SEO Tips for Blog Promotion - Simple SEO Tools to Promote a Blog

Boost Your Blog : The SEO Secrets in Blog Promotion. Promote your blog following these simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) tips and techniques !

If you just started blogging or have been at it for some time now, you probably know that having content is just not enough. A blog can only be a powerful marketing tool if the ideal viewer can find it. 

Here are a few SEO tips that will help you increase visibility, bring massive traffic to your site and increase sales and revenue for your business. Follow the simple SEO blogging tips tools, and techniques mentioned below and see your blog post getting promoted higher in search engines.   

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SEO Tips and Tools for a Blog Promotion

SEO for blogs involves having topics that are keyword rich. There are tools available online such as Google Adwords Keywords Tool. This tool contains high ranking keywords that are popular and will increase your search engine visibility.

Moreover, search engines give weight to the first words in a title and your keyword placement will help your ranking greatly. By including numbered lists such as ‘3 ways to fly a kite’ or ‘100 reasons for recycling’ and colons in your title, you will see more click-through's to your post.

For your blog to be optimized to the highest potential, you need to generate more interest. Your blog promotion campaign can involve inbound links. By sharing your posts with other sites, you increase awareness making you more visible. 

Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of links which carry more weight with search engines.

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Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, Google Plus can give you that social buzz that you have been looking for.

While your blog title is very important, it must be supported by interesting and flowing content. For SEO, you can include your keyword phrase in the first sentence, and if this cannot do, then introduce it within the first paragraph. Try and break up the keywords to prevent overuse. If you over optimize your post, search engines will punish you for that.

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Why not get total control over your blog? Instead of blogging on somebody else’s domain, you can post in your own domain. Many blog platforms have phased out, and you will never recover the trust and links you had built there. Besides, blogging in your domain builds your site’s online visibility.

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A second opinion never hurts, and you can use SEO tools and plugins for this. These effective SEO tools help you check if the post is optimized and can prompt you to include Meta tags. You also get to create unique titles that will help you rank higher. With the advice, you can address problems that you would not have found without a second opinion.

Effective blog promotion requires lots of work and efforts, and these SEO tips take you a step ahead of other bloggers.

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Simple SEO tools you must use on your blog - 

  • Submit your blog to these 50+ free search engines, if you haven't done it yet. 
  • Start discussing and participating in SEO forums and use your signature link to promote your blog, this will fetch a lot of benefits to your blog steadily. 
  • Submit your blog free to good blog directories and other SEO relevant sites using these good SEO submission tools in order to get good quality free backlinks.
  • You don't need to ride high on bookmarking, but submitting to these 25 best bookmarking sites is a must for your blog as their reputation among all search engines is very high and it will only do good to your blog posts.

Please leave your suggestions and feed back about this SEO post in your valuable comments. Thanks for visiting. Good luck.

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