog Sitemap for your blog. If you are unable to generate xml sitemap, at least create a page and list all important links there with proper hierarchy. 

#8. Ping your Content regularly

Enable automated trackback and ping performances. Use Pingomatic or Pingler.com regularly. Again, dont over do it other wise your blog might be labeled as spam by ping directories.

#9. Start using Feedburner very often 

Setup a Feedburner account for your blog and use all of the features available in Feedburner. Feedburner is a very important source of free traffic for millions of blogs worldwide.

#10. Be regular with Content Sharing and url submission

Determine authoritative blog sites, directory websites and social sharing sites for generating good number of quality web links. While Posting bookmarks of your blog urs you need to be cautious and you should submit your content to ONLY the best bookmarking sites.

#11. Enable blog traffic data for monitoring using Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and Bing web master tool.

#12Submit RSS feed and your Blog post urls to popular RSS and Blog directories and free online search engines.

#13Take part in a reciprocal web link exchanging projects. Only take links from relevant and good sites.

#14. Submit your blog post to PDF uploading websites. They are good source of traffic as well as backlinks. Though, some wont backlink you, but traffic coming from them does matter when concerned to Google rankings.

#15. Post comments on others blogs that have similar content as yours. Commenting generates traffic as well as reputation for your blog. Let others know about your blog.

#16Add your blog site link to some good paid directory sites, like-Yahoo, BOTW, bCentral, WOW, etc.

#17Write some optimized articles and disperse them to some good press release websites.

#18. Request responses or testimonials of your blog site in appropriate online forums, conversation threads.

#19Study other blogs, and discuss with similar minded people/ writers about the topics you write about in your blog.

#20Analyse and explore incoming web links for your blog, notice the source of traffic, remarks and discussions of your blog site. 

Use Google Alerts to get such information or mentions of your blog, and respond the bloggers wherever they have talked about your blog/ url.

#21If feasible, make contact with similar minded blog writers and explore the possibilities to work together for mutual gains.

#22. Usage of social networking solutions - online forums, conversational threads, and social media sites are good platforms to get in touch with various other blog writers. They will certainly connect to you if they like what you write about.

#23Article submission websites or web article directories are good source of quality backlinks and submitting unique articles to them will surely help you uplift your blog rankings. They are high authority sites and backlinks from them will mostly be dofollow. 

Above all, backlinks pointing to your blog from such directory sites are considered very good for SEO.

#24Visit good blog directories, create free accounts there and submit your blog url. Some ask for a reciprocal link, others will submit your blog free without asking anything. This is a good way to market your blog online